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The Intergalactic Space Federation

Clan Charter
This Clan Charter was established on April 4th, 2016, by Satans Banker, Leader of the Intergalactic Space Federation
and Chairman of the Executive Board. This Clan Charter will not only serve as the founding document of our clan,
but will outline the morality and diligence of our clan. This document is intended to be a living document and is
able to be amended by the Executive Board.
I. This is a military based clan, orders from higher ranks must be followed without question. If orders are of
question, report the incident to the clan leader.
II. During clan meetings, board meetings, and any serious conference with members involved, members must ask
permission to speak from the administrator of the meeting. Whether permission is granted or not is at the
disposal of the administrator.
III. Maturity is not only expected, but a requirement. A military based clan cannot function without the
participation of its members, and if that participation is flimsy, then we would rather have no participation from you
at all.
IV. All clan decisions will be made by the Executive Board and approved by the leader. The Executive Board will
make decisions by voting in Executive Board Meetings.
V. The only way that the clan leader may override the Executive Board is if he grants himself Emergency Powers,
which means that all of his decisions can override the Board, and that the leader does not need to wait for the Board
to act.
VI. The leader may grant himself Emergency Powers for 30 days in one 90-day period. The leader is also
automatically granted emergency powers during war time.
VII. The leader supersedes all other ranks, and is responsible for making decisions with the best interest of the clan
in mind.
VIII. Decisions regarding promotions, demotions, and removal of the clan can be made by the leader and by a vote
of the Executive Board.
IX. Some form of communication other than Xbox Live must be established between the members and the clan.
Whether it be on Kik, Facebook, Remind, or the website, contact is essential to creating an active clan.
X. All clan members are required to change their service tag to their respective rank, and their emblem to the clan
emblem. Their emblem colors are subject to change at the discretion of the battalion and the battalion leader.
XI. Executive Board members and the leader are permitted to call Executive Board meetings and clan meetings at
their discretion.
XII. All members must be able to speak fluent English and must have a working headset.
XIII. All recruits must be processed by the Secretary of Recruitment, their info must be entered into the roster, and
they must join the Spartan Company.