Test Lest we forget and are beaten to Chance; For in a flash of a second our Destinies will be determined by the

Great Attorney. Sun s glow in the cold; don t tell me I never told you! For when the earth is besieged by Aliens and chaos exchanges dignitaries With tranquility, Each one of us will be fighting for A place in Heaven. When the rays of daylight refuse To glitter and the moon at night doesn t Appear, the world will be a haven of Unbearable Paradise. Look, you who lisp! And pay attention You whose ears are itchy; Don t let this pass you by! Fight for The redemption of your soul with all Diligence! For at the end you ll be rewarded by Your Creator.

Don t be deceived-there s no time left; What you must do, do quickly! As the world spins on an axis and there s Night and day, so the hour of Great sorrow draws near! You, who are in the rear, listen and take heed! You ll account for every deed, therefore Watch your steps! I shield my sword with much fear, for though My sword has saved me thus far, it may not Save me then. What lies ahead we know not; therefore I Beseech you to watch and pray!

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