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Early Learning Profile Summary

Background Information
Childs Name: Ben
Date of Birth: 7/17/2012
Sex: Male

Reason for Referral: Practice for students
Examiners: Danielle Vachon
Tool: HELP *Hawaii Early Learning Profile
Date of Screening: 4/12/2014

Ben was administered the Hawaii Early Learning Profile. HELP is a curriculum-
based assessment. HELP provides a listing of the 685 HELP skills/behaviors (by age
and domain, e.g., Cognitive, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social, and Self

Developmental Age Range
19-24 months
21.5-24 months
Gross Motor
20-21 months
Fine Motor
16-19 months
24-30 months
Self Help
18-24 months

Cognitive Domain
In the Cognitive Domain, Ben scored in the age range of 19-24 months. The
examiner started observing Ben in the 6-10 months range. Ben was very talkative
and playful during the observation. A lot of his gestures and talk came about
because of his sister. Whenever his sister would do a gesture, Ben would repeat it.
Ben would look at a lot of books with his sister and point to pictures and name them
(farm animals). During the observation, Ben played a lot of house with his sister.
He demonstrated drinking from a cup and eating food. He would hand the cups and
food back and forth with the examiner. Bens next steps would be in areas that he is
emerging in: work on identifying body parts, work on downscaling messy projects
(staying on the paper, pasting on one side of the paper), and understanding more
noun objects (people, places, things).

Language Domain
In the Language Domain, Ben scored in the age range of 21.5-24 months. The
examiner started observing Ben in the 12-14 months range. Once again, Ben was
very talkative and friendly during the observation. He was comfortable in his own
home surrounded by people he was familiar with (sister, mom). A few sentences

that Ben would repeat were, No, Ava, no! All done Hi! He was looking at a book
and named the dog, horse, and cow. He also made sounds for each of these animals.
While Ben was playing he saw himself in the mirror. The examiner said, Who is
that? and the child pointed to himself. Ben is emerging in imitating sentences,
producing the following sounds clearly: p, b, m, k, g, w, h, n, t, d, and using 50+
words. If Ben continues to interact with his sister and children at his daycare he will
begin developing these skills.

Gross Motor
In the Gross Motor Domain, Ben scored in the age range of 20-21 months. Ben is a
very active little boy. During the observation the examiner picked up on a lot of
gross motor activities just by watching Ben in the first 10 minutes of being there. He
was active on his feet, hands, and knees. The childs favorite activity was playing
with a ball. He was throwing the ball, dropping it, kicking it, handing it, and walking
while holding the ball. Ben seemed to be climbing on everything. He was using his
whole body to support him to get himself up on couches, chairs, and tables. Ben is
emerging in being able to walk by himself without the support of others. He is
becoming very independent with his walking upstairs and downstairs. He is also
emerging in the skill of jumping. His mother was telling the examiner that in the
summer they have a trampoline and he was working on jumping with both legs. If
Ben continues to crawl, walk, run, climb he will develop the skills of walking alone
and jumping alone.

Fine Motor
In the Fine Motor Domain, Ben scored in the age range of 16-19 months. The
examiner started observing the child in the 11-12 months range. He was able to
grasp a crayon adaptively and color a picture, put objects into a container, build a
tower with two blocks/cubes, point at himself in the mirror with his index finger,
and place pegs in the pegboard. Ben is working on balancing objects so that he can
make a taller tower with 4 or more blocks/cubes. He is also emerging in imitating
crayon motions (circular and horizontal).

In the Social Domain, Ben scored in the age range of 24-30 months. The examiner
started observing Ben at the 8-12 months range. While observing Ben, he would
extend toys to show others but not release them. He found this funny and would
laugh every time someone would extend his or her hand out to take the toy. During
the observation, Ben wanted to be in constant sight and hearing of an adult. He liked
all eyes on him. Ben is working on not acting impulsively and trying to recognize
rules. There was a few times during the observation where Ben would pull his
sisters hair. At one point during the observation the mother separated Ben and his
sister because Ben was showing signs of jealousy. He would cry, try to hit, and pull
her hair because she had a toy he wanted. When they were getting along, Ben
enjoyed playing rough and tumbling with her. They would put blankets on each
others heads and then roll on the ground. Ben is emerging in his skills of sharing

and cooperating with others. He is working on obeying the rules and keeping his
hands to himself.

Self Help Domain
In the Self Help Domain, Ben scored in the age range of 18-24 months. During
feeding, Ben was able to chew food with coordinated movements, finger feed
himself, hold a spoon and bring it to his mouth, and refuses some foods (tomatoes
and other veggies according to mom). Ben sleeps nights 12-14 hours and takes a nap
once or twice each day (1-4 hours). Ben is emerging with taking off shoes when they
are untied and unzipping sweatshirts/jackets. During the observation, he was trying
to remove the shoes by kicking them off his feet but was unsuccessful. He began to
discover that pulling down on the zipper will unzip it. Ben is working on sitting on
a potty chair. He watches his older sister and tries to do what she does. If Ben
continues to work on his potty training and continues to watch his older sister, he
will emerge in this skill.

Ben is a child that I babysat all summer and I am very familiar with him. It took him
awhile to open up to me because I havent seen him since Christmas break. He was
very curious about all of the materials I had. I was unsure at how I wanted to
distribute the materials so that they would be useful for my observation. I then
realized that just by watching Ben in his normal play area with his toys was very
beneficial for me. I would watch him do something and then check it off on my list
with a + sign. If I did not see him do it I would put a -. If Ben could not do it I would
write no. This method just helped me so that when I went back I could tell what Ben
could and couldnt do. After I observed him for a while, I looked back at my checklist
for things that I had missing. This is when I would pull out different materials to see
what he would do with them. Bens sister was a big asset to this observation. She is
going to be turning 4 in a few months. She helped Ben open up and really show me
his personality. Watching the two of them, Ben wants to do everything that his sister
does. If she is not paying attention to him or has something that he wants, he does
not react very positively. My recommendation for this would be to have Ben interact
with children his own age. He goes to daycare twice a week and the rest of the days
he is home with his sister. I think that if Ben had more interaction with children his
age he would be able to blossom into his own person more. Another thing I noticed
during this screening was that his sister would jump in and answer a lot of
questions for him. I would say, Ben what is this? Ben where is the dog? and his
sister would jump right in. I asked mom if this happens often and she said that it did
happen a lot. She has been trying to tell his sister that it is important for Ben to
answer so that he can learn. I think that once his sister understands this then Bens
language will improve dramatically. I really enjoyed administering the HELP. At first
it was confusing with the amount of materials that I was given, but I think I managed
them pretty well. I like how the HELP is administered over time so you can watch
the childs growth. I think it is a very positive assessment.