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MMUP Sample Questions

1. If you were awarded a project, you will start work:

a. One week before the approval of the authorities
b. After the approval of the authorities
c. One day before the approval of the authorities
2. Project Scope Management:
a. Define scope and control scope
b. Executing scope and verify scope
c. Closing process and Create work breakdown structure
d. All of the above
e. Only A & B
3. Scope Management starts with is:
a. To identify the client requirements
b. Meet the team
c. Review strategic plan
4. Final as built drawings for what purpose
a. To keep record for later maintenance
b. To give more work to architect
c. To be used for further renovation
5. Control department work starts
a. From the beginning of the project
b. During construction
c. After construction
6. Project management is ideally suited except
a. Accountability
b. Flexibility
c. Innovation
d. Speed
e. Repeatability
7. A critical path is the ----------------------in the project management:
a. longest
b. shortest
c. None
8. The forward pass review of the project management will indicate
a. The earliest start of the task
b. The earliest finish of the task
c. Critical path (longest path)
d. Only A & B
e. All of the above
9. The back pass review of the project will indicate the following:
a. The latest start of the task.
b. The earliest finish of the task.
c. The critical path.

d. Only A & C
e. All of the above.
10.Intersecting point for WBS and OBS
a. Cost account
b. Intersect matrix
c. Project matrix
d. None of above
11. For operation and designed auto mobile factory
a. Mechanical Engineer
b. Civil Engineer
c. Chemical Engineer
d. Petroleum Engineer
12. Which of the following discipline is most suitable for doing a natural
gas pipeline work?
a. Mechanical Engg
b. Petroleum Engg
c. Chemical Engg
d. Civil Eng
13. Gypsum board at residence and industrial building used except
a. Low cost
b. Ease of installation
c. Recyclability
14. Stress defined
a. Strain time force
b. Mass divide volume
c. Pressure time length
d. None of above
15. What is the last of estimation for project
a. Estimation
b. Assembly schedule
16. Which one of the following is suitable in engineering
manner? Decision shall be based on
reason than sit
uation .
a. Quantity Thinking.
b. Logical Thinking.
c. Interpersonal Skills.
d. Honesty.
17. What is QSAS?
a. Qatar Sustainability Assessment System
18. An activity in a project network can be represented by which of the
a. Arrow
b. Line

c. Node
d. All of the above
19. Before starting work at site, the major factor has to be checked is?
a. Access to site (EFE)
b. Storage of Water, tools & equipments
c. Safety
d. Approval from MMUP / Civil / Defence etc.
e. All of the above
20. Software programming flow
a. Plan, Do, Check, Act
b. Plan, Do, Act, Check
c. Plan, Act, Do, Check
21. First step of Scope planning starts with
a. Budgeting
b. Current earning estimation
c. Objectives and requirements to satisfy customer
22. In network which point getting more inward flow
a. Float
b. Critical path
c. Slack
d. Merging point
23. What is the least level of WBS
a. Deliverable
b. Cost
c. Work package
d. Lowest sub deliverable
24. The best place to build an exhibition and convention center (near the
Airport? Or in satellite place far from Urban? Etc)
25. One situation for cancel project.
26. What is the most sensitive period in the project?

Test Q&A

1. What does a 1 ton refrigerant represent:

a. The weight of the air conditioner
b. The amount heat required to cool 1 ton of air in 1 hour
c. The amount of heat required to melt 1 ton of ice at 0 degree in
24 hours
d. The weight of the refrigerant used.
2. Water boiling in an open pan
a. Pressure constant
b. Temperature constant
c. Volume constant
d. A&B
e. All the above
3. What is the function of cooling towers in a refrigeration
a. Cool the exhaust air to reduce environmental impact
b. Cool the evaporator in the rooms to maintain required
c. Cool the condenser in a central A/C unit
d. Cool the compressor to a normal operating temperature
4. R134a refrigerant is environmental friendly and is commonly
used, what is the molecular formula
a. CH2FCF3 (correct answer)
5. If you leave an ON refrigerator with the doors open in a closed
room for 2 days, what will happen:
a. The temperature of the room will degrease
b. The temperature of the room will increase
c. Two other choices
6. Zero velocity of a flow inside a pipe will be:
a- At the center
b- At the wall
c-At the
d- None of the above
7. If we lay two pipes in a parallel system which statement is true
a. The dimension of the pipes is the same
b. The flow is the two pipes is the same
c. The head loses per unit length of the two pipes is the same

d. The head loss across the entire pipes is the same.

