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1. In one sentence, describe what 20% time represents in your own words.

Utilizing 20% of their work time, individuals are able to create or develop any project that they may
have not had the time to work on during their regular workday, allowing companies to develop new
products through the creative thinking of their employees.
2. You have the opportunity in this course to allocate 20% time to learn anything you want (relating
to technology) that you always wanted to learn, yet never had the time. Explain what topic you
would like to learn by answering the following: What is it? What do I specifically want to learn?
What do I want to gain from this learning experience?
I would like to learn the implementation of Google Forms for assessment in the classroom. While there
may be better applications in the marketplace for assessment, this particular one will pay dividends
for me next year when student teaching in a Google School that has provided Chrome Books to every
student in the 7th Grade (8th grade next year). I plan to automate as much of my classroom as possible in
order to provide custom, student-paced instruction wherever possible. This project will begin to
establish a foundation of skills needed for that eventual goal.
3. How will this topic impact your personal life or your professional life relating to technology?
Provide concrete examples.
Student teaching next spring in a school that has provided Chrome Books for the entire grade, I want to
be able to fully utilize that technology into my classroom. While this project will focus on Google
Forms, there are a plethora of applications and extensions that have been developed for use in the
classroom and I look forward to using time over the summer to develop my fluency in those as well.
4. What product(s) will you create to demonstrate your learning? Please be very specific.
(Example: Create a mini lesson using the concepts of a Flipped Classroom via PowToons. The
final product will be the video.)
I will create a sample Google Form to demonstrate the ability of the product to collect assessment data.
5. How will the observer (teacher/classmates) know you have mastered a particular topic? In simple,
terms, how can/will your product(s) be evaluated? Please be very detailed and specific. (Example:
Will there be a rubric, checklist, etc.?)
Observers will be given a rubric to determine the mastery level of the product.
6. How will you demonstrate your knowledge to your peers in a 5 minute presentation? In simple
terms, how will you present your findings? Please be very specific.
Peers will participate in an active assessment on Google Forms and then be shown the data collection
aspect of the product.