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The Adjutant: Generel Washington December 11, 1942, Historical Section, ray War College. constituted as an ‘rod Reserve unit and allotted to Service Comand by Tate Bigs ash Bente Pareey 3800) Reknoe Rthey Sltt ge redecmtet 3 sea Pobruary, 1 away fon redesigaat (Railway. Operating) by .2 Engineers deted June 20, 1933. th Sagine-r Pattalion.vas redesignated the [sith Incineer_ caren f¥om the Sixth Service Comend and allotted to the ee Command per AG 320.2 (2-b-b1) K (Reb) K-C, dated Fovruary al, 19M. 2. It 1s desired that any additional historical data be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster General at the earliest practicable date, and e copy of action taken be furnished this office. By order of the Secretary of War: Adjutant General. Copy furnished: . ‘The Quartermaster General . uaa i