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SAP MM Customization-Mindmapping Tree

SAP MM Customization-Mindmapping Tree


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Published by Taha Dagobert
SAP MM customization with Mindmapping Tree!Very simple toolo to use at any time during project!
SAP MM customization with Mindmapping Tree!Very simple toolo to use at any time during project!

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Published by: Taha Dagobert on May 06, 2010
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Compagny Define Define Credit Control Area Edit,copy,delete check compagny code Financial Accounting Define

Business Area Define Functionnal Area Maintain Consolidation Business Area Maintain FM Area Controlling Maintain Controlling Area Create Operating Concern DEfine Valuation Level Define,copy,delete,chechk Plant Logistics -General Define Location Define,copy,delete,check Division Define,copy,delete,check sales Organisation sales and Distribution Define,copy,delete,check Distribution Channel Maintain sales Office Maintain sales Group Here's How(Quick Guide Using an Exemple Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence Assign Secondary Screens Maintain Order of Main and Additional Screens Assign Screen Sequences to User/Material Type/Transaction/Industry Define How maintenance Statuses Are Determined in Date Transfer Create Program for Customized Subscreens Maintain User Settings Assign Fields to Field Selection Groups Maintain Field Selection for Data Screens Define Industry Sectors and Industry-Sector-Specific Field Selection DEfine Plant-Specific Field Selection and Plant -Specific Screen Selection DEfine Lock-RElevant Fields Define Output Format of Material Numbers Make Global Settings Maintain Company Codes for Materials Management Define Attributes of Material Types Assign Material Types to Special "Create" Transactions Define Number Ranges for Echa Material Type Define Attributes of System Messages Define Attributes of System Messages Define Material Groups Maintain External Material Groups Define Divisions Define Material Statuses Extend ABC Indicator Define Basic materials Define Laboratories and Offices Define Storage Conditions Define temparature Conditions Define Container Requirements Define Units of Measure Groups Define Number ranges for EANs/UPCs Define Number Ranges for Perishables EANs(4Figure) Define Ranges for Perishables EANs(5Figure) Define Prefixes for EANs/UPCs Define Attributes of EANs/UPCs Enter SANs (Standard Aricle Numbers) Badi:Internal Control of the EAN Logic Define Product Hierarchies Define Sales Statuses Define Material Groups Define Commission Groups Maintain Authorisations and Authorisation Profiles Define Required-Field Check for ALE/Direct Input) Data Transfer Workbench:Material Master(Direct Input) Set Up Adminstrative Data at a Later Stage Define Start Time of Background Jobs Maintain Search Helps Reset Test data Initialize Period Influence Number Assignment(Industry and Retail) Influence Number Display(Industry and Retail) Supplement or Change Default data (Industry) Extend Checks and Change Selected data(Industry) Enhancement for Archiving MM_SPSTOCK Enhancement for Archiving MM_MATNR INtergration of New Objects(Industry and Retail) Maintain PKWiUs Material IDs Plant Parameters General Setteings for Material management Set material block for goods movements Set Up Material Block for Invoice Verification Activate Consignement Prices via Info Records Carry Out Overall maintenance of Plants Parameters Consistency Check Data Relevant to sales and Distribution Plant Maintainance Human Ressources management Settings for Key Fields Material Master Assign purchasing organisation to company code Assign purchasing organisation to plant Materials management Assign standard purchasing organisation to plant Assign purchasing organisation to reference purchasing organisation Assign waarehouse number to plant/storage location Assign shipping point to plant Assign maintenance planning to maintenance plant Assignment of personnel Area to Company Code Assign employee subgroup to employee group Business Area Account Assignment Sales and Distribution Basic Settings Material Types Controlling Finacial Accounting Field Selection Configuring the Material Master Logistics Execution Maintain Storage Location Materials Management Maintain Purchaising Organisation


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Enterprise Structure

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International Article Numbers(EANs)

LOgistics Execution

Check enterprise structure for Sales and Distribution

Data Transfer:Material master Tools


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SAP MM Customization 1

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External Services Management Inventory Management and Physical Inventory Valuation and account Assignement Logistics Invoice Verification

Nouveau sujet

1) SAP MM Customization
This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

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