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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY . Office of The Adjutant General Washington 25, D. C. AGAO-T 322 Ory Kes ASIO-T 222 Ory 12 Jenuary 1951 jee 50) - sunszcr: Inactivation of Units of the Organized Reserves 10: Counanding General Third Army Chief of Transportation 1, Letter, this office, AGAO-I 322 Org Res (20 Nov 50) G3-M, 9 December 1950, subject as above, is amended ds follows: a, All reference to the termination of affiliation agreenent for the 319th Machine Records Unit is rescinded, ‘The following is added as paragraph a: "1, a, The 319th Machine Records-Unit, presently sponsored by the International Business Machines Corporation, Birmingham, Alabama, will be inactivated at the earliest practicable date by the Conmanding General, “Third Aray, ond the affiliation agreement anended to show retention of a training unit.! “Letter, this office, AGAO-L 322 Ong Res (22 Nov 50)G3-4, 13 Decenbor 195 peas eet as above, is anended by deleting paragraphs and 2, and substituting the following therefor: "L, Headquarters and Headquarters Company and Company B, 715th. ‘Transportation RaTDvay “Operating Battalion Will bo ‘Snactivated atthe carli— “eat practicable dite, vy the” coasaraang GenckaL, Third Army. "2, If the minimum standards set forth in AR 140-305, os anended, can be met, a training unit will be organized in order that tho plan auttior— Azod in OGAFF Civilian Components Training Wenorandun No. 6, 10 October 1950, may be accomplished ‘and affiliation agreement with the Tilinois Central Rail~ road, Chicago 5, Illinois, amended accordingly." BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARUY: Adjutent, Gener; + Chief of Army Field Forces . Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3 Chief of Military History . ‘The Quartermaster General. Chief, Mobilization & Training Branch, AGO . € DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Office of The Adjutant Genoral Washington 25, D. C. AGAO-I 322 Org Res (22 Nov 50)G3-1 13 Decerber 1950 SUBJECT: Inactivation of Units of the Orgenized Reserves T: Coswending Gencral. ‘Third Arny Chief of Transportation 1. ‘The affiliation agreement between the Department of the éray and the Llinois Central Railroad, Caicayo 5, Illinois, for the sponsorship of Head. _ -guanters and: Headquarters’ Conpeny, and Company B, 715th Transportation Reilvay Operating Battalion was terminated effective 6 Deccaber 1950. 2, Duc to termination of the affiliation agreement the Cocsanding General, Tuird fvey will take the necessary action to inactivete the above units at the earliest practicable date. 3. Concurrently with inactivation, tho units ere transferred to the con~ trol of the Departaent of the fay. te Records of the inactivated units will be disposed of by shipment to the Coanending Officer, Kensos City Records Center, 601 Hardesty Avenue, Konsas Gity, 1 Kissouri, Attention: Fiold Records Division, in accordance with provisions of SR 345-920-1, 15 Horch 1949, as amended, 5. Personnel rendered surplus will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures, 6, Equipment rendered excess will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures. Js Obligate funds to the extent necessary from Orgenized Reserve allo~ cations available to your headquarters. 