Obama’s “New Normal” for Hispanic-Americans: Opportunities, Jobs, Benefits Lost

On Cinco de Mayo, a look at how Obama’s policies hurt all generations of Hispanic-Americans.  Students: Lost opportunities
  Obama’s Budget Killed Funding For DC Opportunity Scholarship That Helped Several Minority Students And Their Families. Obama’s Takeover Of Student Loans Will Hurt Students By Putting Government Bureaucrats In Between Students And Financial Aid They Need.

 Low-income Families: Fewer jobs and higher taxes
     Unemployment In The Hispanic-American Community Increased From 11 Percent To 12.6 Percent Since The President Signed His $862 Billion Stimulus. Health Care Bill Regulations Will Make It More Difficult For Small Businesses To Hire “Lower-Income People.” Financial Regulation Bill Provision Would Reduce “The Number Of Net New Jobs Created In The Economy By 4.3 Percent.” A European-Style Value Added Tax Would Fall “Heavily On The Poor.” Obama’s Energy Agenda Includes “Cap-And-Trade” National Energy Tax That Will Hit LowIncome Households The Hardest.

 Seniors: Cuts to Medicare benefits

Hispanic-Americans Without Medicaid Or Employer-Sponsored Coverage Are More Likely To Depend On Medicare Advantage than Non-Hispanic, White Beneficiaries. Obama’s Health Care Bill Will Slash Medicare Advantage By $118 Billion Over 10 Years Which Will Lead To Many Seniors Seeing Benefits Cut In Half.

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