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Watchtower Money: Child Sexual Abuse

Promotes awareness of Jehovah's Witnesses' policy failure to protect children

from sexual predators due to the "two-witness rule".
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Watchtower Money
Watchtower Money serves two purposes: to protest the policies of Jehovah's Witnesses and educate the
public about the hidden side of the Watchtower Society.
Consider this a sophisticated form of guerilla protest and awareness campaign. Each bill or check is
designed to get the attention of the beholder and quickly provide information. This method is important
when dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses who are programmed to reject anything that challenges their
belief system.
Watchtower Money is designed after USA currency and check styles. This is because Jehovahs
Witnesses are based in the USA and most financial contributions come from that country.
Thank you for your participation!

How to Use Watchtower Money
For Anonymous Protest

Mail to JW Headquarters (see address below).

Deposit into JW contribution boxes. Make a statement to the Watchtower money collectors.
Leave in Kingdom Hall as a regular attendee or a guest during a meeting. We recommend
leaving in bathroom, library room or other location where the person discovering it will be in
As an option, write your own message or favorite JW website on the back.

For Public Awareness

Jehovahs Witnesses often leave their magazines in public places like laundromats and
waiting rooms. Slip a bill/check into the magazine with enough showing to get attention.
Give to someone who is expressing an interest in Jehovahs Witnesses. They deserve to
know the truth.
Jehovahs Witnesses conduct street witnessing or set up booths in urban areas. Stand
nearby and pass out Watchtower Money see who gets more interest.

Jehovahs Witnesses Headquarters and Branch Office Addresses

Watchtower Bible & Tract Society
25 Columbia Heights
New York, NY 11201-2483 (USA)
Branch locations worldwide go to:
Locate your local Kingdom Hall (JW meeting hall)
Use phone book or online directory. Search under Jehovahs Witnesses or Kingdom Hall.
As if you needed to be told
Never try to use Watchtower Money as real currency!
See the entire line of Watchtower Money at