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Inspection report for Grid 14-19 A to C

Inspection was conducted on the 21/08/2013 from 945am 330pm. Roofing iron
had been completely installed and the majority of the ceiling lining.
Observations :
Inspection of the roof trusses within the grid revealed that there were still a
scattering of standard half trusses still to be fixed down to the support points,
the majority of the parallel girder trusses had also not been fixed down to the
support points and that truss PGT4 had suffered damage to one of the end webs
during installation.
Discussion and Recommendations:

It is recommended that the standard half trusses and parallel chord girder
trusses which have not fixed down properly as highlighted in the
rectification report, be fixed down in accordance with the rectification
Where one of the end webs and gang nail joint plates of truss PGT4 has
been damaged, it is recommended that a 150x350 Nail on Plate be
installed across the damaged region in order to transfer member forces.
The Nail on plate should be installed as per the rectification details