8. When the adtions directed horein have been accomplished, reports in~ dicating the dates and stations thereof will be submitted to this office, Attontion: AGHO-I; the Assistent Chiof of Steff, G-3, and the Chicf of Aray Field Forees, BY ORDER OF THE SECRET'RY OF THE ARMY: Copics furnished: tant Genoral Chief of army Ficld Forces Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Ros 1128/1578) Chief of Military History ‘The Quertermaster General UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED (CONT'D) Ne TEE Pa Motor Trk Ass'n, ‘Inc Page 2~ Inclosuro 1 to Ltr, AGAO-I 322 Org Ror /5 May 48)GNGCT-, 27 May 1948 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a d ce a bed 7 . - _ “off WO BM sey B S36 ‘Transportation Trk Co Third Army Third Army Memphis, Tern B 10-37 11 Aug 44 None 5 0 15 20 eed ray Co, Avn Ww) . Associated Trans Club of 4 Memphis, Memphis, Tenn ‘ " . 14. 728th Engr Base Zquip Co Third Arsy Third Army Memphis, Tenn /, 5-377 24 dun 44 None 5 0 168 173 694th Engr ‘en Equip Co Road Builders Equip Co, . (28 Feb 285 E. Calhoun Ave . 15. uma Engr Fixe Fighting Pint’ Third Ary Third Arsy —Nomphis, Tenn A $-§00 26 Jul 4h 12,3, 1 0 26 27 2069th Engr fun Fire | Monphis Firo Dept, 65.” ” - Golms: FA, FB, 3FD 4,5,6 Bignting 7 South Front Street’ >. . 3) Hov 45) ss tes Dot 16. 353d Engr Utilities Dot Third Ary — Taird fonyr Memphis, Tenn & 5-00 26 Jul 44 1,2,3, 2 0 39 4 267Lst Eng? Vubitios I (4900 "ttan) Goims ED 45:6 (3 Nov N Menphis Housing kuthority, i : . 26 N. Lauderdale fon Bn” 27. 816th Engr Avn Bn Third Amy Thind Amy Charlotte, «B_«5-425 27 dun 46 Won 33 0 38 7A._BlGth Engr Ayn Bn ‘Tho Carolirias Branch, we (20 tov 45) , AGC of Anorica 18. 674th Transportation Trk Third Amy = Third Army Gastonia, B 10-37 ll Aug 44 Mone 5 0 15 20 985th oO 5 Co, Avn Co (Hv) . NC @ijpec 45 bkers Motor Lines, Ine 19. 729th Engr L Equip Co’ Third ery Third Arny Montgomery, = A 5-367 hing 44 None «4 0 14 18 somaloee ay Equip Co ‘Ala Hach & Supply Co * a : 20, 352d Engr Utilities Det ‘Third Arey ‘Third Ary Montgomery, A 5-800 26 Jud 44 1,2,3, 2 0 39 42 670th port a (4000 ifan) la Colm: 2D 4353 5 Det (25 John S. Hodgson : { Contractor, North * . Perry Street ° 21. Hq & Hq Co, 75th Transporta- Third Arry Third Army Memphis, Tenn A 55-226 10 Sop 45 Nona & 2 141 150 Hig & Ha Coy ene a tion Ry Operating Bn Operating ie acres) Tlinois Central Railroad, ton Corps c Chicago, TL Det, 586th AW! Bn, 22, Hy & Hq Co, 438th Transporta- Second Ar=y Socond Army Harrisburg, © 55-4027 7 May 45 1 = 28 «LO 29 Ha Billa DODs SoM) A ns tion Highway Transport Div Pa Mobile UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED a 1 oe 3 4 5 6 athe hk 8 9 jesignation , oe wuthorized Strength Unit histo: a ond Aetiverted Fink a > cola bed shih enti ted Yo ageiliation ___ Assignment by 0G: Jocation Status No Date _—Changes Off WO EM Agg _w/Inactivation date 1. 425th Strategic Intelligence First Arry First Amy Syracuse, MF A 30-520 14 Apr 47 tone 30 3 6 Team (1) (Type A) . eig0 Cr aa First h First ‘roy, WY A 126 2. 301st APU ii inst Arry rst fry TOY, h 12-60: 18 Sey None 1 hi Pest Office Dopt areas, 5 16 Sep As 0 32 33 268tn APU (92 Jan 27) 3. 3elst Hq Intelligence Det’ Second Aray Socond kray Kent, Ohio 30-600T 26 Sop 44 2 zo 23 ! Kent State University a kmmy “Second 0 { ws . 844th Interrogation Tear, Second Army “Second ary: Kent, Ohio & 30-6007 26 Sey 1 lo 3 d J ‘Kent State University : . Kent, 3 P Ah 3 4 258ih Interrogation Tean 5. 