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: Josua Leonardo Manalu

: 18311907
: Plaza Oleos Construction Project
Special Problem : Monitoring Temperature Changes on Mass
Concrete Raft Foundation
: Strata Satu (S1) Civil Engineering, Gunadarma University
: Raft Foundation, Crack, Temperature, Thermocouple

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Oleos Plaza construction project is the construction of an office building
consisting of 4 basement floors dan18 office with a building area of 75,000 m2
and a land area of 14008 m2. The project is located on the TB. Simatupang
Kav.53A street, South Jakarta. The project work began on 21 February 2013 and
is planned to be completed until 22 December 2013. The cost of this project is Rp.
104,445,225,000.00 with PT. Pulau Intan as a contractor. Construction of the
Plaza Oleos use raft foundation with a volume of 6057 m3 of concrete and
strength of the concrete is f'c 32 MPa, so that the manufacturing process should
be kept, because raft foundation is a mass concrete, which is potentially crack
caused by high temperature of hydration. Especially when treatment should be
done properly concrete, concrete temperature should be measured with a certain
period. In the construction of Plaza Oleos thermocouple mounted on 3 points,
each point there are 3 heat sensors, to control the temperature of the concrete at
the top , middle and bottom. At the reading of thermocouple (TC) is the
temperature varies between 32oC to 79oC. Varying temperature changes, which
occurred during the monitoring in the field causes a temperature difference
between the concrete layers (top, middle, and bottom) also varied. The
temperature difference between the top tier, middle and bottom of the mass
concrete raft foundation Oleos Plaza project doesnt exceed 20C, so it doesnt
potential for cracking.
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