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Individual Case Analysis Sonoco Products.

Worth 30 - (24 content and analysis /6 writing , style and formatting)

The case study describes the steps the vice-president of human resources takes in revising an
HR function that was uncooperative and, at times, competitive and introducing the company to
the idea of HR as a strategic business partner - which we emphasize throughout the course.
Then the case examines changes made to the company's compensation, performance
management, and succession planning processes.
To analyze this case you will draw from the case itself and support your analysis with the
theories and models that you have learned throughout your HR degree program from several of
your courses. Please refer the APA assignment formatting instructions given in this outline aa
well as the general assignment instructions.
1. Executive Summary (5%)
2. Background of the business
What was happening in the packaging industry at the time of the case? How might these
changes affect Sonocos business strategy? (Approx 1.5 pages) (5%)
3. Overview of the companys strengths and weaknesses
Read the story and note the business goals and external or internal pressures or forces that
might impede the goals OR opportunities that might ensure the goals success. What are
Sonocos strengths in relation to its culture and its people? What are the companys major
weaknesses? How do they relate to their strengths? (Approx. 1.5 2 pages) (10%)
4. What were Cindy Hartleys objectives for changes at Sonoco?
Why were these changes recommended? Provide some examples of solutions for each type of
objective. Elaborate on what system or model would be the best for Sonoco and support your
answers. What was wrong or was there anything wrong with the status quo? (Approx 5 to 6
pages) 35%
5. How successful was Cindy Hartley in implementing the changes?
What was the sequence and was it the right one? (Approx 1 page). (10%)
6. What is the best HR Structure for Sonoco- centralization or hybrid?
Why? Provide pros and cons for each scenario. (approx. 2 pages). (10%)
7. Are the changes sustainable for the company?
What should Cindy Hartley next strategic priority be? (approx. 1 page). (5%)

8. Style, grammar and formatting (20%)