4334 Interpreter Teen Second rny Second Amy" Kent, Ohio A 30-6007 26 Sep 44 1. 10 3 4 433d MI Interpreter Toan Kent State University oe 5 (Go Nov 46) : 6, 39lst Translator Ten Second Amy Second’ Army Kent, Ohio, © -30-600T_ 26 Sop 44 2 10 3+ 4 302g¢4Translator Tean Kent State University (Go Nov 46) 7. 3424 Hq Intelligence Dot «Second Army Second krny Kent, Ohlo A 30-600T 26 Sop 44 1 10 2.3 . Kent Stato University : : i . oe 8. 845th Interrogation Team Socond Arsy Second krmy Kent, Ohio | A 30-600T 26 Sop 44 2 20 3 4 287th Interrogation POF Kent State University x . ‘Team (30 Nov 46)" E 9. 435th Interproter Tean Second Army ‘Second Amy Kent, Ohio. A 30-6007 26 Sop 44 1 10 3 4 435th MI Interpreter * Kent State University a Tdam (30 Nov 46) 10, 3924 Translator Tean Second Arey , Second Army Kent, Ohio 30-6007 26 Sep 44 2 10 3 4 392d Translator Tean Kent State Universi ty. x : (Go Nov 46)" UL, 454th Engr Construction Bn. Second Amy Second krny Pittsburgh, A $75 23 Dec 43-2 «= 29-2 87 90L Iw7Eth Ener fm, Bn’ - Constructors Association a » TPae . : (24 Feb 26) of Western Pa, 605 an : Columbia Bank Bldg 2. tq & Hq Co, 4th Transporta~ Second Amy Second firmny Ft Myer, Va C 455-302 4 May 44 None 32 2 0 34 Op 4, Rog Sta, transporta- ‘tion M41 Ry Sv Association of fmerica Railroads, Washington, D.C. § Circular 24, Dopartmont of the Amy, 1927 Page 1 = Inclosure 1 ‘tion Corps (20 Fy “David Kaufman" ‘To Tim Morianty/TA StafiintemalTox Analysts/US@Tex ‘ Analysts (03/07/2006 12:40 AM id bee ‘Subject, Here's something I found on the web ~ Allled Force Headquarters, Italy. - Pvt. Richard Louls Smiley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Verne ‘Smiley, Route 5, Rochester, Ind., is now serving as driver with Co. A, 715th Railway Operating Battalion, which recently recelved the Meritorious Service Unit Plaque for assisting In the construction of the Pisa-Florence rail line and the bullding of a 500-foot rallway bridge across the Arno river In 15 days, I found 4 Richard Smileys In on-line phone directories, but have not called any. Have to look at a map and see If any are close to "Rochester, IN.” @ Coat OF ARMS FOR THE COLOR OF 7151, RAILWAY OPERATING BATTALION aD keh (7Agse saLiney dpersting Sabted ton). Fobrusry 26, 1943. WUMLGTs DLabSeothve Inetgate fer the 715th Aailuay Operating Bettelions ‘Tos Commanding (floor, TASth dallmay Operating Battalion, camp Claiterns, Loulatenes 1. iy the outhority deleceted te The uortermsster Cenere) uy 2nd Indersesent, 0% 42167 Inalentc (Goliei2), OSI, Tew Adjutent Nencral"e office, Oetever 8, 19k, the diobinetive insignis devcrive: velon Sx cppreved under the provistons of Teregreph Sly 4% COGeKO, sugust 28, 192 for ve WOGE) Fer bend or and brisk red, BOND: «Power viotoricues TA EL EGR: «ke prevertbes by @urrant requistions. 2e In view of Der Depsrtaent Chrocler ko, 6, raregreph IV, this Gistingtive iosignix sii) net bs asmufestured. ; Yer The Jusrtermuster Generals Caksoel, vie Se Coy postatanbe 50th eginoer Haintonance of: Bau equip . World War-but did not partieipate in combat, .fthile in'France 4t bocase part of tho {Tranoportstion Uorps ‘and.its eomponsnta mere’ dembilized, Hequettiuted-on thé Anastive lint. “(Ret)/s0 dnted: February ‘eke i February 20, 1943. UBIEGTE, Cont of arco for, the: 715th Radlway Oporating Battalion, cocanding Ofbiééirs Tigth saa Operating pests “oask ‘Glaiborne, Louisiana, -_a by Indorseaent, 4G 421.7 Insignia (9-15-42) OB-I, The’ Adjutant General's ‘Office, By the authority delegated tothe Quirteraaster Genorai by 2nd -Octobir 8, 1942, the coat af arms decribed below io approved under tha ‘provisions of Paragraph! 