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Bachelor of Education

Name: Noora AbdulRahman Abdullah
ID: H00227403

1st February 2016



12: 40 to 1:25 PM

No. Students


Microsoft PowerPoint


Grade 3 - 4
Mariam Al Raeesi

Prior Knowledge (What prior knowledge are you building in?)

- They know the basic things in computer and some programs.
- They know how to use

Microsoft Word in a basic way.

Lesson Objectives: (What will students be able to do by the end of the lesson?)
Blooms Taxonomy:
- Create: they will create a mini presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint
- Apply: they will let them apply what I taught them in their computers
- Understand: I will let them show me their understanding by doing after me and talk while doing it
- Remember: I will let them remember what we did last class
- Respect and help each other
- Add deigns to the presentation
- Type on the slides
- Know Insert menu
- Insert a picture
- Move the picture and change the size
Add or insert Design Type Move Change
Evaluation / Assessment: (How will you know your students have achieved the lesson objectives?)
After I explained the lesson to them, I will ask them to sit on the computers in peers, and start working on
what I was explaining. I will ask them to nestle their hand to their body if they finished the tasks. Then I will
come to them and evaluate their work, plus I will grade them out of 10.
Personal focus (relate to your PDP, state the goal and explain your actions specific to this lesson ):
In this lesson I am working on my PDP goals,
which is using eye contact and body language with the students, I will try to not give them my back for
long time, and I will be moving around and dealing with the students while they are working.
Also I will let the students use the signals that I asked them to use during the lesson, such as going to the
bathroom and if they finished the task.

Teaching Competencies focus (relate to specific competencies, state the competency area, explain your
focus and actions)
In this lesson I am working on my professionalism, in the area of communicate with stakeholders about
students progress, teaching and learning. I discussed with my MST before the lesson about what is the
best way for the students to understand the lesson, and the content of it, as an example, how we can
teach them what is the meaning of insert.

Teaching Strategies: (these are important to define so you create an positive and supportive learning
environment during the lesson)

Teaching strategies:
- Active Learning: students will use the teachers computer and explain things to the students
- Cooperative Learning: students will collaborate and work together in peers.
- Experiential Learning: students will learn somethings then they will do it on their computers.
Classroom management strategies:
- Let the students using signals,
if they want to go to the toilet or they finished their tasks
Behavioral management strategies:
- I will warn them to not talk while Im teaching by stop talking and looking at them
- They should be organized,
so They cant leave the computer lab without returning the chair on its right place.
Feedback strategies:
- Most of the feedbacks will be orally.
What do you need for teaching & learning?
Materials & Resources:

- Empty box
- Cards
Technology integration:
- Computer
- Pictures
- Video
- Microsoft PowerPoint

What the Teacher does.

What the Students do.

Lesson connection to
PDP goals and/or Action
Research Focus

ENGAGE -Introduction:

I will ask the students about the last class, what did they learn and what information they
remembered, I will also ask them questions to move me to start the lesson, Then I will tell them
what I will teach them today.

PHASE ONE (Explore)

I will show the students the insert

And I will ask them to tell me what they
can see.

Students should answer with what they

can see in insert menu.

Using eye
contact and

While students saying what they can

see in insert menu, I will put the cards in
the box to show them its meaning.

Using eye
contact and

I will ask some of the students to come

to my computer and do the step after
me with explaining or talking to the

Using eye

They should set in peers and start doing

the task.

Using bell
Using signals

PHASE TWO (Explain)

I will use empty box and cards that

included what is in insert menu to
demonstrate what is insert mean.
PHASE THREE(Elaborate)

I will clarify to them what is insert, then

I will start by showing them a video
about reading, after that show them
how we can add design, type on the
slides, add a picture and move it.

I will review with them what they

should do, then I will ask them to set in

Typing in a slow way.

confused about where to find the pictures.
confused between insert and design.
forget some basics, such as adding a new slides.