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DAMI-ESS SUBJECT: Nistory of the 733d Yatluay erating attalton, ortation “orp: tary service on If “avenher 1947 ttalion was called into active »: at New Orleans, loulssana. After training for nearly six months at Cann Turner, Atkansas, it safle’ from “ew Yor’ on 16 June 1944 and arrive? in England on 27 June 1944, Tt su'sequently moved to France and then to “ernany, it partictpated fn the Yorthern Trance and “Mneland canpaions of Vorld Although ve do aot have detaile! infornation about the Sattalton's movenents in Turope, our records do show that tt served in “ancy an? Toul wt eustadt, Termany, during 1845: ant 1 lons~sur—Yarne, Trance, during, October 1945. Te hattalion returned to the United States in Necesber 1945, denarting from le Yavre on 7 1945 and arriving in ‘ew Yor’: on 14 Tecenber 1945, It was then in on 17 Decesher 1°45 at Canp 4. The October 1944; fn tivated 5. Our records show that on 1 1944 the commander of the Sattalton was Major ¥. P. Schopper. POR THE CHIRP OF YTLTTARY TTSTORY 2 Ine WILLIAM F, STROBRIDGT a Colonel, “1 Chief, Mstorseal Services iviston ‘The information pertaining to the locations of the hattalion's service ‘urope is derived from the Furopean Theater of Operation and location card for the unit 2A Ape I SMJECT: Mistory of the Defense Attache Office Tnbassy of the "nited States of America ATTN: U-3080-80 APO New York 09777 1. Reference is made to your letter, 1-3980-80, dated 18 March 1990, subject: Request for Assistance, in which you requested infornation about the service of Mr, Gerard William Ieconte and about the hatory of the 7334 Yetlvay Operating Rattalion. A cory of your letter ts ineiosed. ‘le fervarded your ortginal correspondence to the General Archives Mvtston, "ettonal Archives and Records Service, Washington, DC 29409, and requested that agency to review the records of the hattalion that it holds and to forward to you any available information that might be useful. 2. We have no record of the individual military service of Mr, Serard William Leconte. In response to our inquiry, the National Personnel "ocords Center informed us that it was unable to locate any records relating to “r. Leconte's possible service with the JS Army. The response we recetved from that records center is at Inclosure 2. As it indicates, the Records Center nay be able to assist i'r, Leconte if he completes the questionnaire on the reverse side of thet response and returns tt to the address indicate’ therein, 3. 0AM 7332 rottway operating Battalion vas first organtze in the Orrantzed Reserves tn 1923 as the 496th “ngineers. Tr vas orpanize? as a rai hattalion in the Tourth Corps Area and was affiliated with the ‘oufeville and ashville and the Tentral of Seorgia Railroads. Te unft vas redesignated first on 21 February 1941 aa the 733d fnzineer Tattalion, Taileay Mneratine, and then on 1 Mecenher 1942 as the 733d Railway Operating Battalion, Transportation Corps. 2. ‘Car: Pl toon of Compary "BY, placed in serviee.17 tank cars for hardling. des bunkers. Tn addition this Platoon asintained inspection in conjunction with SNOF worknen, Of POL and equinped 5 refrigerator Sruenieablo) handled 1606 ne dining the month with a cross 114 tohs, at average of 672 gross toms per train. This was raing over previous mouth with enaverage tonne increus @ ‘102 HAT trains were hatdled waich showed an inc rease i “of 41 over the previous month. ‘Peak dsy of the month was 12 December 1944. | whon 65 trains with 1413 loads and £34 empties wer e handled. t For the Connanding officer: Papouca ate Naat Ars 01 hase C. T. QOHNSON Gaptain, 7C | fej stert ep a ena " MGADGUIARTERS 7358 RATLNAY OPi é ‘APO 350, 0.8. ARMY. B BATEALION 8 Samiany 1945 ry Villeneuve. st. George, Phase TT territory ling Die railhead operation. ber 19d. Fs eiptatectigntanust toh “oneretinh troncth for. the First tine ‘arriving on the continent when 2 officers and 132 enlisted men of Conan ‘CX returned fro m detached service at Lison with the 70th Ry Opn Bn, 13 December 1944. These mon wore sent to various detachments won arrival. 