5, ‘Al. 260-10, Novenber, 20, 1931 for the, past, TEs OPERATING BATTALION = {0 * * ‘SUTELDA * Par! bend je and, brek 0 6: © atfroato : ‘ene ‘the boiler, nn with.o pale of eapnisnd sags of. 6 Hizodth April, 1918, 20 the Battalion, It gerved in, France dauriag th |, after-retirn ko oe United ng companies of that ‘ootpe in Suty,.1919,, In 1937 46 wos. reconstituted and onpotidated Sith the 50th Bapinser Battalion (Heltsay Operating), which had bann £*the' Regular, Aray in 19275 YY 32042 C Tuy rer ‘ax the ‘715th: Eaginopr, Battalion, 2ailway ba aes Sctober 31, A942.” The “75th Engineer Railway Operating Battaiion- ia Koldowst"” WORLD WER? "Without Inscription." ‘The 7a5th eratisig Batthiion was the 7isth Hallway Operating Se soreat this office, AG 320.2 (31-25-12) OB-I-sP-Y; Doceabor 2, 1925 ieee fgcctimabon of Cortain Hafiway Units". ‘tao belek Wd and gold are til ‘colcia of the transportation Corrs. The ope ~ funct XS Por Rons of the battalion are Ailuatrated by the on-coning.Joconotive. THe’ ates Act tgrious", 4s ropresdntatdve of the energy and excollence of the yvonne in the pevforaaneo af thei dation. : : 7 For Tho Querterasster Ceneralt . Ds He Comes Not much information readily available about the 715th outside scattered references in Gray's RAILROADING IN EIGHTEEN COUNTRIES. Highlights include: - Sponsored by the Illinois Central Railroad ~ Activated October 31, 1942 = Trained at Camp Claiborne = Sailed on SANTA ELENA to Port of Oran, Algeria, arriving May 11, 1943 = Assigned to 701st Railway Grand Division - Headquartered at Souk Ahras operating line between Kroubs and Duvivier and Bone to Oued Keberit Moved to Italy arriving Naples on January 8, 1944 Headquartered at Benevento operating between Csaerta, including yard, and Foggia Departed August 7, 1945 TO THE EDITOR. Dear Editor: I just finished reading Green Diamond Issue #75. What a fascinating history! Since I haven't been @ member for very long, I was surprised at how rich of a history this organization has had in the past. This issue of the Green Diamond highlights how the ICHS has survived many of the trials and tribulations that have sunk other organizations, and itis truly a fascinat- ing read! T do have one small correction to make, however. On page 72 in the piece about Millard Fillmore, the fol- lowing is stated: “Oddly, no town in Ilinois is named “Fillmore”, as might be expected from a state grateful for this President’s help...” There is indeed a town by this name in Illinois, and 1 grew up not far from it. Fillmore, Illinois is in the southeastern corner of Montgomery County, roughly 8 miles or so west of Ramsey, which was located on Illinois Central's origi- nal Charter Line through the state. The Nickel Plate went through Fillmore (their Frankfort, Indiana to St.Louis main) and crossed the IC at Ramsey. While neither town has active rails now, the interlocking tower at Ramsey still stands and has been undergoing restoration as a museum. Brian Carlson Rolling Meadows, IL. The Editor responds: Thank you Brian, We encourage ur readers to help us with any errors they find. To the Editor, I was unaware that the Illinois Central Railroad had sponsored a second Railroad Battalion