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TRACK YADVTENANCE PLATOON, COMPANY. A, 7Luth RATIMAY OPERATING BATTALION, TRANSPORTATION ‘CORPS: Redesignated: 778th TRANSPORTATION CORPS TRACK MAINTENANCE. PLATOON 5 Apr 1945 720th RAILWAY OPERATING BATTALTON, TRANSPORTATION CORPS Redesignated: "Oth TRANSPORTATION RATDIAY OPERATING BATTALION 25 Mar 29U8 Redesignated: 730th TRANSPORTATION BATTALTON Ltr 6 Nov 1952 Medical Detachment: Disbanded - Ltr 6 tov 1952 ‘7324 RATINAY OFSRATING BATTALTON, TRANSPORTATION CORES | "Redesignated fron: 7324 ENGINGER RAILNAY OPERATING ‘BATTALION 2 Deconter 1942 Redesigned: 329th TRANSPORTATION RATIMAY OPBUTING Stei 25 gay 1947 DELETED: AGO Lary 17 Septnber 1967 tadsmigea le 722 Rabury Qptinks Sent toe pe ‘obth RAILY OPERATING BATTALION, TRANSPORTATION CORPS Redesignsted! 3224 TRANSPORTATION RAILAAY OPERATING BATTALION 16 gu 1947 C 28 Ree 3obth, 413th, 41th, 439th, $548n IMLituy Price Bsenrt Guard Conprnies aistn, 3256th, 3259%n Sigel Scrvice Conpr 485th Guvrtermoter Rogragerater Company (bile) 6th Hedienl Dopet Company 35334 Ordnance Jiodium auteactive Yaintenance Company 220th Chonkont Thintenance Company Gooth Heear anbulanse Company ‘Teh Convaleacont, ngpstal Bd, 50th, 35aLth, 3526tn, 353d, ISTE, 353th Urdarnce ledium Autenntive eaknt onpank ‘tenaned Gompantes 450th, 3560th Crdnanea. Heavy jutenctive Yaintensnee Companies £8434,” 235th Ordnance. Dopet. Crmpanios 006th Grdnnes Base Dopet Crapany €23th Ordnince Base Armnont Laingensnee Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 212lst Engineer Cenbot Group with ‘attached Uediow 999th Enginocr Treaty Bridgo Cenpony “512th Enginocr Tater Supply Company 6934 Bnginoar Basco Bquipmont Cempany ‘7ereh Engincer Poterloun Distribution Company +430th Enginoor Tanp Truck Crapany. 369th, =1370n, 13724 Enpinoor Dunp Truck Companies s8ist St gmal Dopet Company 39th Signal Heavy Construction Battalien ‘Fast Beso Dopre Company, Transportation Corps ith Hogaliting Statirn, transpereatacn Corps: th Traffic Roguinth ir Base any Senate eid oe ay s4034in Ouartora:stor Truck Cex Gist, 758th Field irtiliory Bxtteliene Uirterized) (255 on Hewitecr Tricter Brom) Let Base Poet dzfice (Typo 0) sth Wetins) Tetachmont Stiogee enlisted porsonncls Page 2 te Inclroure 1, te letter 10-322 (26 Doc 45) OB-1-SPUGI=N, dated 2) Deconber 1945 RESTRICTED C [pipet LIR 4a PEPPIE ROGERS 2034 WIND HILL ROAD ‘COOPERSEURG, PA. 18036-2439 Tel: 610-966-4029 Robert MeArdell Spring 2008 Dear Members and Friends ofthe 732 R.O.B: ‘Welcome Sweet Springtime — trusting all have survived the horrible event of Winter. My wish, is that all are well and take this opportunity to thank all for your Christmas Greetings. Nota day {goes by that I do not think of your all and the quality times we've shared. Correspondence: = Hada personal Christmas call from Florence Lang sine her part loss of sight — finds ‘writing impossible. She sends regards to al = Received thank you note from the Medalion Foundation for our donation in appreciation of Rev. David Campbell's message at our Reunion in Colorado Springs. = Bunce Riddick forwarded photos found in Jim's belongings showing some ofthe mea on duty overseas. Also, heartfelt condolences are in order on the loss of her husband on December 21, 2007 = Spoke with Paul Jones to discover that he had shear attack after 4 days in Equador while on a mission there. Thankfully, i was possible to get him back tothe States without io much ofa delay where surgery was performed. Everything went fine and Pauli onthe mend. Violet, not tobe ignored, suffered a Gall Blader attack and faced possible surgery ‘which dd not happen. Sofa, no return attacks ~ good! = Spoke to Earl Henson. He had a fall~ no broken bones, thankfully; only some pain and swelling. Denise is bating arthritis. Send their best all ~ Spoke to Ann Kajiwara she’s fine, but Frank has some health issues, Is scheduled fora procedure to stretch his escophagus. Asked forall. ~ Spoke with Charlotte Meet. Things are not oo well with Henry. It's now been 3 years since his health problems surfaced. He sill goes for dalysis~ 2 mes per week and Home ‘Health Care helps out 3 times per week to give Chariot some relief. We comtinve 1 keep them in our prayers. ~ Finally caught up with Paul Mijak and is quite