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Puerto Rico is known as La

Isla del Encanto and in or-

Make a

der to maintain that title, society needs to be more

aware of their actions. Due
to societys bad decisions
there are issues such as con-

Make a difference is a website with the objectives of creating awareness about the
contamination on beaches.

tamination on public
beaches, water pollution
and imbalance of the ecosystem. To prevent further
damage this website was
made to create awareness

and solution for the people

to follow.

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Background Info
While researching the causes of water


balance of the ecosystem the infor-

The following actions are what have

caused the beaches on the island to
be in the bad state that they are in.

mation collected demonstrated that one

1. The need of recycling programs

pollution, beach contamination, and im-

of the main reasons for these problems is

disposal of human waste and construction sites near beaches (La contamination de las playas, n.d.). Due to this it is
not safe to go to some beaches anymore
because of the contamination that has

2. Not enough trash cans


3. Dumping waste in public beaches

1. Recycling bins


Glass, plastic, paper and cans

2. More trash cans per square mile

of waste (Universia Puerto Rico, 2013). The

The list below are issues that have to

be controlled to restore beaches to
their natural state.

3. Create regulations to prevent corporations from dumping waste into

the ocean

beach in which this research is focused

1. Beach contamination

4. Patrolling of beaches

been caused by disposing different types

on is Jobos Bay in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

Data showed that as part of an assessment of land-based sources of pollution

2. Water pollution
3. Imbalance of the ecosystem

in Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico, sediment samples were collected at 43 sites to characterize concentrations of a suite of pollutants, including metals (Apeti, 2012). All of
this data creates awareness for people to
take action in helping their local beaches
and environment.

In order to maintain the natural state

of a beach it must be preserved by
those who go and enjoy it. Which is
why this brochure creates awareness to the public to not throw waste
on the beaches. The solutions being
proposed here include introducing a
recycling program that recycles
waste such as paper, aluminum
(cans), plastic, and glass; more
trashcans per square mile, create
regulations to prevent corporations
from dumping waste into the ocean,
and have a patrolling squad that
fines those who dump their waste on
the beach.