during War II until I read Mark Womak’s letter in the Green Diamond. Twas with th ailroad Operating Battalion) which was also sponsored by the Illinois Central. ‘The 715th was activated during November 1942 at Camp Clairborne, Louisiana, The Commanding Officer was Tom Crymes, formerly a trainmaster on the Memphis Division. The Executive Officer was T.R. Beach, a former trainmaster from Mattoon, Illinois. Approximately one-third of the enlisted men were Illinois Central men. ‘The unit left New York on April 29, 1943, bound for 4 THE GREEN DiaMonD North Aftica, landing at Oran, Algeria on May 11, where it operated the French African Railway. On January 1, 1944, we boarded ship at Bizerte, Tunisia and three days later crossed the Mediterranean to land at Naples, Italy. As the Fifth Army advanced north, the 715th followed up, rebuilding the tracks and bridges which had been destroyed by the retreating Nazis. When the end of the war in Europe came, the 715th Headquarters unit was in Florence, with crews as far north as the Po River. Meritorious Service Unit plaques were awarded to the 715th. All the personnel of the 715th were also awarded the Fifth Army plaque and clasp by General Mark Clark for their work sup- porting the advance of the Fifth Army. On August 7, 1945, we boarded ship at Leghom, not to go home, but to go directly to Manila in the Philippines. At that time we heard about the nuclear attack on Hiroshima. On August [4th, while we were headed for the Panama Canal, the announcement came over the ship’s speaker that Japan had surrendered, ‘The next morning the ship’s destination was changed to New York. Arriving there on August 19, 1945, the men were sent to various camps for a thirty-day furlough, and then discharged, From the Editor: We take this opportunity to again express our gratitude as a people for the service of not only Mr. Young, but to all of the men and women who have served our country so faithfully in her times of need. Mr. Young continues his service to the commu- nity today as an avid volunteer at the Paxton Depot. To the Editor, Please keep me going as a Sustaining member for 2006. 1 do look forward to my Green Diamond magazine each and every issue. Since my membership started, the guys who put it together have done a “superb” job of it and the quality has steadily improved to “Magnificient!” Thanks for a “well done” performance. We have a great Society and I'm looking forward to the meeting this year in Memphis, Philip O. Correro #2446 Olive Branch, MS March, 2006 DEPARTHENT OF THE AREY ‘The Adjutant Gencral's Office ‘Washington 25, Det AGAO-I 322 “rg Res (13 Sep 49)cscor-t 29 September 1949 SUBJECT: Activation of Units of the Organized Reserves To: Conmanding General Third arny “ls Reference is nade to letter, this office, AGAO-I 322 crc (3 Jun 48) CSGOTA, 8 June 1948, subject: "Procedures for Activation and Organization of Organized Reserve Units". 2. The 370th Interpreter Tean is redesignated as the 370th Interpreter Detachnont. 3. The 20L4th Engineer Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon is redesignated as the 486th Engineor Fire Fighting Platoon and allotted to the Organized Reservese 4 The following units are assigned to the Third Army and will be activated and organized’ as indicated, at the earliest practicable date: .