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No: 3

Determination of Dissolved Oxygen present

in a given Water Sample
by Iodometric Method (Winklers Method)

To determine the amount of dissolved oxygen (D.O.) in a given water sample by
Iodometric Method (Winklers Method)
Oxygen is poorly soluble in water. The solubility of oxygen of air in fresh water varies from
7.5 - 14.5 mg/Lit. Dissolved oxygen is needed for living organism to maintain their biological process.
It is an important factor in corrosion. Iodometric method (Winklers method) is used for determining
dissolved oxygen in water.
The principle involved in the determination of dissolved oxygen is to bring about the oxidation of
potassium iodide (KI) to iodine (I2) with the dissolved oxygen present in the water sample after adding
MnSO4, KOH and KI, the basic manganic oxide formed act as an oxygen carrier to enable the dissolved
oxygen in the molecular form to take part in the reaction.
 Basic manganic oxide which on acidification gives
  +    +
The liberated iodine (I2) is titrated against standard sodium thiosulphate (Na2S2O3) solution using starch as
indicator  +    .
 +    !   " +  
Conical flask, Burette, Measuring flask, Beakers
Standard sodium thiosulphate solution #$%&, Potassium iodide solution, starch solution as indicator
Take 100 ml of given water sample into a conical flask, and titrate slowly against N/50 standard
sodium thiosulphate solution (taken in the burette). When the colour of the solution is very light yellowish
add about 2 ml of freshly prepared starch solution, so the colour of the solution turned into blue. Continue the
titration till the disappearance of blue colour of the solution and note down the volume of the titrant used.
The titration is repeated until a concordant volume is obtained.

The amount of dissolved oxygen (D.O.) in a given water sample is..ppm

Observations and Calculations:


Burette Readings in ml

Volume of given
water sample in ml



Volume of
Na2S2O3 solution in ml

Concordant Volume of Na2S2O3 solution, V1 =ml

Normality of standard Na2S2O3 solution, N1

= %. %

Volume of standard Na2S2O3 solution, V1


Volume of given water sample, V2

Normality of given water sample, N2 can be calculated from the normality formula,
i.e., N1 x V1 = N2 x V2

Normality of given water sample, N2



Amount of Dissolved Oxygen

Amount of Dissolved Oxygen in ppm


,-. . / 01 =

2 g/Lit


. . '%%% mg/Lit