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Genesis 1

God created heaven and earth

He created light

He created water

He made dryland appear

He made the greater light rule the day and the lesser light rule the night

He created plants

He created living creatures

God created man in his own image

Genesis two

After seven days the creation was finished

The seventh day was Sunday when God rested from his creations and hard work. This became
the Lords Day

Created man and gave him breath and soul

Created a woman from the rib of Adam

Named her Eve

Both were naked and not embarrassed

Genesis 3

Told both of them that they could eat anything of the garden, except the tree of evil

Both were convinced by serpent to eat fruit of the evil tree, and then they realized that they were
naked and embarrassed

God was mad, so he made Eve bring forth children

Sent both of them away from Eden

Genesis 4

Eve had a child with Adam: Cain

Another son: Abel

Abel = keeper of sheep

Cain =farmer

Cain kills Abel because he is jealous because God likes Abel's sacrifice of his sheep more than
Cain's sacrifice of harvest

God punishes him so that Cain can't have good soil and will wander the earth

Cain doesn't like his punishment, so God puts a protection mark on him

Cain found a wife and had a son, Enoch

The family founded the city of Enoch after his son





Lamech had two wives



Lamech's son was Jubal, who was the father of people who lived in tents

Lamech's other son was Zillah, the father of musicians who plays the harp and organ

Zillah had Tubalcain, instructor of making brass or iron artifacts

Zillah also had a daughter, Naamah

Adam and Eve had a another child, Seth

Seth had a child named Enos

Genesis 6

Men began to populate the earth

God wanted to destroy earth because there was evil and violence

But one man, Noah, was a good man

Noah had three sons (Shem, Ham, Japeth)

God told Noah to build a giant ark in order to save the living things

The ark would be very big, and it would have a male and female of each species, plus Noah's
family (wife and three sons)

Genesis 7

God told Noah that he would flood the earth

He would make it rain for forty days and forty nights

God wanted to destroy everything living thing on the face of the earth, except for the animals and
humans on the ark

Noah was 600 years old when he finished the ark and the rain began

Everything on dryland died

God made the rain go on for 150 days!

Genesis 8

God remembered that Noah was in the ark, so he made the rain stop

On the seventeenth day of the seventh month, the ark sat on the mountains of Ararat.

After ten months, the mountains could be seen

After forty days on the mountains, Noah opened a window of the ark

Sent out a dove to see if the water was gone

The first time: dove came back because the earth was full of water

The second time: dove came back with olive leaf

Third time: dove left, in order to live on the earth

Noah opened ark 601 years , 1 month, and 1 day after God told him he would Make It Rain

The earth was totally dry after 601 years, 2 months, and 27 days

God told Noah to leave the ark, and Noah left the ark with his family and every living thing on

God realized that he wouldn't hurt mankind anymore, because man always had the capability to
be evil

Genesis 9

Told Noah's sons to create mankind again and multiply

God told man to be the dominant being of earth

God said that everything shall provide food for man (animals and plants)

His sons saw their father naked and drunk

One of the sons, Caanan, became his father's servant

Genesis 11:1-9

The world only spoke one language

Men built the first city in the land of Shinar

But God made it so that they all spoke dierent languages and scattered the men across the

The first city was the city of Babel

The Tower of Babel was too high, made God feel inferior

Genesis 18:16-33

God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because those cities were sinful, and wanted to
destroy every person in the them

But Abraham (leader/patriarch of Christianity that in,y believed in one almighty God) said to God
"why do you have to destroy everyone? You should destroy only the bad people"

God eventually decided to let the good people live

Genesis 19

Lot sat on the gate of Sodom (lived inside the city of Sodom)

Hospitable :)

Two male messengers (Angels) visited him

The rest of the city surrounded the house that the messengers were staying in and wanted to
have sex with them

Lot oered his two virgin daughters to the mob instead

The mob doesn't like this because Lot is basically a foreigner in Sodom

Mob threatens to rape Lot and his family

Messengers blind the mob so they can't find the door

Messenger told Lot to leave the city along with his family because the messengers were going to
destroy the city

God rains brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed EVERYTHING

Messengers told family to not look back, but Lot's wife did

Became a pillar of salt

Lot entered Zoar

Genesis 21

Abraham and Sarah had a son named Isaac

Sarah was 90 at the time! Abraham was 100!