3. Battalion S wiply completed the losdine, shippive dni distribution of 26 cars of SLOR ecutpnent. (2 hy = Signal Platoon of Co mpary "A" extended communicntion lines from Ghateau Salins to Betestroff, installed comunieations Verdun to Lerouwille, Fehab(liteted lies Nanay to Chateau Salins, constricted lines fron Lerowille to Onvilie and Nanay to Onville during the month. | 5. Track Platoon of compan “AM opened lines fron Renilly to Seille River - | bridge at vets. 34 rails were relaid, 2140 feet. of track surfaced and lired rd 36 erbic fect of P11 replaced. This work was started 5 December ani completed f 12 Dedember 1944. t t 6. Bridge ard Building Platoon and Track Platoon comtructed Bridge wo. 32 } which erdsses Med Fearcaise River on life fron Romilly to Searbrucken. This | bridge 46 a9 span‘sincle beem type with totel length of 122! 10". construction | began 4 December evd bridce wes ready for single track operation 14 Decenber 1944. | Dowble track operation sterted 16 Deconber 1944. To eceomslish the coratruction | of this bridge it was necessary to remove Gersan demolitions including 17 - 110 pound aerial bonbs ard 1300 vounds of THT. Work was slowed further by extremely teliy weather end high water. ‘7. Bridge and Building squad completed construction of 24,000 gallon water tank 'xt Frouard.’ constriction began 30 lovenber ani completed 30 Decenber 194d. -1- QONFIDENTIAL Source: #373 on old O&D Reel # 96 20 Sep 72 RLThompson 733 Railway Onerating Ba, TC asaw eta Constityted gm OR Wm + alittdte 4 Cryer dee rng Kener) ted 5 3supS8a0 47uF bag En Gprteg) gated as 733 Engr Brass Yip due AG 5.20.2.(2-P MAREE) H-C Feb 19! Dec 192 Rede 733 Railway Operating nj16 920.20 25-¥2) OS-L-SP-My1 Dee¥Z Ib Nor 1918, ordered into active mil service at New Orleans, La ledune 19h Departed New York POR and arrived in England, 27 dsnnc Wt Later in Franee and Germany Pee 1945 Departed Frence U7 Deo 19h5 Thactivated at Camp Shanks, N.Y, 20 127, ASE NiPE, beet Campaign Barticip=tion Credit World War TIXE “Worthern France GO EX#X 103, WD, 194 (933 "Rhineland Co 18, WO co 118, " * Decorations None ‘¥ove information obtained for Chas Philips of wash Natl. at Suitland, for request of Louisville, ty fenmer nember of unit RR Operations Bn) isc. Center, 73rd Railway Operating Battalion Page 2 of 3 shop. Performed electric welding. doing maintenance work on Locomotives. Perf these duties in the US and ETO. Date of Entry into Active Service: 29 Sept 43 (Enlisted) Prior Service - 7 April 41 to 21 Jul w/l07th F. A. Bn. 28th Div (Enlisted) Date of Departure U.S.: 16 June 44 Date of Arrival ETO: 29 June 44 Date of Departure TO: 04 Jan Date of Arrival U.S.: 17 Jan 46 Grade: T4 Battles and Campaigns: Go 33 & 40 Wd 45 Rhineland, Central Europe Decorations and Citations: American Campaign Medal, European-A{frican Middle Eastern Theatre Campaign Medal with 2 Bronze Stars, WWII Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Campaign Medal, Honorable Service Lapel Button. Army of Occupation Medal All items on this page are Copyrighted with all rights owned by: Rod: Used on this web site with permission. iger Gergacs EMAIL | [723rd ROB| Home Page| sae Last Update: June 7, 2001, 10/30/2001 73rd Railway Operating Battalion Page 1 of 3 free lit player Psp) & featuring audio, photos and lyrics, OOS | E-mail this page toa friend Tell me when this page is updated 733rd Railway Operating Battalion Unit was formed on 23 November 1943 733rd ROB was sponsored by the Central of Georgia Railway Company Name: John "Corky" Gergacs Sr. NOTE is a tribute to a father by his son. If you have knowledge of any activites that e email and it will be forwarded to Mr. C c's son. "Corky" did during the war, plea Title -Deseription: Welder Combination 256 - Supervised the duties of 4 men in welding 10/30/2001