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7 BLACKS. DECKER. August 14, 2008 Mr. Ken Petersen Re: File No. 34,698 Dear Mr. Petersen: Thank you for submitting your proposal to Black & Decker and/or its sister companies: DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Delta Machinery, Emhart Teknologies, Price Pfister, Vector, Kwikset, Baldwin and Weiser Lock (collectively known as Black & Decker). Your “Nozzle Attachment for Lawn Blower” has been discussed and evaluated by our Technical and Marketing people. Unfortunately, we do not have any interest in acquiring rights to your submitted idea Our lack of interest may be based on a variaty of reasons. For example, the idea may be: 1. Already publicly known; or 2, Being used and/or under development by Black & Decker; or 3. Believed not to be a viable business opportunity for Black & Decker at this time. Because of the volume of ideas we receive for review, and because of confidentiality and trade secret restrictions that may apply; we generally do not give the specific reason for our lack of interest. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your idea. We appreciate your interest and your patience during our evaluation process. Very truly yours, Barbara Davis Barbara Davis New Products/Inventions June 25, 2008 Barbara Davis Inventions The Black & Decker Corporation 701 E. Joppa Road MS TWO75, Towson, MD 21286 Dear Ms. Davis, First, let me acknowledge the fact that | am a devotee of Black & Decker products. | have been using ‘them since 1974 and believe your company and products to be innovative, dependable and important to the working public. That is why | am contacting you first about my patent pending invention which will revolutionize the way the public uses the common lawn blower. After years of personal research, trial and error, review by friends, fafnily, an engineer and a patent. attorney - | submit to you the following idea for Black and Decker’s consideration. ‘Simply put, Its an attachment system for yard blowers which will increase their diversity and usefulness while using less power, less fuel and making less noise. Everyone has the same response after trying my crude prototypes and that is, “why didn’t they think of this before” and of course the usual, “you should patent this idea!” Well, | thought of it before and | am now in the process of waiting for the patent. ‘As far as my next step, here is where | would like to go with it. After weighing my options, | have ht to a respected company like yours to bring this to market, | believe this invention n costs coupled with its effectiveness and mass appeal would fit nicely with Black & Decker’s product line. Please review the accompanying materials and kindly respond with your level of interest on this idea. In accordance with your submission guidelines you are the only company | have confidentially contacted and will hold any future alternative company submissions until | hear from you. | thank you in advance for your critique and consideration. Sincerely, eb — Petersen’ Wiley Horton, Esq. 4% BLACKS DECKER. TO THE INVENTOI 1 10. " 12. To: POLICY AND CONDITIONS FOR SUBMITTED IDEAS ‘We urge you to take all steps necessary fo protect your idea and to safeguard your interests. You should consult an atlomey and file an application for a patent. I you have fied for a patent, please send us a copy of just the drawings and specification portion of the patent application, keeping the claims to yourself. Ifyou have not filed for a patent, please send us a complete written description of youridea. Please include any sketches, drawings, or photographs which would help us fo understand and evaluate your idea. All of the material should be signed, dated, and witnessed. Please keep an identical copy of the material which you send to us, so that both of us will know exactly what is involved. During our evaluation of your idea, you agree not lo disclose our potential interest or otherwise use our name without first getting our written permission. By evaluating your idea, we will not receive any rights to any patent that you now have or may acquire. © We are not required to hold your idea in confidence, and no confidential retationship is being established between us. Because we continually receive ideas from inventors and because we have, our own development projects in progress at many Black & Decker design centers, itis against our policy to accept information in confidence from outside inventors. By reviewing your idea, no agreement to compensale is being entered