discouraged due to not being able to walk Cards would help tit his spirits. = Betty Haake —“The Queen Mother,” is doing okay and would love to find a way to attend Reunion, ~ Margarete Crane i doing fine. So nice to hear her voice ~ think of you often, aR DBPaRTuT Tho Adjutant General's office Washington 25, De Ce 17 Soptenber 1947 AGR0-I 322 Org Roa (17 Sep 47)-1 SiBEOTE tivation of Uette of the Organized Reserves 0s Commanding Generale Foureh sony Fatt ara Lotter, this office, AGAO-I 322 Org Res (10 Jul 47) GNGeT-x, 25 July’1947, eubject as abovo, a, ay by loteds tea HY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WARE lone sagutant General Copies furnished: Connanding Genoral aoa Growl Forces Diructare of Organization and Treining, MDGS Forsonncl and sdninistration, TGS Ohict, Historical Division, WOES (4 copies) The Wartersaster General (utens Heralase Section) (4 copies) Unrts 40 BE acrrvarED 1/0 ond B t Date” _tha 0-Sop 45 Hone 27 Sop 44 2 27 Sop bh Tons 2780p Ab Ken Jun 45 2 50 pe 45 Yona Corps ( aut & Qo 59th B se ERC ‘The Adjutant General! s Offseo Yashincton 25, D.C, Sees dock ol SUSIROH otivation of Unite of the Orgnnisce Zeserzos co Comending Generale Fourth aay Birts Uy 1, Rotorcndct Lotter, Headquarters may Grount Zorcos, 826/215 (6 Jur 25) ovootin, 6 Juno 1936, Butject! "ireining ani Adninistration of the Ofvilian Cospencste,” is ancndee, 2, Tho 179s Guortomveter Sccory Covpeny te roconstituted, 3, Tho folowing untte are retestenctod as InAlentot and sllottet to the Organiot Zesorvat Hee Dostention 270 te Yi Gas Suysly Company 209th GE Gas Supply Company BOLet % llofeigerction Gonmpray 975th Q! Zofricoration Company, Fxod Slet Mold Zosritel S07th Field Hospi eal ‘Teh Convsloweont Fos B74th ConveLoecont Hoentted Hg & Hy Dot, 10st ikcrteat 3s 1 & Bq Det, Si5tn Hotiond Ba B1484 Ord ieiws Jstonotive Hoint 316th Ord Haetun autonotive Hatnt Goss Cosma so7th incr Gosbet Zn 250th Teplacencat Compnay 9604 QM lakery Congeny Leste Bae Sorbet 2: Allen Renken’ Oo math QE Bekory Gorn Rilitery Police Zscort Guar’, Gomeny 18 slotted to the techie! (ueloeane oro neniimet on? vill be Adortot ot tue crrlicat smetiersle “to, in coltwin 2 of the Inelogury are entitle? to the wy cnlvre Sorierly deloncing to the wakes Lister metivites nn ert a inner 5 @ 219 DEE aosth, 4LIth, AASth, 439th, 554th MLitnry Police Bsenrt Qiard Comprnies Aisth, 3256%h, 3259%n Sigil Service Conprnics 485th Quartermaster Rogrigorater Company’ (bile) 6th Nedieal Depot Crmpany’ 35334 Ordnance llediun sutenctive Maintenance Company 220th Chondedl Ininvennnce Company Goeth eter inbulance Company "Teh Convalescent. Heap Bey USOth, Boeitny 352th, 35332, 957M I53PL Ordnance Vediun Aut 450th, 3560th Ordnance Heavy Autenctive Waintenance Companies 8434,"3235th Ordarnce Dopet Crnpantcs 006th Ordannee Base Depet Crmpany @23tn Ordmince Base Armnment Taintennnce Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company, WZist Baginccr Conbat Group with ‘attached Uedioal 999th Baginoer Trendy Bridge Cempony A15}2th Mngineer ator Supply Cempauy (6934 Bngincor Bato Zauipment. Crapany ‘787th Engincer Potrrious Distrituticn Ceapyny 430th Fnginoor Dinp Truck Company 2369¢h, *1370bN, “013724 Enginocr Dump Truck Conpanios sist Signal Dost Company 39th Siginl Howy Construction Battalien ‘ath Bese Depot Cenprny, Beeneportation Corps ‘then Corps deh Rogilating Statin, franape ‘Fey ath Traffic Regulation Qerupa, Tewopertation Crrpa 73a, "Nba Aldona, Trenopere:tion Corps ‘685th Quertermstcr Base Depet Company - 423d Curr ‘SSP TRS erent ean, SHO truce Companies 4oayth Ouartora-stor Truck Cenpeay (Heavy) Blat, 756th Field srtiliory Battalions Ueterized) (155 ‘Teieter Drom) irektaor ted 29 December 1945 752d RAILWAY OPERATING BATTALION, Conseftuted in July 1923 tn the Organized Reserves as ehe 617th Railvay Engineer Battalion Organized in April 1926 fn the state of Kashington Redesignated 30 June 1933 as the 617th Engineer Battalion (Railway Operating) Affiliated 18 Novenber 1940 with the Great Northern Railway Coxpany Redesignated 21 February 1941 as the 7324 Engineer Railway Operation attation Converted and redesignated 1 Decenber 1942 as the 7324 Railvay Operating Battalion, Transportation Corps Ordered into active military service 17 February 1944 at Fort Sam Houston, Inactivated 