Hagar the Egyptian also had a son

Isaac was circumcised at eight days old, which was his agreement with God

Abraham threw a party for Isaac's weaning

The Son of Hagar was Ishmael who was laughing

Sarah told Abraham to get rid of Hagar (slave girl) and her son (Ishmael)

Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away to the wilderness

Abraham gave Hagar and Ishmael water for their "trip", but it didn't last long

Hagar becomes worried about their conditions and decides to toss Ishmael. She put him under a
bush, waited for him to die, and cried.

Gods messenger then told Hagar that Ishmael's descendants would make a great nation

Then God gave Hagar a well of water and Ishmael drank some water

Ishmael gets married and lived in the wilderness of Paran

Abraham and Abimelech made a deal or "covenant" on a well

Abraham gave Abimelech seven lambs in order for Abimelech to see that Abraham had dug the

Genesis 22

God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac

God told him to go to Moriah and burn his son

Has two servants, a bunch of wood, and a donkey on the way to Moriah

Abraham and Isaac have a good relationship

Isaac realizes that he will become a sacrifice

Abraham told Isaac that he will be burning a lamb, not him

Abraham arrived at Morsiah and assembled an altar and wood, and binded Isaac

Abraham put Isaac on altar, and grabbed his knife

Then a messenger appeared and told Abraham that he didn't have to kill his son, God only
wanted Abraham to respect him and fear him

Abraham sacrifices a ram instead

Genesis 25:19-34

Isaac married Rebekah

Rebekah was the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padanaram, sister to Laban the Syrian

Isaac prayed for Rebekah to become pregnant

Rebekah became pregnant with twin boys

God said to Rebekah, when she felt the boys fighting in her womb, that one boy would be greater
than the other (elder shall serve younger)

One son was red and hairy: Esau

Brother was Jacob, held his brother's heel

Isaac loved Esau, Rebekah loved Jacob

Esau asked Jacob to feed him because he was starving

Jacob said he would feed him if Esau gave him his birthright

Esau agreed

Genesis 29

Jacob went on a journey

Saw a well where sheep were watered, but a stone rolled in front of it to close it

Jacob loved Laban's daughter, Rachel

Impressed Rachel by moving the rock

Laban owned all of the sheep

Jacob told Rachel that he was her father's brother (uncle?)

Jacob kissed Rachel

Rachel told her father that Jacob was here

Laban had two daughters

Leah was the older one

Rachel was the younger one

Jacob said he would serve Laban seven years in order to marry Rachel

Laban had a feast to celebrate the marriage of Jacob and Rachel

That night, Laban tricked Jacob into having sex with Leah, who Jacob though was Rachel

Laban said that he wanted Leah to marry before Rachel

But Jacob wanted Rachel, so Laban said in order to have Rachel, Jacob must serve another
seven years

Jacob did this, and then he had both Rachel and Leah

Leah, because Jacob didn't love her, was more fertile than Rachel

Leah had four sons

Rachel told Jacob to make her handmaid pregnant, and give the son to her

Rachel's handmaid gave Jacob another son

Leah gave her maid to Jacob too, and the maid had two more sons

Leah then has another son

Still Rachel had none! (Of hers)

Then Leah had ANOTHER son (her sixth! Naturally without her maid!)

Then Leah had a daughter

Finally, God made Rachel fertile because he felt bad for her

Rachel had a son named Joseph

Then Jacob asked Laban to pay him with speckled goats

The. God told Jacob to return to his country

Jacob left with the family

He reached out to his brother, Esau, in order to be friendly

Esau said he ups meet Jacob with 400 men

Jacob thinks Esau is going to kill him, but he doesn't

Jacob's sheep reproduce really fast and bring him joy

Jacob changed his name to Israel

Genesis 37

Jacob's son, Joseph, was his favorite

Jacob made Joseph a beautiful coat

Joseph's brothers were really jealous

Then Joseph tells all his brothers about a dream of his

Then the brothers plan to kill him

The brothers decide not to kill joseph, but sell him to the Israelites for 20 pieces of silver

The cover his coat in blood and pretend that he is dead

Their father, Jacob, mourns

Exodus 1

Jacob (Israel) had lots of kids, and his children reproduced (the Israelites!)

