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Philosophy of Education

After being in school for many years, I have had good and bad examples of
teachers. I am grateful for the bad along with the good, because it helped me to
decipher what I would and would not do if I were to become a teacher. I believe that
as an early childhood educator I am responsible for providing infants, toddlers, and
young children with positive learning experiences. Children have the right to have
their needs met and receive the proper education while in the care of their
caregivers. My philosophy is based on theorists such as Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky,
Erik Erikson, and Amos Wilson. I believe that children benefit from practices that are
grounded in research.
My goal is to try and plant a seed in the child’s life at an early age, and my
hope is that this seed will grow into an unconditional desire for learning and
education. As Erikson and Piaget both studied, the early childhood years are a
critical time period in the child’s life, it sets the tone for the rest of their life. This is
one reason I chose early childhood education. Children are motivated to learn when
they have opportunities to make choices in an environment that is enriching and
stimulating. Children are curious from infancy and have a desire to learn from their
environment and those around them. As a teacher, I seek to guide children from
needing assistance with a task to accomplishing a task independently by providing
meaningful experiences that are challenging yet attainable for every child.
My field experience and student teaching experiences has taught me that I
have to establish clear rules for discipline in the classroom. Without established
class rules, there will be utter chaos in my classroom. These rules are for the benefit
of creating a positive learning environment for the students and myself. I plan to
reward good behavior and discipline bad behavior, by using a system of rewards
and consequences. I will ensure that I set high individualized expectations for each
student and discuss them with the student. Making students aware of rules,
procedures, and expectations at the beginning of the year helps to maximize
instruction time and minimize distractions and negative behavior. I plan to integrate
all subjects when I teach so students can understand that all subjects are related
instead of thinking of them as separate entities. I plan to incorporate different
learning modalities in my lessons and activities, because this allows for all students
to be engaged and research shows that everyone can benefit from multimodal
learning. My goal is to create a fun learning environment for students where play is
incorporated in lessons, instead of students having to be lectured and sitting at a
desk all day.
I will address a wide range of skills and abilities in my classroom by
differentiating core instruction in order to meet the needs of all my students. There
are several ways in which I could differentiate my instruction. I would have students
work independently, in whole group, in pairs, or in a small group. Therefore, they
have a chance to not only learn from me, but also from others as well as
themselves. I will incorporate various forms of presenting content during instruction
such as direct instruction or whole-group discussion, PowerPoint presentation,
videos, and role-playing to touch on all types of learning styles. I would also
encourage my students to ask questions, participate in debates and group
activities, and to role-play so that students can be active learners and learn to take
responsibility for their learning. Students retain learning best when they have

hands-on experiences. For that reason, I will incorporate investigations and tactile
activities that allow students to explore concepts in tangible ways. Furthermore, I
will ask students questions about what they are interested in, so I can integrate that
in my lessons and activities as well. If students are interested in a topic or activity,
they are more likely to be engaged. In addition, I believe it is important to provide
small group as well as one-on-one instruction in order to truly better meet the
needs of my students
In conclusion, I believe that every child can walk through the door eager to
learn and walk out ready to teach others with new, bright, and broad horizons. A
profession which impacts the lives of so many people demands nothing less than
my best and sincerest efforts. impacts the lives of so m