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The Weeks Ahead at DMHS….

Monday April 18th:

Tax Deadline-Midnight

Tuesday April 19th:

School Leadership Team Meeting-3:30 pm-Mr. Erskine’s Room-OPEN TO ALL

Wednesday April 20th:
Thursday April 21st:
Friday April 22nd:
Dalton l. mcmichael high school

Phoenix FOCUS

April 18 - April 29, 2016

Grading Period Ends

Monday April 25th:
Tuesday April 26th:

Grades Due in Power School

Wednesday April 27th:
Thursday April 28th:

English CASA-Mrs. Staten’s Room-First Block

Social Studies CASA-Dr. Poplin’s Room-Second Block

Math CASA-Mrs. Cuthbertson’s Room-Third Block

Science CASA-Mrs. Richardson’s Room-Fourth Block

Friday April 29th:

Report Cards Go Home

Upcoming Events:
June 10th
June 11th
June 13-15th

Dalton l. mcmichael high school

Phoenix FOCUS

P h o e n i x F o c u s pag e t wo

Last Day of School
Teacher Workdays