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Unit 3 Reflection

As a student taking an English course, I was expecting to write essays. However, what I enjoyed
the most up to this point is the freedom to write about a topic that fascinated me, and allowed me
to apply the knowledge that I have gained throughout the semester.
For this assignment, I primarily chose a rhetorical situation, mine being the art work of a
controversial artist, Kara Walker, and its impact on todays society. I chose this topic because the
issue of racism, slavery and gender is still persisting negatively till this day.
To respond to this topic, I chose to write this document using a review genre, previously learned
in Unit 2. I chose this genre because I felt it had the strongest connection to my topic chosen in
comparison to the others, and this genre would be the most appropriate response to the situation.
To help enhance my writing, I re-visited the presentation I made along with my group about
reviews for Unit 2. This really helped state what a reviews purpose is, the different types of
reviews, and how I can structure it.
Whilst writing this document, the most imperative part was making sure to incorporate all the
rhetorical choices, including the purpose, audience, motive, exigency, persona, etc.) At times,
this was difficult to sustain to the highest level, because of my inability to clearly convey a
certain message or issue. However, at the end, I think I did a good job trying to include all these
arguments and ideas, simultaneously making sure that my ideas are delivered distinctly.
Additionally, an important aspect that was essential to help shape the document was the research
I generated that was appropriate to the topic, and making sure everything is cited.
Exchanging peer reviews has enabled me to provide feedback as well as receive revision-based
critical comments to widen the scope for additional information to be implemented to my
document, and supplement it with ideas provided by different views, which also helped shape
different views for me, which I can say benefited me in a positive way. Several feedbacks
included altering my title to make sure it is more specific to what is being said in my review, in
order to give the reader a real insight. Moreover, the main concern was the structure of my essay.
The teacher was able to provide me with an excellent and helpful method of re-reading my
document, and highlighting all the similar points made throughout. Consequently, I was able to
edit my writing be joining all the relevant ideas together, helping create a more cohesive project.
Likewise, I was able to create a well-rounded structure with steady transitions between lines and
Conclusively, this assignment has allowed me sharpen my skills in regards to structure, clearly
incorporating me ideas and statements, presenting a clear judgment through the utilization of
transition words and topic sentences. Furthermore, I learned how to revision-based response to
my peers, as well as receive, which has evidently shown to help with my work immensely. I also
enjoyed learning a new technique when revising my work, which is reading it out loud, in order
to identify any errors made, e.g. typos or misplaced words, hear the tone of the writing,
recognize where punctuation is wrong and where it needs changing.