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B2B Strategy- MRF


Presented By:
Shivam Soni
Shaika Khan
Shivam Sharma
Shreya Arora

• The company, MRF ltd. originally
manufacturing unit of balloons,
latex cast squeaking toys and
industrial gloves
• The company was established in
the year 1949 at Chennai
• A
Mappillai, opened a small toy
ballon manufacturing unit at
Tiruvottiyur, Chennai

A.S. Ltd company is converted to Public Company • The Company was given permission to export tyres having Mansfield trademark to all world markets except U.• It began the manufacturing of tyres in the year 1961 • In 1961 the Madras Rubber Factory Pvt. and Canada .

VISSION & MISSION VISSION • The vision of MRF is to emerge as preeminent global players in the field of polymers and make INDIA a global super power in terms of technology and life. MISSION • The mission of MRF is that zero defect. and there by zero losses with their new performance standards. zero pollution. zero accidents. zero break down. .

New Delhi.India Phone : 28292777 Fax : 28295087 Email : mrfshare@mrfmail. Peera Garhi Chowk.124).PLANT LOCATIONS IN INDIA (HQ) • New Internet : N. Delhi 110088 Phone:011 2525 3939 . Rohtak Road. Rohtak Road.A • Our Team Visited: Mrf Tyres   Manufacturer Address: 182. Greams Road Chennai (Madras) . 114 (Old No.600006 Tamil Nadu .

Products • Tyres • Converyor Belt .

Industrial paints Pretreads Industrial Paints .


Major Sales Segment .

.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS • Established brand name(key in the replacement market) • Extensive distribution network. • Good R&D initiative • Customer focus   WEAKNESS • Cost and Pricing Pressure • High Capital Intensive • Volatility in industrial relations.

Continued… OPPORTUNITIES • Existing & potential growth of automobile industry • Governments focus on development of infrastructure • Potential change in the tyre patterns of commercial vehicles from bias to radial patterns THREATS • • • • Volatility of prices of rubber & crude oil Steep inflow of inferior Chinese tyres Low liquidity and high interest costs Price wars. .

STP  Segment: Automobile industry. luxury cars. .  Target group: Heavy duty trucks/buses . small cars. manufacturing industry.1 tyre making company with comprehensive tyre portfoilo. Two wheelers. innovation and strength.  USP OF THE COMPANY: Product superiority. SUV’s (sport utility vehicle).  Positioning: India’s no.

Core Competencies • Undisputed market leader -Recall -Complete Market Coverage  • Brand Recognition And Brand Recall •  Strong Exports • Dealer Relations .

It has divided the Indian subcontinent into 33 regions and has setup a Regional office in each region. • The basic structure comprises of the following: -Factory -Divisional Distribution Centers -Regional Distribution Centers -Carrying & Forwarding Agents -Dealers -Over 2500 sales outlets all over India .Distribution Channels • MRF has one of the largest tyre distribution channel in India.

Collaboration/Customers of MRF tyres • MRF had collaborated with automobile OEM‟s(original equipment manufacturing) who source their tyres from MRF India are:-Maruti  -Mahindra and Mahindra -Tata Motors -General Motors -Yamaha • Funskool.1 toy company in India. . ISA joint venture between MRF tyres and the world's largest toy company. the No. USA.

Pricing Strategies • MRF – Price Leader • MRF have long been leaders in the passenger car tyre segment. By the virtue of their market share. they have traditionally been price makers. • MRF using the Mark UP Pricing Method .

Advertisiment & Sales Promotion • Publicity campaigns & promotional methods •Pioneered the practice of heavy advertising and promotion in the tyre industry •MRF differentiates itself from the competition. on its two pillars of High Quality and Endurance. .

• MRF won the award for customer satisfaction not once but 6 times in the last 7 years.AWARDS • MRF voted the "Most Trusted" Tyres company in India by TNS 2006 global CSR study. .

Learning perspective • The main quality objective of the company is to “attain global standards through the continuous improvement in the quality of products and services and also to maintain market leadership. • The main strategy of this company in today`s competitive world is to: “cut cost and win the battle” .