8. Bernoullis equation applies under certain conditions
- Incompressible flowViscous flowSteady flowConservation of energy
a. a, b, c, d
b. a, b & c
c. c, d
d. a, c & d
9. The pressure forces on a curved submersed object will be:
a. Tangential to the objects Body
b. Parallel
c. Normal
d. None of the above
10. Why is an expansion tank used in a water chiller
a. Because it is a closed loop system
b. To compensate for the water temperature changes in the
c. A & B
d. None of the above
11. If your boss allocates a new assignment of which part of it you
are not sure about
a. Tell your boss to retrieve it from you
b. Take the assignment and do your best to complete
c. As for professional help on the part which you do not know
d. Do the part that you know and learn about the part you do not know
and do it.
12. Which statement is true?
a. Project management is used only for primary projects.
b. Project management is replacing the middle management in
controlling projects
c. Project management
is (a true statement!!!!)
d. B & C
13. What will a change over changes?
a. The duration of a project
b. The Scope
c. The cost of project
d. The design of a project
e. A & B
14. Which is the authority/organization/person responsible to
ensure that the standards, codes, procedures are being applied.
a. Committee of professional engineers
b. National Fire Prevention Association

c. Qatar Civil Defense

d. Cant recall
15. What is the inspection frequency of the Fire Alarm Boxes
a. Yearly
b. Semi-annually
c. Monthly
d. Weekly
16. What is the unit of Strain
a. Dimensionless
b. N
c. M
d. Mm

17. What does the ratio of stress over strain

a. Bulk Modulus
b. Poisson's ratio
c. Viscosity Ratio
d. Cant recall
18. What is the Car Dashboard made of
a. Metal Alloy
b. Polymers
c. Hard Material
d. None of the above
19. General conditions and Home office overhead are costs?
a. Direct
b. In direct
c. Both
d. Contingency Costs
20. Thermoplastic material
a. If shaped under heating and applying pressure the chemical
properties will change and it will permanently change into hard
b. If heat and pressure will apply the chemical properties
of material will not change
21. Which of these is not a rule of interaction
a. Law
b. Etiquette
c. Morals
d. Ethics
e. Communication
22. Which membrane can be fixed vertically or horizontally
between fire rated walls which control the spread of the smoke
a. Smoke and Fire dampers
b. Fire Damper
c. Air Flow device

d. Smoke ( something)
23. Corrosion is a result of:
a. Chemical reaction
b. Electro-chemical reaction
c. Both
d. None of the above
24. A system of turbine-generator with efficiency of turbine is 90%
and efficiency of generator is80%. The overall system efficiency is
a. 10%
b. 100%
c. 72%
d. 170%

Model Test 1

1) NFPA for Car parking structure system (ans. 88A)

2) Inspection of heat detector according to NFPA (ans.Quarterly)
3) Visual inspection of zone control valve as per NFPAstandard (ans.
Semi yearly)
4) Testing of Fire alarm sound according to NFPA standard(ans.
5) Condensate water generated from which part of split unit(ans.
6) Project definition (sorry the choices are not listed)
7) What is the system used to extract the air from thebasement (ans.
Ventilation system)
8) What is the name of the upward force which is equal thedownward
force and keep the object floating (ans.Buoyancy force)
9) At which part of project the following take place: designchange,
scheduling and planning (ans. Execution part)
Bolt size: M33x 3 means (ans. 33 related to boltdiameter and
3 related to pitch to pitch distance)
Fire damper function is (sorry choices are not listed)
Function of cooling tower is (sorry choices are notlisted)
Convert from CM to INCH (ans. Divide by 2.54)
Civil defense the main part to approve and review thefire
fighting systems

Water start boiling at (ans. Saturated liquid)

MMUP Questions PMP 2


1 If you were awarded a project, you will start work:

One week before the approval of the authorities.
After the approval of the authorities.
One day before the approval of the authorities.
2 Project Scope Management:
Define scope and control scope.
Executing scope and verify scope
Closing process and Create work breakdown structure
All of the abovee.
Only A & B.
3 Scope Management starts with is:
To identify the client requirements
Meet the team
Review strategic plan
4Final as built drawings for what purpose
To keep record for later maintenance
To give more work to architect

