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Taylor A.

(309) 369-2095

To obtain an Early Childhood teaching position in grade Pre-Kindergarten through third grade for the
2016-2017 school year.

Illinois Professional Educator License

Early Childhood Education---Expected May 2016

Special Education Approval Birth- Age 5---Expected May 2016

Bradley University, Peoria, IL
Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Expected May 2016

Field Experience
Kindergarten Student Teacher---January 2016-Present
St. Philomena Catholic School, Peoria, IL
Address the needs of a wide-variety of children with various learning strategies.
Implement various learning activities to ensure life-long learning at a young age.
Implement classroom rules and expectations.
Pre-Kindergarten Novice Teacher---August-December 2014
Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Education Center, Peoria, IL
Worked with and taught Language for Learning program to a group of 10 students.
Taught Second Step lessons to whole class.
Provided assistance to students within RTI Tiers.
Created lessons on SMARTboard to further students understanding of a lesson.
Kindergarten Student Observer---August-December 2012
Whittier Primary School, Peoria, IL
Tutored student one-on-one to further their skills in reading.

Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children- Growing Futures:
Statewide Early Childhood Conference--- October 2014
Co-presented with Dr. Helj Antola-Crowe on the importance of playful learning through
creative movement
Provided information regarding young students need to have playful learning moments
throughout the day in order for them to best learn.
Bradley PDS Spring Celebration--- April 2014
Led a roundtable discussion about ideas age appropriate materials for children to explore
with at the Peoria PlayHouse museum.

Bradley Associate for Educators of Young Children--- January 2015- Present

Treasurer--- January 2015- Present

Attended monthly executive meetings and group meetings.

Technology Skills
Microsoft Office

Related Experience
Nanny, Peoria, IL
Children: Grades 4th and 1st ---January 2012- Present
Work with children on homework.
Implement house rules.
Provide for the children needs.

Dr. Helj Antola-Crowe
Associate Professor/ Bradley Advisor
Bradley University
(309) 677-6810

Dr. Cecile Arquette

Associate Professor
Bradley University
(309) 677-2614

Debbie Salander
Kindergarten/ Cooperating Teacher
St. Philomena Catholic School
(309) 672-6810

Colleen Brown
Pre-Kindergarten/Cooperating Teacher

Valeska Hinton ECEC

(309) 685- 1208