2012: Will you have a seat?

This past weekend the earth was destroyed and people paid $65 million to watch. "2012" imagines that to survive is to purchase a seat on magnificent ships for 1.6 billion Euros, a little over $2 billion dollars per seat. In this economic climate, is it any surprise the wealthy buy survival and the poor, well…? Unlike Noah’s Ark, salvation is not for the virtuous but for the prosperous. Chiwetel Ejifor portrays the scientist managing the crisis, thus securing his survival and with Thandi Newton’s character, also of the intelligentsia with a secured seat, voices compassion that all humans should have equal opportunity to survive. Featuring, Danny Glover as the president, “2012” falls in step with “Deep Impact” president Morgan Freeman and “24” president Dennis Haysbert. A remnant “Uncle Tom” archetype, or is it, that the sight of a Black American president was quite futuristic only one year ago? Producers obviously casted Ejiofor, Newton and Glover for their talents, as they did John Cusack and Woody Harrelson. However, films reflect society either by intent or accident, and the Black characters purchase their seats with scholastic achievement, not bling. President Obama’s term covering 12/21/2012, raises the question, where will the Black community be in 2012? Author Toni Morrison, Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., physicists Neil deGrasse Tyson and Clifford V. Johnson, place the Black community with high probability of propagating humankind. Yet most people know Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne, not Neil Tyson and Clifford Johnson. With statistics purporting more 18 yearold Black men enter their first year of prison than their first year of college, this reviewer couldn’t help but search for Black faces among the masses who couldn’t afford seats on the ships, wondering would I have a seat? If this lackluster film happens to reflect any truth, education saves Black people from imminent destruction. Would you have a seat?

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