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Lauren Grumka

Professor Suk
Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01
Spring 2016
Rational Statement for Standard Seven
Standard Seven: Planning for Instruction:
The teacher plans instruction that supports every student in meeting rigorous learning goals by
drawing upon knowledge of content areas, curriculum, cross-disciplinary skills, and pedagogy,
as well as knowledge of learners and the community context.
Artifact: Lesson Plan for Novice Spanish Class: Verbs like Gustar
Date of Completion: March 24, 2016
Course Completed in: Education Field Experience EDUC 230-01
Rationale Statement:
The attached artifact is a lesson plan for a high Novice level Spanish class in accordance
with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards 7.1.NH.B.4, Ask and respond to questions,
make requests, and express preferences in various social situations (NJCCCS, 2014, p8). The
plan seeks to lay out the process of teaching students a different verbal format and its required
pronouns. Using their prior knowledge of present tense verb conjugation, the students will be
taught a grammar pattern that deviates from the standard verbal one, one that is not often used in
English. Based upon Standard Seven Performance IV, The teacher plans for instruction based
on formative and summative assessment data, prior learner knowledge, and learner interest the
lesson plan will include formative assessment in the form of speaking drills using the verbs in a
question and answer session between themselves and their peers, as well as a summative
assessment in the form of a written quiz that covers verb meaning, the current material, and a
necessity of prior verb conjugation rules (NJPST, 2014, p9).
With regards to learner interest the students will be completing or will have already
completed an ice breaker activity regarding a wide range of personal interests that we will then

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use to create answers for the questions at hand. One instance may be asking what type of food
they like and they will reference back to their worksheet to answer that question and to form
their answer in Spanish. The lesson plan is comprehensive and should allocate enough personal
interest from the student to engage them in a difficult grammar point. It affords them visual
learning from my writing on the board, auditory learning by hearing myself and then other
classmates, and oral practice by being active participants in asking and answering the questions.
In completing this lesson plan I came up with a more concrete idea of what the actual job
of teaching will be like. This will become so vital a part of my routine that it was good to get
realistic practice with it long before it will affect my job security. I have always functioned as a
private tutor, assisting more than forming formal plans for my students education, so this was a
new and important step in my transition to becoming a teacher. I had to really think about how
to build their knowledge not just reinforce it.
As no matter what level I am teaching this verb grammar structure will come up as new
or necessary review I will be able to pull this up and use it at any point in my teaching career.
Even if the standards change this is an integral part of the Spanish language and will never not be
an important aspect to teach.

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