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University of Portland February 10, 2016 Rev. Edwin B. Harris, SJ Saint Ignatius College Prep 2001 37% Ave. San Francisco, CA 94116 Dear Fr. Harris, The University of Portland Singers had the wonderful opportunity to visit the choir at Saint Ignatius College Prep last month. We really enjoyed performing for your school’s choir, even at 7:30 am! | appreciate the hospitality that Chad Zullinger provided, which included a performance by the choir and nice refreshments. It’s clear that Chad is doing a very good job. The music he chooses is challenging and the students are rising to meet that challenge. I could see that they value his leadership and respect what he's trying to help them accomplish. The climate in the room was energized and enthusiasti Itis heartening to see that Saint Ignatius has a strong music program. This is so important in Catholic high schools, where the arts are often a low priority. Beyond the school curriculum, Catholic parishes need musicians, and it makes a big difference if they can get excellent training at Catholic high schools My students had a great time on the tour. The best part was visiting schools and working with choirs, but we did have an opportunity for some fun in San Francisco, too. | appreciate that Chad and Saint Ignatius College Prep were willing to collaborate with us on this trip for our students. Best regards, frcladf Michael Connolly, D.M.A. Professor of Music University of Portland cc: Chad Zullinger Deamaenr oF 5000 North Wilamette Bid ¥ 5039437228 wwwupedu pearonminc wine ants Portland,o8 972035798 ¥ 5039437805