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Assessing Relationships
Circle the relationship quality that has been assigned to your group:





For each of the relationships described below, write in two things individuals can do to
demonstrate the quality you circled.
Kayla lives with her mom and her stepfather, Dwayne. She and Dwayne dont always get along
but she is trying to build a better relationship with him.

Rosa and Sharon have become better friends this year. They try to do things together on the
weekends, but Rosa has been pretty busy lately with the track team.

Rodney and Malcolm had a fight they both regret. They both need to apologize before their
friendship can get back on even ground.

Salisha and Tyrone have been going together for six months. Most of the time they get along
really well. Sometimes, though, they argue about stupid stuff. They both want to try to
communicate better and argue less often.

Life Planning Education, Advocates for Youth, Updated 2009.