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Jessie Newburn - Resume - May 2010

Jessie Newburn - Resume - May 2010

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I created this resume when applying for the Head Blogger job, as announced by Alicia Keys and monster.com. It's long -- no doubt, yet narrative, personable and, imo, a good taste of what I do, bring and have for a client or employer. Update: No, Alicia Keys did not see fit to hire me. They have yet to pick the final candidate, but I didn't make it to the next round. Alas. Onward and upward ... ;-) Comments and support from my friends and network are here: http://bit.ly/blzVpM
I created this resume when applying for the Head Blogger job, as announced by Alicia Keys and monster.com. It's long -- no doubt, yet narrative, personable and, imo, a good taste of what I do, bring and have for a client or employer. Update: No, Alicia Keys did not see fit to hire me. They have yet to pick the final candidate, but I didn't make it to the next round. Alas. Onward and upward ... ;-) Comments and support from my friends and network are here: http://bit.ly/blzVpM

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Published by: Jessie Newburn on May 06, 2010
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Jessie Newburn 5425 Wolf River Lane, Columbia, MD 21045 443-794-7521 jessienewburn@gmail.com www.

hometown-columbia.com Summary •A life of problem-solving in and around meaningful and functional communications. •A systems thinker relishing details, complex problems and dynamic development. •Deeply skilled in the subtle art of voice, authenticity and communicating with niche audiences.

Work Experience Nemetschek North America Public Relations Specialist June 2008 - December 2009 When I started at this company -The public relations job at this international tech firm had been neglected, mistreated and was, for all intents and purposes, a broken function. Data was old. Records hadn’t been kept with any eye to future analysis. Many relationships with media, influencers and community members were weak at best, and the PR position itself garnered little respect, neither within the company, nor in its broader community. To boot, the company had zero social media activity, plan or vision. 18 months later, when I left -An entire suite of social media tools was established, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Delicious and Google Alerts. An international news blog which integrated feeds and links to other company-managed social media sites was launched. Past and current PR-related data was tracked in a Web 2.0, tag-oriented system accessible to the entire marketing team and executive team. The community of customers, influencers and media had been re-activated, connected and engaged with social media tools providing greater access to information and to each other. Press coverage in traditional media had increased 50% YTD in one year and was on track to sore even higher ... all in a time when magazines and print media were dropping like flies. Brand activity in the social media space (such as blogs, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, private social networks and Twitter) had gone from a barely noticeable smattering to a welloiled, nicely humming machine pumping out community-created content daily. Here are some of the things I did/managed/cobbled/crafted/delivered with a helpful boss, no directreport staff, a bit of support here and there, and a budget of less than $2,000 --

Social Media & Culture Change Functioned as the social media brand ambassador, community manager, primary content creator, champion and cheerleader. Designed systems for tracking brand mentions, and emerging and established influencers such as bloggers, journalists and connectors. Established the company’s online Twitter presence and grew the brand’s Twitter following with a personal, engaging and strategic campaign. Developed systems for using third-party services such as Tweetdeck to organize followers in lists, by industry, country and influence level for near- and longterm niche communications. Created a cross-departmental system for responding to PR opportunities, R&D issues, customer service problems, technical support issues and global users on Twitter and in other social tools. Actively maintained the company’s Facebook page, engaged with fans, developed and posted content, and managed hyper-targeted Facebook advertising campaigns. Coached, trained and supported colleagues, international distributors, third-party partners, highprofile customers and, even, journalists covering our industry, in using social media tools. Used Microsoft Office, a Mac, Wordpress and other digital media platforms. Used delicious remarkably well as a press tool for aggregating, tagging and sharing like content. Collaborated with other media outlets, organizations and writers for co-branded events, content creation and social media training. Worked across countries and language barriers where possible. Aggregated, published and promoted product-focused social media sites in a number of languages. Public & Media Relations Increased capacity concurrent with reducing staff time by transforming the process for delivering news and content to press, media, bloggers and influencers. Transitioned from a silo-ed system inside of the corporate communications department into an online, often Web 2.0, system with tagged content, easy-to-access files, support materials and multimedia content. Identified, established and nurtured blogger relationships to increase incoming links, brand exposure in their networks, product reviews on their sites and deeper overall community engagement. Designed an entire system using Flickr for publishing corporate and user-created images. Served as the public relations contact for the company’s Press Day event, considered by the CEO to be “the most successful event ever” held by the company. Hosted and deepened relationships with