- Auth Strength Ef = MORE * ORF WO BE Designation &aghitiation + Iocat By 7isth Trang Railay " Wighis, A 55-228 5 1 40 Operating En Tenn 10 Sep 45 (Fiinois. Central Railroad) Cir 298, DA 48, as amended Ja6th Engr Fixe Fighting Mobile $2500 1 0 2% Platoon al 26 dul 4 (Mobile Fire Department) w/C 15253549536 Colns: FASFB3 3ED 370th Interproter Dot Spring Hill, A 30-600, (Spring HiN1 College) - Alla 20 Ost! 48 Colmi-BS *. 5» Foraonnol wil. be provided fron sources available to yous 6, Bauipndnt will bo requisitioned in accordance with current Procedures. Obligate funds to the, extont necessary “rom 3 Organi Rosorve:« allocations available to your headquarters. | # Pinal Status SUBJECT: " Activation of Units of the Organized Reserves “Present Designation _ New Designation # T5th Railway Operating Bn, 7 ‘715th Transportation Railway Operating ag ems Hq & Hg Det, 586th Transportation Hq & Hq Co, 438th Transportation ‘Truck Bn lighway Transport Division # Withdrawn from Regular Amy 5» The units listed in the attached inclosure aré assigned and will be activated and organized as inlicated, at the earliest practicable dates 6. The units Listed in Column 2 of the inclosure are ent history of the units listed in Colum 9, shown led to the ich were inactivated o the dates 7» Personnel will be provided from sources available to you in accordance with the provisions of Section VI of Inclosure 3 to reference letter. 8. Equipment willbe requisitioned in accordance with the provisions of Circular No 81, War Department, 1947, as amended. Qe: Obligate funds to the extent allocations available to your hea cossary from Organized Reserve rterss 10, When the actions directed herein have been accomplished, a report indicating the dates and stations thereof will be submitted to this office, Attention: AGAO-I, and the Chief, army Field Forces. BY 0 DER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARS 1 Incl Chart Copies furnished: Chief, army Field Forces Directors of Organizatiol & 7: ng, GS Personnel § Administration, GS Chief, Historical Division (23 copies) Quartermaster General (attention: Heraldic Section (23 copies) DEPARTMENT OF THS ARMY The Adjutant General's Office Washington 25, D.C. AGAO-T 322 Org Res (5 aay 48)GNGCT-H 27 May 1948 Tr Activatin of Units’ bf thé Organized Reserves Cinmatiding Generals’ First Amy : . Second Arny . +, 0 7 Third amy 1. Reference: Letter, Headquarters, Army Ground Forces, 326/215 (6-Jun 46) Guacr21, 6 June 1946, subjects "Training and Adninistration ‘of the Civilian Conponents", as anended.. 2, The following units are constituted ang allotted ‘tp the Organized Reserves: . 425th Strategic Inte2igence team | 34Ist Ha, Intelligence Detachient 342d Ha, “Intelligence Detachment 3, The following units are allotted to the Organized Reserves: “816th Engineer Aviation Battalion 433d Interpreter Team 391st Translator Team + 392d Translator Team 4. The £ollowing units are redesignated as indicated, and allotted to the Organized Reserves: Bresont Dosisnation Hew Designation 358th Interrogation Toan “844th Interrogation Team 287th Interrogation PCY Team 845th Interrogation Tear 435th iilitary Inte2Ligence: 435th Interpreter. Tean : + * Interpreter Team . . : 168th Army Postal Unit 301st Army Postal Unit 1878th Engr Aviation Battalion 4Suth Engr Construction Battalion 694th Engr Base Equipment Co ‘728th Engr Base Equipment Co 632d Engr Light Equipment Co ‘729th Engr Light Equipnent Co 2069th Engr.Aviation Fire 42d Engr Fire Fighting