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SUPERVISOR Name: (Print)

Collin Faherty
Stage 3 Productions
Re McKenna / Carla Salas


SUPERVISOR email/phone: / 215-568-5990

1. Please describe the degree of responsibility allocated to the student.

Collin was given a tremendous amount of responsibility. He assisted in all phases of production
which included research, transcription, and logging footage. He observed all aspects of preproduction, production and post-production. He sat in on audio and edit sessions, participated in
student workshops as well as assisted on studio shoots and field remotes. He participated at staff
meetings, conference calls and creative think tanks.
2. Describe the form and frequency of communication with the intern.
Although my office is in another building than where Collin sits, I communicated with him quite
frequently whether via email, phone or in person when I was at his building. I also had a
counterpart at his building who communicated with him as well. Collin was a pleasure to have
around the office every day. We will miss him.
3. How much time would you estimate that the student spent observing your leadership style?
While not specifically observing my leadership style, Collin did spend the majority of his time
observing the leadership of Curtis Smith, EVP of Development and Jordan Mallari, VP of
Development. He also observed leadership of other producers while on a studio shoot for Text Us
and on a field remote for Micro Mug commercial.

4. What were the outcomes of this experience for the student? Please list major projects assigned and
Great American Seafood Challenge
Crime Sketch Artists
Outrageous Families
Covered Up Murderers
Murders in the Backwoods

Please rate the interns performance in the following areas on the basis of this scale:
1 = Excellent - far exceeded expectations
2 = Good - met and exceeded expectations
3 = Satisfactory - met expectations
4 = Fair - somewhat met expectations, but needs improvement
5 = Unsatisfactory - did not meet expectations


1) Works well as a member of a team

2) Innovative in problem-solving

3) Completes assignments on time with accuracy

4) Exhibits tact and sincerity with others

5) Demonstrates excellent written & verbal comm

6) Listens well and is open-minded

7) Takes interest in end product

8) Takes responsibility for work

9) Analyzes problems effectively

10) Thinks of creative ideas and solutions

11) Takes Initiative

12) Demonstrates comprehension of skills,

equipment and procedures to perform role

13 Generates ideas, initiates actions

14) Continually seeks to expand skills

15) Shows potential for success in profession

16) Responds to criticism

17) Manages and resolves conflict

18) Exhibits a positive and constructive attitude

19) Demonstrates effective time management

20) Consistently delivers quality work

Please return this form to your intern no later than April 15 for inclusion in their portfolio.
Please take the time to review this evaluation with your intern. Thank you for a prompt response
and your continued support of this program.