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Sherylle Marie Mndez Alonso

Prof. Nelson Nazario

INGL 3104-020
15 April 2016
The theme chosen for the poem is the principal character in the movie Divergent,
Tris Prior. The structure of the poem is free verse, which doesnt need to follow the rules
for metric, rhyme and rhythm. The poem consist of 20 verses and many literary figures.
The story told in the poem is about different situations and decisions Tris had to confront.
Also, emotions and feelings she found during these events. The title of the poem is Being
Different Makes Her Dangerous since being different in that society made her look like a
threat to them.
Tris was a very kind, respectful and humble girl, this is how her faction raised her.
The first and second verse explain that being brave was her only option, because if she was
not to become a rebellious person she would have died. One of the principal rules was
Faction before family, this is important because in the moment in which she has to
choose in the ceremony of factions (if she chose another faction that was not the one she is
in now) she would be separated from her family, not being able to see them again. The
ceremony of factions is told about in the third and fourth verse. Her life is filled with
decisions in which one wrong choice could cause her death. Tris was born in the faction of
Abnegation, where they showed her that she should care more about others than about her
appearance. In the ceremony of factions, after many tests, they choose between five
factions, which are Abnegation, Dauntless, Erudite, Candor and Amity. After choosing the
faction they could not turn back, if one did not pass the training they would be left in the

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streets becoming Factionless. Tris had chosen Dauntless, which was based on being brave
and fighting. Even though her test results before the ceremony were that she was Divergent,
these are the people who possess all five factions, but they were not rejected by the society
because they saw them as a threat. The verses five through eight are about her decision
choosing Dauntless. Fear was a way to not keep moving forward or failing the test, which
made fear not an option. Being able to control her fear help her to blend in with the nondivergent and not being caught. The tests that they have to go through made them confront
their fears, being a Divergent made it more easy since all they had to do was control their
fear while taking the test. This is read about in the verses nine and ten. During the training
in Dauntless, Tris began as a very weak person and with Fours support and help she was
capable to train better, being able to climb her way from the position she began with. For
this reason, she started to be the envy of the rest of her companions. One even tried to kill
her for taking him off the top positions in the table. They began to speak to her roughly
without thinking before talking, since all they cared about was going up on positions and
not becoming a Factionless, this is what verses eleven through fourteen are about. Verses
fifteen and sixteen are about Four being her only help and the only one that would make her
feel okay in Dauntless. During the war, Tris lost her mother and because of the pain she felt
in her heart she began to make sacrifices with herself to be able to move forward even with
her loss, this is what verses seventeen and eighteen are about. Verses nineteen and twenty
are about how she lost her father in the battle and that since that moment she began to
analyze and investigate more about the events that were occurring around her, so she can
keep alive.
In the poem one can find rhetorical figures. In verse twelve it reads: Their words
are like knives, cutting her heart slowly. Which tells how people little by little cause hurt

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through words that hurt like knives cutting through the heart. In the verse number fourteen,
one can find a metaphor that reads: But their black heart doesnt care about anyone. The
enemies will never have feelings nor emotions towards the rest, because of that is the color
black. Finally, one can find personification in verse number seventeen which reads: Her
heart hurt and scream. The heart does not scream, but the loss of her mother and everyone
against her, she thought as if her heart would scream because of all the emotions she felt.
While being a free verse poem it is based in its content. In its content it tells the
story, in a summarized way, of Tris from the beginning till the end centered on the movie. It
also tells about the events of her mothers death and her decision built on the factions. She
was obligated to become brave to be able to grow and move forward. Even though envy
always followed her, Four was always by her side for her so she could overcome her storm
of emotions and events throughout the story.

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Being Different Makes Her Dangerous

A girl who love,

being brave was the only choice
Separated for her family
since faction are priority

The faction ceremony determines her future.

Abnegation was her home,
Dauntless was her decision,
Divergent was her result

Becoming fearless in not an option

control her fear was her salvation
The envy was around her,
their words are like knives,
cutting her heart slowly
but their black heart doesnt care about anyone

Four was her only support

making her feel comfort
Her heart hurt and scream
Her loss becomes a sacrifice
making her think twice

Mendez 5

because in her battle want to stay alive