Joesph died, alongside the rest of his family and generation

There was a new king in Egypt, who didn't know about Joseph

New king of Egypt didn't want the Israelites to have a war with the Egyptians

Pharaoh decided to make the Israelites do labor for the Egyptians

In spite of this, Israelites kept reproducing

Two Hebrew midwives (Puah & Shiprah) were told by the new king to kill all male Israelite babies

Midwives didn't kill the babies and are rewarded by God

New king (Pharaoh) gets mad and orders ALL Egyptians to kill the male Israelite babies

Daughters (Israelites) were allowed to live

Exodus 2

A Hebrew woman that was married to Levi (an Israelite) had a baby boy

She was worried that the Egyptians would kill him, so she hides him for three months. Then she
puts him in a basket, and then put him in the reeds of the Nike river

Hebrew woman asked her sister, Miriam to watch her baby

The Pharoah's daughter (son of the new Egyptian king) was taking a bath in the Nile

Pharaoh's daughter liked the baby and wanted to keep him

Miriam recommended her sister to breastfeed him

After he was done breastfeeding, Pharoah's daughter took him as her son

Named the boy Moses

Means "taken from the water"; Egyptian


Moses knew he was Hebrew/Israelite

Exodus 3

while guarding his father in law's (Jethro, priest of Midian) sheep, Moses led the sheep to the
mountain of God

Angel of God appeared, in the form of a bush on fire that doesn't burn

God says that he's going to help the Israelites (who are in the hands of the Egyptians) to a good

God told Moses that he has to lead them

Moses wonders why he is chosen

God tells him that after he leads the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses will serve God on the mountain

God also says that he will help Moses

Tells Moses that the new land will be full of milk and honey and riches

Tells Moses that he is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Told Moses that he would make the king of Egypt let him go, by spoiling him

Exodus 7

God gave Moses God-like powers

Go hardened Pharoah's heart

Aaron turn d his sta into a snake in front oh the pharaoh

Pharaoh told his men to turn their stas into snakes too

Aaron's snake ate the rest of the snakes

Moses and Aaron turn the Nile into a river of blood

The fish die and the Egyptians can't drink the water

The magicians of Egypt did the same thing, saying that gods power wasn't wonderful

Exodus 8

God told Moses and Aaron to make frogs appear everywhere in Egypt

Magicians in egypt repeated the frog trick, making it worse

Pharaoh told Moses and Aaron to remove the frogs by the next morning. Moses and Aaron so so
by praying

Pharaoh doesn't listen to God and doesn't release the Israelites (he broke the deal!)

God, Aaron, and Moses make tons of gnats go on everyone, including the animals in Egypt

The magicians in Egypt can't make gnats appear. They tell pharaoh that they can't do what God
has done

God orders Moses to go to the pharaoh to ask for the release of the Israelites. He is ignored (God
washes in river)

God made flies appear everywhere in Egypt

God doesn't let Israelites get surrounded by flies, only Egyptians

Moses leads Israelites into the wilderness to pray

God lifted fly plague upon Moses's request

Pharaoh STILL doesn't release Israelites

Exodus 9

Israelites lived in Goshen

God makes all the livestock of the Egyptians die

Pharaoh doesn't release Israelites

Moses throws kiln soot at the pharaoh's face . Boils appear on the bodies of the Egyptians

Pharaoh is still stubborn and doesn't release the Israelites

God pours hail, thunder, and fire on the Egyptians

The Israelites are spared from all the plagues

Pharaoh first agreed to let the Israelites go if God stopped the hail, thunder, and fire. Then she it
stopped, he decided to not release the Israelites (again)

Exodus 10

Moses threatens to release locusts on Egypt if the pharaoh doesn't let the Israelites go

Advisors tell pharaoh to agree

Pharaoh then asks how many Israelites does Moses want to take

Moses says he wants them all

Pharaoh then says that is not possible

Moses releases locusts on EVERYTHING in Egypt

Pharaoh says he will release the Israelites if Moses and God take away the locusts

God and Moses take away the locusts, but then the pharaoh doesn't RELEASE THE ISRAELITES

Then God makes all of Egypt go dark

Pharaoh then tells the Israelites to leave, but wants them to not take their livestock with them

But Moses doesn't agree to this

Pharaoh gets angry and then threatens to kill Moses

Exodus 11

God tells Moses that the Israelites should all ask their neighbors (Egyptians) for silver and gold

Then Moses informs the pharaoh that every Egyptian firstborn (royalty, slaves, animals) will die at

Pharaoh doesn't let the Israelites leave! Even after this threat!