18 February 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey CAMPAIGN PARTICEPATION CREDIT DecoRaTroNs None 5/172006 07:15 Pl e tee Subject Re: Sponsored ral unit sr ciene To TenMoian/TA SutinoraTaxAnyssSQTot g Giese poetonne nee rays” ze Tim {Lam not aware of anything written about that. Would It be a project you would be willing to tackle? Tt could be just a short story to “whet the appetite” of a complete reference sheet. Hope te hear from you: Best regards, Phil Gjevee Original Message ~ From To: ‘Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:55 PM. ‘Subject: Sponsored rll unit Philip: During WW II the BN sponsored the 732nd Railway Operating Battalion. Has the Society ‘ever published anything on this unit? Tim Moriarty Former Army locomotive engineer 57™ 732" R.O.B. WWI REUNION September 6 - 10, 2008, ‘TENTATIVE ITINERARY. are Sound “Dian 6:00 PM — Perfo 8:00 PM Butch Apple Dimer Theatre - Sound of Msi. Dinner 6 00 PM ~ Peformance “sinless amy lst tures he ears ofl ages dims over some of the ‘most memorable songs ever performed on the stage. ‘Transportation, Show, Dinner $69.50 71,2008 — Des = 10,00 - ‘Train ride on the Strasburg RR. Lunch on your own at Isaac’s fora great selection of sandwiches, salads and soups. Reservations are not accepted so there may be a short wait. ARter Inch, we will proceed to the Creamery to enjoy a great Ice Cream Experience on your own. ‘Transportation, Train Ride $27.50 ber 8, 2008 — ):00 AM ‘Amish Farm and House Tour. Experience the beautiful Lancaster County Countryside. A reserved beauty of splendor as fara the eye can see. We will observe Amish culture in a ‘unique and unforgettable way including a meal with a Plain family at their farm. ‘Transportation, Tour, Meal 66.50 ‘BM. Business Meet ital = Before Dinner 9, 2008 — Departu; AM ‘A shortstop will be made close by the hotel atthe Historic Farmers’ Market where you can. ‘obtain alight refreshment before our performance at Sight and Sound. ‘In 2 Aepicts the spectacular creation of all things and be surrounded by the breathtaking beauty ofthe Garden of Eden, filled with extraordinary animals of every color and shape. Watch in amazement as God creates Adam and Eve and breathes into them the ‘breath of life", Witness the Fall of Adam and Eve, their life outside the Garden and their final glorious restoration. With special effects never seen before on Sight and Sound stages, ‘Inthe Beginning’ promises to be an ‘experience beyond your imagination. ‘After the performance, off to Hershey Farms to enjoy an authentic PA Dutch FamilySiyle inner. ‘Transportation, Performance, Dinner $81.00 ‘Reunion Information Ait about the Hotel Brunswick located in downtown Lancaster in the middle ofa tremendous ‘revitalization program. All rooms have refrigerators, fully renovated, furnished and beautifully ‘appointed. The tuly elegant rooms are provided with large, flat-screen televisions. Iwas very pleased with the accommodations and I know you will be, too. ‘We are a small group and special allowances are not easly available, I've researched every possibilty to make this package reasonable and what we have here isthe best without a doubt, Hopefully, responses will be prompt and favorable. Deposits have been required for all activities and it would not make good sense to lose money. So, Task you to inform me of your intentions either way so that I can determine if we will be able to meet our contractual obligation of a ‘minimum of 15 people. I thank you for your cooperation inthis regard. A Thought to Ponder. Every human being faces difficulties! Tragedy, sorrow, disappointment and failure ‘come to every human being. They are part of life. They make or mar a person, ‘depending om how one takes them and how one reacts to them; but trouble can’t get ‘you down unless you let i If you see trouble asa hindrance, in all probability i will ‘get you down, frustrate you. Ifyou see in trouble one of life's unexpected variable, 0 ‘be iaken in the course of life, to be accepted and mastered, it will strengthen you and sharpen you. True Christians seein trouble a counterbalance for life. Its mot meant 10 weigh them down or drag them under. Trouble gives poise, balance, strength. The (Christian takes life as it comes from GOD. Yours tray, a a