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Can Say About

You ?
By: Mohammed Adhban, Eric Bercaw, Jingwen Fan , Scott (Xu) Yang ,
Bill Zhou

So What Do You Think a

Profile Is???

What is a Profile?
Definition: A profile is a variety of documentation that
focuses around a particular individual, object, or
place, written by other people (community college
Resume and Autobiography are
NOT profiles by definition.

Ex: Biography, Articles

Ex: Plays, Movies

Ex: Paris, New York

What Do You Think The Intended

Audience is for Each Example???
Profile that glorifies Tom Brady
Profile that promotes Bernie Sanders
Profile that dignifies Donald Trump
Profile on the team of scientist who just found gravitational waves
adding additional support to Einstein's theory of relativity

But Why Read


Which One Is The Greatest Of All

Time (Goat)

Peyton Manning

Tom Brady

So What Is The Intended

Audience Of A Profile???
The audience of a profile can reach large
demographics and depending on the profile can
have different intended audiences. Profiles can be
bias in nature and often are created with the intent
to appeal to a person's logos, ethos and pathos.

Classs Reflection
Thinking about once when you were trying to tell a story of other
people to your friends/family, what was your purpose of telling that
story? Would you make things up or shift the story.

Audience and knowledge base:

It depends on the types of profile.
Profile of an individual Profile of a object Profile of a place -

Structure of profiles:
Needs to give biographical details
Needs to describe the subject

The Types of Profile

Descriptive and Informative Profile - uses sensory detail(sights,
sounds, tactile sensations, tastes and smells) to describe a scene,
person of feeling to audiences.
Narrative Profile - reflects personal experience, explaining what
happened during some sorts of experience.

Persona & tone?

Depending on the different genres of the profile writing, there is no
typical personas and tones that a profile writing would have.
A profile can be:
Colloquial (Casual)

Purposes that profiles fulfill:

Describe a person or a place
Analyze a person or a place

Source: (Textbook?)

How does a profile make its argument

Strong, dominant, and sharply defined view
Present facts (Logos)

How to write a profile

1. Be organized around a theme. What one main thing are you trying to say
about or through your profile subject.

Include several revealing anecdotes about your profile subject.


Include a physical description of the person or object youre writing about


Incorporate the voice of your subject through interesting and telling quotes.

Write a profile about this video using the methods listed above

Video link: John Oliver Volkswagen

How Should You Write Your Profile???

Based on this video, write a narrative profile about John Oliver
Question that should be addressed when writing
How is he similar and different from other news host
What type of news host is he (serious, satirical, informative)

Sources: Definition