Exodus 12

God tells the Israelites that if they kill a lamb and eat it, and then put the blood of the lamb on
their front door, God won't kill the firstborn in the house

God killed all the firstborns

Egyptians then kick the Israelites out of Egypt

The Israelites leave Egypt with bread that isn't baked, and with a lot of gold and silver from the

God had made the Egyptians give the gold and silver to the Israelites

600,00 men and a lot of women and children left Egypt after 430 years of being held captive there

Moses led them

The men who stay with the traveling Israelites must be circumcised if he follows the lord

Exodus 13:17-20

God led the Israelites through the wilderness of the Red Sea

Moses took Joseph's bones with him

Exodus 14

God says to Moses that he should make the Israelites look like they have nowhere to go

God also says to Moses that he will make the pharaoh regret letting the Israelites go

So the pharaoh and all of the Egyptians followed the Israelites (over 600 chariots)

The Israelites see the Egyptians and are scared

Moses says that he believes that God will help them

God then tells Moses to stretch his hand over the Red Sea and divide it

Moses keeps the Egyptians at bay and leads the Israelites through the Red Sea on dry land

The Egyptians attempt to chase the Israelites through the passage way, but then God makes the
waters of the Red Sea close on them

The Egyptians drown in the Red Sea and their bodies are found on the shore

Judges 16

Gaza is a philistine city that hates Samson

Samson is very strong.

Samson goes to Gaza and falls in love with Delilah

The Philistines say to Delilah that they will give her money if she finds out how Samson is so

Delilah decides to betray Samson and ask how he has his strength. She asks how to make him
lose his strength

Samson tries to trick Delilah and doesn't give her the answer three dierent times

Bind him with seven green withs

Bind him with new ropes that were never occupied

Weave the seven locks of his head with a web

But Samson had never lost his strength. He lied to Delilah

Finally, Samson says that if you shave o his hair, he will lose his strength

Samson falls asleep on Delilah's lap and Delilah's servant shaved his head

Samson lost his strength and the Philistines took his eyes

Then the Philistines held Samson hostage and made him be their entertainment

At a party, Samson asked God for a little bit of strength too kill himself and the people around him

God answered his wish. God made the house fall down on the party

His family then took his corpse and buried him

1 Samuel 17

Philistine wants to battle Israel

Goliath the Philistine Giant says that whoever beats him in battle, would make the Philistines
become the servants of Israel. But if Goliath won, then the Israelites would become the servants
of Philistine.

Israel was very afraid of him

Goliath repeated his challenge of battle for forty days

David wants to accept the challenge, but his brothers and Saul say that he shouldn't

David says that he could because he killed a lion and a bear before

Saul oers his armor

David declines

When David faces Goliath without armor, (David has a sling!) Goliath is humored

They talk about what they will so to each other

Then David throws a rock at Goliath's head, which kills him

David cuts o Goliath's head

David brings the head to Sauk, his father and the King

But Saul doesn't recognize David, and asks him whose son he is

David responds by saying that he is the son of Jesse, the Bethlehemite servant

1 Kings 3

Solomon marries the Pharaoh's wife and now has an alliance with him

God makes Solomon very smart and understanding, and also makes him a rich king because
God had made Solomon unrecognizable in his own home

This was in a dream

Later, (solomon is very smart now) Solomon goes to Jerusalem and makes a feast for his servants
in god's honor

Two harlots talk to Solomon about how they both had newborn babies, until one harlot smothered
hers. The harlot switched her baby for the other harlot's live baby, and said that the live baby was

The other harlot says this is a lie

Solomon says to just cut the living baby in half

One harlot says "sure"

The other says "please don't kill the baby! Just give the live baby to the other harlot)

Solomon decides that the harlot against the killing should become then,other of the baby

Everyone in Israel is proud of Solomon's decision, and they fear him

Job 1

A man named Job lived in Uz. He was a good man that obeyed God and had seven sons and
three daughters

Also has 7,000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 Oxen, 500 donkeys

God tells Satan that Job is perfect

Satan doesn't agree. He says that Job is perfect because his life is perfect

So God let Satan destroy jobs life

Satan kills Job's family, animals, and home (except for his wife and some servants)

