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LEstablished 1895. MERCED HIGH ScHooL 205 West Olive Avenue, Merced CA 95344 (209) 385-6465, January 25, 2016 RE: Shantia Hedrington To Whom It May Concern: {1am writing this letter to recommend to you Shantia Hedrington. | have known Shantia for five months in the capacity as her United States Government and Economics instructor at Merced High School. In the time I have known her | have been impressed not only by her academic performance in my class, but even more by her personal character. Academically, Shantia has maintained a 4.0 GPA while at Merced High. Her work ethic is second to none, always staying on task and serious about her studies. She is mature, responsible, punctual, and hardworking, which has led to her success. She also has excellent communication, management and organizational skills. Shantia plans to attend a college and university after high school to obtain a degree in nursing where she will be able to help contribute meaningfully to making her community better. She has already begun learning the skills necessary for this field, which include First Aid training, CPR certification, and blood born studies. am very proud to recommend to you Shantia Hedrington. She is a fine student who has great potential in life. ‘am sure she will continue to do well and someday achieve all the goals she has set for herself. She is an ‘outstanding young lady. Respectfully, Holland Social Studies instructor Merced High Schoo! jolland@muh: ch alataaibat