into by us, and you agree to rely solely upon your rights under the patent laws. After reviewing your idea, we are not required to retum it to you, since otherwise we would have no record of what was disclosed to us. We are not required to tell you about our own developments, or of other ideas which have been submitted to us, or of other ideas which are already in use by ourselves or our competitors. {fwe are interested in your idea and material, you will agree to negotiate with us for rights thereto, AAlof these conditions apply as well to any other information which you may send to us about your disclosure. THE BLACK 8 DECKER CORPORATION, 701 East Joppa Road; Towson, Maryland 21286 I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE CONDITIONS, AND 1 ACCEPT THEM IN CONSIDERATION OF YOUR REVIEW AND, EVALUATION OF THE ATTACHED open OF my 1D! Pera: wy olds Pometrona| Alo Je Ht He aes fer Lawn put y (PLEASE PROD ONCEPT NA SIGNATURE SE INVENTOR) TreWaTTRE ay ee Karen P Yalersen (PLEASE PRINT NAME OF INVENTOR) FE PRINT NAME OF WITNESS) owe: GAT OF pare: ¢ 21) 08 ian, at ‘Techtronic industries North America, Inc. - Techireni Ixdaies North Amerie, In Ain Pattern 40 WTI ‘ip reemen fy Roe hrdonon 90,025 A rovmmensumesonguiiecen May 18, 2009 MIAFACSIMILE Mr. Ken Petersen Re; Review of Invention Subrnission SOI No, 0909 ‘Dear Mr, Petersen, ‘Thank you again for your interest in Techtromuc Industries North America, Inc. (PTINA) as a resource for pursving your ideas, ‘Your invention subunission has been presented to our Intellectual Property Steering Comuittees Unfortunately, we are not interested in pursuing your idea at this time We certainly wish you every success with this invention, Sihcerely, TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES NORTH AMERICA, INC. DISCLAIMERS ‘Nothing herein ip intended to suggest that we have made ary dotermintion to pursue you ide, unless expeestly stated otherwise, ‘Unie he condone get forth in the exrlosud Disclonare Agreement you roesrve no rights agaist TENA, with seapect to any csclosure you voluntarily submit fo TTINA. Yous aoe protection regarding ary yroprieiny inarest ‘nthe materiale whech are submitted to TTINA is such protection as you mey ave independently aqui or will independenty soquire under the Patent Lawo of the United State or other county ox counter SUBJECT: Other DATE SENT: 01/27/09 DATE OF REPLY: 01/29/09 COLLAPSE MESSAGE SUBJECT: Other 01/29/09 07:33: New product or existing product improvement ideas, are to be submitted in writing to: Homelite/TT1 P.O. Box 1207 Anderson, SC 29622-1207 Attn: Kristi Edwards 01/27/09 15:59: I would like to contact your product development department to discuss a patent pending idea I am sure will revolutionize the effectiveness of lawn blowers! I have been using my Homelite blower for over 10 years with prototypes of this concept and my attorney/engineer agreed its worth developing and marketing to the end users of lawn blowers hence my filing for a patent and having the USPTO accepting the filing, I can be reached at 850-894-3278 for further discussion. Ken Petersen Send Comment SUBJECT: Other DATE SENT: 01/27/09 DATE OF REPLY: 01/29/09 VIEW ENTIRE MESSAGE 2:75PM RYOBE Toobtronie.tnsuatinn Marth marian Ina Dinest Fax: 864-716-1101, E-Mail koaty.edtrarde@tigrowpancom April 14, 2009 ‘VIA FACSIMILE ‘Mr. Ken Petersen 7 ‘Our File: SOI0909 Dear Mr, Petersen; Tn response to your recent earrespandence to Techtzanic industries North Amecica, Inc. (IT NA), or ona oft substdaeies enclosed pleese find w Disclosure Agreement fos yous to zeview regarding she submission of your idea for our consideration, We must have this Agreement signed by the snventor before we can review the idea, or distribute any materials the inventor may choose to submit. Alloubmissions must be in writing or other tangible form. While we are alivays interested in pursuing opportunities presented by outside parties, we are also concemed about the risk of dtspates which may arise when our Engineering Department reviews ‘eas that it may have independently considered or developed, To avoid sch disputes and any other Potential conflict, we must ask thatalll outside persons submitting ideas sign the Disclosure Agreement Please understand that this Jeter 1s not intended to suggest that we have made any determination fo pursue your idea, as our engineers will not begin to review your submiceion until we have received the executed agreement. must emphasize that under the conditions set forth in the enclosed agreement, you receive no rights