Job proves to be perfect when he shaves o his hair and prays, remaining loyal to God

Job 2

God AGAIN talks about how great Job is

Satan asks to hurt Job physically, in order to see if he will curse God

God agrees to Satan's wishes

Satan gives Job boils all over his body

Job's wife tells Job to curse God and die

Job's friends mourn with him for seven days/nights

Jonah 1

God told Jonah (son of Amittai) to go to Nineveh (great city) and tell the citizens that they are
being evil

Jonah disobeyed God and took a boat to Tarshish (city) instead

God made the boat encounter a huge storm

The sailors drew lots to see who God was trying to punish

The lot fell to Jonah

Jonah told the sailors that the reason God was punishing him was because he had fled him

Jonah was a Hebrew

Jonah suggested that they throw him overboard

But first the sailors tried to row to land

Then they threw him overboard

The storm stopped

Jonah was in a big fish for three nights and three days

Jonah 2

Jonah prays to God to save him from inside the fish

God tells fish to vomit out Jonah

Passage Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph and Mary are engaged

Joseph finds out Mary is pregnant

But with the Holy Spirit!

So Joseph want to break o the engagement

But an angel tells Joseph to remain engaged because Mary's son will be Jesus

Jesus will save people from their sins

Joseph agrees, and doesn't have sex with Mary until after Jesus is born

Mary is a virgin apparently

Matthew 2

The wise men see in the stars that a social baby was born

They ask Herod (king) where baby is

Herod says to find the baby

But Herod wants to kill Jesus!

The wise men report that a proponent said that the baby was to be born in Bethlehem (land
of Judah)

the wise men follow the east star and find Jesus, then they give him treasures

An Angel tell Joseph that he has to flee to Egypt with his son and wife. Herod wants to kill Jesus

Then the Herod finds out that the wise men tricked him, and didn't tell him where the baby was

The wise men did not go back to hear it after visiting Jesus

Herod killed all the children under two years old in Bethlehem

Herod dies

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus leave Egypt and settle k. Galilee

Matthew 4

Jesus fasted for forty days in the wilderness

Satan tries to tempt Jesus


Tells him to fall o mountain?

Jesus says no, that he believes in God

Angels ministered Jesus

Matthew 5

Jesus begins to preach:

These are the blessed people-

Poor in spirit (rule heaven)

Mourners (comfort)

Meek (own the earth)

People who want to do right (go to righteous heaven)

Merciful (get mercy)

Pure-hearted (see God)

Peacemakers (children of God)

People who are persecuted while doing god's work (own heaven)

People who are persecuted well doing Jesus's work (lots of rewards in heaven)

Jesus wants to fulfill the law

Having a temper or killing anyone is VERY bad

Committing adultery (or even lusting after someone) is VERY bad

Divorce is bad too

Don't swear at all (especially at God)

Don't be violent, be kind.

Love your enemies

Matthew 6

Jesus says...

Don't be a hypocrite when praying (pray in public for a good reputation, but don't pray by

Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing

Don't promote your WONDERFUL religious practice

Don't make a big spectacle of your fasting

Says that materialistic things aren't worth much

Man cannot serve two masters

Don't worry too much

Matthew 7

Jesus says to not judge others unless you want to undergo judgement yourself

Don't give the good things to the bad people

Jesus says to ask the lord for what you need. He will answer

Treat others as you wish to be treated

If you don't obey God, you won't go to heaven

His disciples are awed

Matthew 10

The 12 disciples of Jesus-



James (son of Zebedee)


Phillip (Bartholomew)


Matthew (publican)

James (son of Alphaeus)


Simon (Canaanite)

Judas Iscsriot

They should-

Not go out of Israel

Don't take payment

Wish peace on houses that they stay in

jesus says that the twelve disciples will be persecuted on their holy mission

Sending sheep to the wolves

There will a lot violence about Jesus/the twelve

But whoever listens to the disciples listens to Jesus/God, and God is good

Matthew 14:1-12

Matthew 14

King Herod, when he heard of Jesus, thought that John the Baptist had risen from the dead

Here's the story of John's death-

Herod wanted to marry his brother's (phillip's) wife (herodias)

But John said that Herod shouldn't

So Herod putnjohn in prison

Then Herodias's daughter danced for Herod, and Herod was entertained. In payment, he
oered Herodias's daughter anything she wanted