To be used for further renovation

5 Control department work starts
From the beginning of the project


Columns and RafterVertical DeflectionDrift Horizontal SwaySpan / 180 for
RFSpan / 90 for CantileverHeight / 45(for buildings without crane)Height /
60(for buildings with crane)
As per UBC, 94 Vol.2.
Section 2349,862As per MBMA, Section C 6,8,Page 117 for crane
buildingframes the maximumcalculated bare frame driftunder MBMA
loadingrecommendationscommonly range from H/60to H/100.
Eave Strut, Purlins & Sheeting.Span / 180
As per UBC, 94 Vol. 2,
Section 1643, Page 2-1203.
Wall & Structural Framing :
Rails, Wall SheetingSpan / 120(for walls with flexiblefinishes)Span /
240(for wall with brittlefinishes)
As per UBC 94 Vol. 2,
Section 1643.2 Page 2-1203.
Flat Roof / Mezzanine
Span / 360(With Live Load Only)Span / 240(With Live Load +Dead Load)
As per UBC, 94 Vol.2, Table
16-D, Page. 2-32.

Aesthetic standards
In order to create an attractive, functional development, aesthetic
standards have been established. These standards will promote
a consistent, orderly appearance that will help preserve property
values and provide assurance to tenants and investor sab out the quality of
development that will occur around them. The aesthetic standards address
components of a plot plan that will affect the visual quality of the plot as
viewed from off-plot locations. In addition, these components affect the
experience of on-plot workforce in their very day lives. Figures 6-62 and 6-63
below illustrate graphic guidelines for plot landscaping, plot wall character and
main signage for the logistics, support, & light industrial land Use Zone. For an
attractive and consistent appearance throughout the logistics and industrial Zones,
each plot

should have a distinct front side and back side. In general, the front
side should contain the main office and parking within a landscaped setting.
The sides and rear of the plot can be more utilitarian and contain loading areas,
utility structures and other ancillary uses that are generally screened from view of
public roads.
Location of Offices
Offices shall be located at the front of the building facing the road. Where Mezzanine
office are considered a dedicated and separate entry shall be provided that is
distinguished from warehouse structure and is commensurate with commercial office
Outdoor torage Areas
Any outdoor storage area (including garaged in storage areas and liquid waste
storage tanks) shall not be located within the Front setback. Any outdoor storage area
must be screened from the road.
Mechanical Equipment & Utility structures
In general, mechanical equipment and utility structures shall be screened
from offsite views:
At grade water tank and mechanical equipment shall be located to the side and rear
of the building.
Roof-top water tank and mechanical equipment shall be screened from view and not
be visible from the road.
A landscaping strip with a minimum average width of 1.5 m shall be
provided along all road frontages except across vehicle crossings and
where a guardhouse is located in the road boundary setback. The
landscaping strip must contain:

Minimum 1 tree and one additional tree for every 10m of roads frontage.
Where three or more trees are required these trees shall be planted no more than
15mapart or closer than 5m apart.
Trees shall be of a species capable of reaching a minimum height at maturity of 8m
andshall not be less than 1.5m high at the time of planting.
Walls &Fencing
Walls and fences are permitted under the following conditions:
On the read and side of the property, solid walls are allowed up to a height of 2.5m
however, on the front of the property and any external boundary solid walls only up to
a height of 1.4m above which a tubular metal fence with minimum 80%opacity may
be erected. The total height of this barrier shall not be more than 2.5m.
The following types of fences shall not be permitted on any side of the
Bar bed wire fencing.

Corrugated metal sheet fencing.

Foundations of all walls and fences shall be located within the plot boundary
Signage and branding is permitted at designated locations within the plot
boundary as follows:
Embedded within the boundary wall near the entrances to the plot.
On the vertical surface of the main building.
On a standalone independent pillar located within the plot (not exceeding the
maximum height of the building).Dimensions of the signage shall be restricted within
a rectangular frame of 15m x 3m
Building Faade treatment
Attractive building faade design is required. Architects are encouraged to
create simple, timeless design solutions that ontribute to a high-quality

Buildings shall display variety in forms, material and color to reflect a style
consistent with modern logistics facilities.
The office or non-logistics components of the project shall be expressed
differently from that of the warehouses.

Ancillary buildings and service buildings shall be architecturally treated with colors and
materials appropriate to fit within the architectural style of the main warehouse

See more at: sample-questions#sthash.hyildtmr.dpu