against TTLNA, Your sole protection regarding any proprietary interest in the materials which axe submitted to us would be such protection es you may have independently acquized under the US, Patent Law. Upon receipt of the executed agreement and your materials, I will forward the information to our Engineering and/or Marketing Departments to evaluate your idea. If you feel that signing the enclosed Disclosure Agreement is impossible, please let me know. Thank you for your interest in doing business with our company. Sincerely, ety Edwards Legal Dept. Admalnistrator Enclosure Tochtrone Industriae Nowth Amenca, ‘no. 1423 Pearman Daly Road, Andersen ‘SC 79626, USA Ta) 860.226.8517 1.800.928 46° "ww igroupa,comn 08! Wo, 4266 8 34 TO THOSE WHO SUBMIT INFORMATION, IDEAS OR INVENTIONS TO TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES NORTH AMERICA, INC. (TTi-NA) OR ONE OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES TTi-NA and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Company”) are anxious to take every opportunity to improve their products and add profitable ones to their product lines, However, we have found ceitain preceutions necessary in accepting disclosures of information, ideas or inventions, For example, our employees have varied and numerous ideas of thetr own that have been developed in the past or are currently in development, Some of these ideas, might by chance, be similar to your own, Hence, in order to avoid any possible future confusion between your ideas and our own, and to prevent any misunderstanding as to the respective righté and Obligations of the Company and the person making the submission, the Company's policies as to considering submitted ideas are set forth belcw: 1, We cannot agree to hold your information, idea or invention in confidence for the reason, among others, that we must disclose your submission to various employees and sometimes even to those outside of our employ, to determine its value to us, and because agreements to hold in confidence have been found to entail other obligations not intended by either the inventor or the Company. 2, A full written disclosure, preferably the patent application drewing and specification, if there are such, or if not, a sketch or drawing (which need not be anything but a rough one provided it illustrates the idea or invention so one skilled in the art can understand it), must be furnished to che Company, as the Company will otherwise have no way of telling whether or not it will be interested in the idea submitted. While itis the company’s practice to respend to each idea cubmitted, it assumes no responsibility to do so. 3. ‘The Compeny assumes no responsibility to return any descriptions, drawings, or other disclosures sent to it and reserve the right to retain or destroy same, as it sees ‘At, Any prototypes cent to us will not be retumed even upon rejection, Therefore, the person making the submission should keep a duplicate of any disclosure sent to the Company. 4, The Company wishes the person making the submission to be satisfied that his interests are fully safeguarded The Company accepts no responsibility for safeguarding the interest of the person making the subinission, 5, Ang disclosures to the Company inust be made on the understanding, that the Company will consider the disclosure only 00 for as, in its judgment, the information, idea or invention merits, and the Company assumes no obligation to do 18 2009 2:35PM ROBT No, 4246 PL 4/6 TTINA, Inc, Disclosure Agreement Page 2 of 2 ‘more than indicate whether or not it ie interested, ‘The: inventor must submit his or her invention with the understanding that he or she relies only on such rights as he or she may have under applicable patent laws and that he or she has the sole sesponsibility for protecting those rights. 6. The foregoing applies to any additional or supplemental disclosures relating to the same subject matter, and disclosures by ox for you to the Company's corporate affiliates and other parties with which the Company or its affiliates do business. 7. Any individual or entity, to which the Company releases your disclosure or information related thereto, shall be equally tree of responsibility to safeguard your interests, 8. No deviation from the foregoing shall be effactive except by a written agreement, ‘TO: Techtronic Industries North America, Inc, and its subeidiaries Tam submitting herewith a disclosure of on the conditions set forth above, Signed thie day of Signature ‘Name (print) SOT 0909 File Number Rev: 01/19/09