Herodias's daughter was instructed by her mother to ask for John's head

Herod didn't want to, but he had made a promise. He he beheaded John and gave it to her

The 12 disciples took his body and told Jesus about what had happened

Matthew 14:13-36

When Jesus heard the news, he went into the desert to be in seclusion

His followers followed him

Jesus healed the sick

At evening, his disciples said that the followers must leave

But Jesus said that the followers needed to eat dinner

He made an entire meal for 5,000 men +children/women out of five loaves and two fish

Then he sent them away and went up a mountain to pray by himself

The he went to walk on the raging waters

His disciples thought he was a spirit,vans they became afraid

But Jesus assured them that it was just him

So Peter said "prove it". Let me walk on water

So Peter walked on water to Jesus

Then he began to sink and Jesus saved him

The disciples worshipped Jesus some more and called him the Son of God. Then they visited
Gennesaret to pared knowledge of Jesus

Jesus healed the sick in Gennesaret

Matthew 26

2 days before Passover, jesus says (to his disciples) that he will be crucified and betrayed

The priests and elders don't like Jesus and want to arrest him

A woman pours ointment on Jesus, to prepare him for burial

The disciples wanted to give the ointment to the poor, but Jesus pointed out that he will soon die
(be crucified)

The priests and elder pay Judas (one of the disciples) 30 silver pieces in order to betray Jesus

At Passover, Jesus says that one of the disciples will betray him

Sounds like Jesus is all-knowing

Each disciple asks Jesus if he will betray him

Trying to act innocent much?

Jesus announces that the bread is his body and the wine is his blood. He tells the disciples to eat
the bread and drink the wine

All the disciples go to the Mount of Olives, where Jesus then takes Peter, James, and John to the
Garden if Gethsemane to watch him pray

However, the three disciples fall asleep. Jesus is mad.

They do this THREE times in total

Then Judas kisses Jesus, and Jesus goes to court

One of his disciples "smotes" the ear of an enemy servant. Jesus doesn't like that

But nobody at court can be a witness to help with his arrest

Until two people say that Jesus claimed to be able to destroy and rebuild a temple by himself

He is convicted of lying about being the Son of God

This is an opinion of the high priest, Caiaphas

Peter denies being Jesus's friend

Matthew 27

The chief priests and elders decide to kill Jesus (morning after trial took place)

Judas saw that he had betrayed an innocent man, so he went to the temple of the chief priests
and elders and threw his thirty silver pieces everywhere

Judas is angry at himself, so he hangs himsel

The priests and elders decide that they can't take the thirty silver pieces, because it paid the
price of a life, so they buy a plot of land for burials of strangers

The land is called the field of blood

Jesus was given to the governor (Pilate) who asks if he was the son of God and king of the Jews

Jesus says "thou sayest" (if you say so)

Pilates says he will let one prisoner go (Jesus is one of the two), and the crowd votes to let the
other criminal go

The crowd wants to crucify Jesus (nail him to the cross!)

The soldiers make fun of him, take his clothes, spit on him, and put a thorn crown on him. They
say that since he is so powerful, he should be able to save himself

Jesus has two prisoners next to him

Then darkness overcame the land for three hours. During this time, Jesus yells "my god, oh god,
why have you forsaken me?"

Then Jesus dies on the cross

After his death, there are earthquakes, split rocks, and destroyed temples

Pilate let one of his disciples (Joseph from Arimathea) take Jesus's body o the cross and put it
in a tomb

The priests and elders declare that the tomb must be secure (with a boulder) and guarded, so
that his disciples won't steal his body and say that he has reassurected

Matthew 28

Two Mary's wanted to see the sepulcher

Lord sent an angel to move the stone that sealed Jesus's tomb. Then the angel sat on the stone

The keepers of the tomb died in the angel's presence

They died out of fear

The angel said to the women that Jesus had been crucified, but he had risen from the dead. He
invited them to see him in his tomb

Then he told them to tell Jesus's disciples that he was alive

Jesus met his disciples again, and they worshipped him

Then Jesus says to tell the rest of the disciples in Galilee

The priests and elders aren't happy with this

The guards told them the news

So then the priests and elders tell the guards to say that the disciples stole his body

Jesus says that the disciples should gain more followers in other nations

He also says that he will always be with them, no matter what