Platoon Fighting Platoon W7Oth Engr Utilities Det 352d Engr Utilities Det 167ist Engr Utilities Det 353d Engr Utilitios Dot Group 4 Regulating, Station, TC Hq & Hg. Co, 4th Transportation Uilitary Railnay Service 1984th Transportation Corps 636th Transportation Truck Co +" Truck Co : 1985th Transportation Corps 67th Transportation Truck Co ‘Truck Co ———————————— Sa RESTRICTED WAR DEPARTHEST ‘The Adjutant General's Office ee : Washington-25, D. C. ait ic AG 322 (4 Dec 45) : O8-1-SPHOU-ti 6 December 1945 SUBJECT: Inactivation of Certain Army Service Forces and Arny Ground Forces ‘Type Units. TO: Conmanding Generals, Third and Seventh Service Conmands, Gamp Lee, Virginia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hanpton Roads ‘did New Orleans Ports of Exbarkation, a. The units listed below rill be inactivated us indicated: _ ‘Station of Date of Inactivated by «Unit ~ Inactivation Inactivation Commanding pete ie _... General ¥869th Port Company, Los Angeles Port * Earliest Los Angeles Port 3¢ 7 of Enbarkation . practicable date of Embarkation *673a-Port Company, San Franciséo “on'or about San Francisco 1 Port of Fr~ 15 Dee 45 Port of En- barkation burkation *665th Port Company, Hampton Roads, On or about . Henpton Roads TC Port of Fa- 15 Dec 45 Port of En- barkation + barkation Headquarters and“Head- ASFTC, Camp Lee, = Earliest Camp Lee quarters Detachrent, Virginia. practicable 502d Quartermaster 77 + date Battalion 60th, 624, 63 To be Selected by Earliest Third Service Ordnancé Eomb Dis- inactivating practicable Conziand posal: Squads authority . date. 87th Army Ground Caxp Crorder, Earliest prac- Seventh Service Forces Band MissourL ticable date Conzand T5th Raileay ASFTC, Camp Earliest prac- New Orleans Port Oper'ating Battalion Plauche, Lovisiana ticable date of Enbarkation b. Concurrently with incetivaticn, the units are transferred to the control of the far Departnent.. : : ‘ilegro enlisted personnel 2d Ind, BSNeTZ Mistorical Socticn, A. i. €., tecexbor 10, 19h2 - To m, & Soraral. » The he jutunt 1. The 715th Engineer hatlwey Oparating Battalica was organized in April, 1928, 95 the SOth Zngineor Eaintenance of Equiprent Zattolion, | It servod in Frence during ‘bu jot. participate in con bat, hile in France il becona part of the Transportation Corps and its conponants were dezobilized, after return to the United States as con~ panies of thet Corps in July, 1919. In 1937 it was reconstituted and consolidated with tho 50th Engineer Battalion (Hailway Operating), which had been constituted on the inactive list of the Regular Arry in 1927, dy AG 320.2 (2-8-l1) ¥ (Rot) IMC, dated Fobruary 21, 19h; the Soth ” Encineer Battalion_(Retlmay. Operating) wan redonignated aa the Z1sth sor Battalicn, Railway Operating. The Battalion was made active ~~ October 31, 192. ~ 2. The 7ASth E to battle honors a9 fo) Raflway, Operating Battalion 4s ontitled ROELD wARs a Hithout inscription. OLIVER L. SPAULDING, Brig. Gon., U. S. As, Rote, Incl, ¥/d. Chief, hes SL eee BRIEF Erstony Tho Ti5th Engineer Railway. Operating Fattelion was ordered into the active rilltiry scrvice of the United States aad transforred without personnel and equtpaent, to the Engineor Unit Training Center, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, on October 25, 1942; organized by the Commanding General, Eighth Service Conmand, at Camp Cleiborno, Lowieiana, on October 31, 1942, in