traditional and new media press to garner immediate and long-term coverage. Increased significant product reviews by 50% in less than a year. Story-telling & Getting Real Co-designed with the CEO and executive marketing and sales team an entirely new style, approach, system and method of communicating stories, news and content, using a blog as the digital online platform for publishing content. Transformed the PR function from a broadcast-out to an engage-with style. Shifted the tone and nature of a significant portion of communications from a corporate to a conversational tone. Integrated social media tools, links and content to increase customers’ and prospects’ awareness of and participation in more social networking relationships. Worked relentlessly to develop a culture of story-telling inside a heavy tech/engineering company, with a high portion middle-aged male executives and customers. Routinely repurposed small news into small stories then shared them internally and externally with a range of audiences. Used social media, pictures and multimedia to deepen content and context. Other Social Media Experience Blogging My primary blog is JessieX, and I blog on a range of subjects from culture, politics and social issues; to food, health and cooking; to music, exercise and play; to the mundane, the silly and the profane. I blog about relationships, fashion, work, family and ... life, as I see it and experience it. I’ve been blogging on this and other sites since 2006, have had six-plus blogs myself and have helped over a dozen people/businesses establish and/or enhance their blogs through technical support, strategic vision, and marketing and PR help. On a technical level, I use WordPress as my blog tool of choice, and I understand content management, tagging information, blog administration, basic SEO, organic search, affiliate sales and more. Twitter My primary Twitter account is @jessiex. I’m an early adopter of Twitter and eclectic in my tweets. I’m listed on over 80 twitter lists and understand the culture, grammar, style and use of Twitter for personal branding, corporate brand management, community engagement, thought leadership and online relationship building. I also manage a low-volume local community twitter account, @hocoblogs.

I established and managed an international tech firm’s twitter presence that was extremely successful as an early-to-the-scene corporate use of Twitter, with the account and related social media activities considered a model example of how to engage a community with social tools, such as Twitter. I’ve taught classes and given presentations on Twitter at professional conferences. I’ve written articles about using Twitter in business for industry publications. Facebook I was in the first wave of people over the age of 40 in Facebook, and I have watched and participated in its evolution since then. I’ve created and managed groups, events and pages. I’ve designed, tweaked and coordinated Facebook advertising campaigns, managed an international company’s Facebook presence, steadily and rapidly growing the fan base, interactions and content offered. I understand the culture, technology, opportunities, pitfalls and peculiar benefits of using Facebook on a personal level for individual relationships, online community building and personal branding. Equally, I have significant experience and understanding of using Facebook for corporate, professional, brand and customer-oriented purposes. YouTube I’ve been active on YouTube since 2005 and worked with my sister to post hula hoop instructional videos some time before hooping got hot and when but a few dozen good hula hoop videos were on line. (They say, necessity is the mother of invention!) I’ve worked with YouTube channel subscribers, groups, playlists, community engagement, tagging, SEO, comment moderation, and more. Recently, I’ve created atomized content and online tutorials for social gaming sites such as Zynga’s Farmville and Cafe World games. For an organic farm and a green bed-and-breakfast, I’m creating short story-telling videos with a PR and marketing bent. Check out my Chicken Cam videos! Linkedin My own Linkedin profile is here. More importantly, I’ve co-led initiatives to get teams of colleagues using Linkedin purposefully for brand awareness; and I’ve created and delivered training to senior-level professionals in how to use Linkedin for personal branding, network development and career transitions. Miscellaneous social media tools I’ve used social bookmarking tools such as delicious (del.icio.us) both for personal use, sharing information inside an online community and for corporate use. Audio publishing sites, such as the one provided by Utterli, are a social technology for publishing audio content as links, mp3s and more. I’ve created several successful Squidoo lenses, mostly for hula hooping. Squidoo supports organizing, curating

and publishing content, including Google advertising, affiliate sales, Amazon.com sales, eBay sales and more. Content aggregator tools such as Netvibes are sites I’ve used for identifying, organizing and publishing real-time information; Eventbrite and Socializr for events. Prior Work Experience JessieX, Principal Marketing, PR and Communications Consultant Columbia, Md., 2001 – 2008 Developed and delivered marketing, communications, PR and business process strategies using print, online and new media platforms. Directed the creation of blogs, websites, online communications, email newsletters, digital content and print communications for clients. Wrote position papers, such as one on generations and social media for the DoD/National Defense University. Developed communications, marketing and media plans. Created microsites; conducted a spectrum of outreach activities to target audiences. Developed and delivered seminars and presentations on generational diversity, corporate use of social media and blogging strategy. Worked with a deep and diverse client base in corporate, nonprofit, community and institutional cultures. American City Girls Co-owner Columbia, Md., 2006 – Present (part time) Conceived, systematized and currently operate a small socially conscious business partnership that produces a line of elegant note cards. Co-led a community initiative to highlight local women -- the natural connectors in a community -- to introduce them and their networks to social media. We used a blend of social media plus parties to develop and deepen relationships among women and those in their local networks. Do The Write Thing, Principal Communications Consultant Columbia, Md., 1991 – 2000 Wrote creative and interesting content for online media, journalistic pieces, newsletters, white papers, website development, digital communications, public relations, marketing material, and collateral. Managed projects including website development, publication production, trade show participation, community relations, PR, identity development, brand management, print and online advertising campaigns, direct and email campaigns, speaking engagements, presentations and internal communications. Conducted detailed discovery; wrote position papers, briefings and recommendation reports. Wrote 1,000+ resumes.

Education University of Maryland, College Park, 1987, magna cum laude B.A., Individual Studies: Technology and Culture. (A Women’s Studies major, with a focused, independent, self-designed major.)

Activities • • • • • • • Hub, host and organizer of the social media scene of bloggers for hocoblogs Board member, Association of Community Services of Howard County Presenter and participant at social media unconferences and barcamps Istrategist, a select group of social media thought leaders Choose Civility program, ambassador Volunteer writer, Network Solutions’ social media and business blog Significant content curator of resources for hula hoopers ... and an avid hooper myself.

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