accordance with 7/0 5-125, per AG 320.2 (10-2-#2) OE-I-SP-M, dated October 3, 1942; activated October 31, 1942 at the Enginoer Unit Treining Center, Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, por Headquarters Eighth Service Command, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, A? 320.2 (Engineers), dated October 31, 1942, aea-he . OBI 2D 926 i 3 UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED (CONT'D) 304 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b Cb ed off WO EM bee | heny ‘Third my Memphis, Tonn B 20-37 11 hug 44 Mone «5 0 (35-20 1984th QN Trk Co, Avn (15 Jan 46) Arey Third Army = Memphis, Tenn A 5-377 24 dun 44 None = 5 0 168 193 694th Engr Base Equip Co * (28 Feb 46) * ‘Amy ‘Third ay Memphis, Tenn A 5-300 26 Jul 44 1,2;3, 1 0 26 27 2069th Engr vn Fire . Colms: Ph, FB, 3FD. 4,5,6 Pagnesng Fiat . 0 Nov 45, LArny Third Amy: Memphis, Tenn A 5-500 26 Jul 44 2,2,3, 2 0 39 42 67Ast Engr Utilities Det Colm: ED 4,516 (22 Nov 45) Lamy Third Amy Charlotte, «=» B.S-415 27 dun 46 None 33 0 38 71 86th Engr Avi Bn No (20 Nov 45) 1bniy Third Any Gastonia, B 10-37 WaAug 44 Mone 5 0 15 -20 985th QU Trk Co, avn “Me. woe (21. Deé 45) iAmy Third Amy Montgomery, A 5-367 2, fug 4&4 Mone «= 4 "0-114 218 632d Engr Base Equip Co fa (12 Dee 45) dAmy Third Army Montgomery, «8 5-500 26 dul 44 1,2,3, 2 0 39 41 “1670th'Engr Utilities Ala Colm: ED 4,55 . Det (15 Mar 47) a army Third Army Memphis, Tenn & 55-226 10 Sop 45 None “8 1 142 150 lq & Hq Co, 715th Fy Operating Bn, Transporta- tion Corps (12 Dec 45) nd Ary: C 55-4027 TMay 45 1 28 2 0 29 Hy & Ho Det, 586th QM En, Org Ros (5 Hey 48)GNGCT-4, 27 May 1948 Socond Amy Harrisburg, Pa Mobile (25 Fob 46) UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED (CONT'D) 2 2 3 4 5 6 g 8 a b c ab e ¢€ off WOU he Be 36th transportation Trk Co Third Army ‘Third tray Memphis, Torn B 10-37-12 dug 44 None 5 0 15 2 (Hy) Associated Trans Club of Yenphis, Menphis, Tenn a 14. 728th Engr Base Equip Co Third Amy Third Arey Memphis, Tenn A 5-377 24 dun 44 Nona | 55 0 168: 17 Roed Euilders Equip Co, . 285 E, Calhoun’ fe + | * 15. 492d Engr Fire Fighting Plat’ Third Amy ‘Third Aroy —-Nomphis, Tenn A 5-$00 26 Jul 44 1,23, 10 26 2 Honphis Firo Dept, 65 : Colns: Fh, FB, 3FD 4,56 South Front Street 16, 3534 Engr Utilitios Det Third Army ‘Third rmy: Memphis, Tenn A 5-500 26 Jub 44 1,2,3, 20 39 ¢ (4000 an) . Colm: ED 42536 Wonghis Housing Authority, s 26 N, Lauderdalo : . V7. 826th Engr Avn Bn Thind Amy ‘Third Army CharJotte, «=» -#B. 5-415 27 dun 46 None 33 0 3B G Tho Carolinas Branch, we ‘AGC of America . x i . 5 6rd frensportation Tk Third Amy Third Army Gastonia, B 20-37 Ming4h tone 5 0 1S Co (Hv : .. NC, oe ‘Akers Motor Lifes, Inc 19. 729th Engr LEqup'Co .°" Third Army Third Amy Montgomery, A 5-367 Wone 40 14% 00 ‘Ala Mach & Supply Co fla 20. 352d Engr Utilities Dot ‘Third Army ‘Third Army Vontgonery, A 5-500 26 Ju 44 -1,2,3, 20 39 ¢ (4000 ifen) Ao Colm; ED 43546 John S. Hodgson : : Contractor, North Porry Street 21. Hq & Ha, Co, 715th Transporta- Third Army Third Army Memphis, Tenn A 55-226 10 Sop 45 None “8 1 141 ib ‘tion Ky Operating En ‘TiHnois Central. Railroad, Chicago, T11 22. Hq & Hq Co, 438th Transporta- Socond Army Socond Amy Harrisburg, C 55-4027 7iby 45 2 28 2 0 ¢ ‘tdon Highway Transport Div Pa Pa Yotor Trk Ass'n, Inc Page 2~ Inclosuro 1 to Ltr, AGAO-I 322 Org Ros (5 Mayr 48)GNOCT-U, 27 Nay 2948