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SC line

Multipurpose hydraulic crawler

crane for heavy duty operations

Base turret equipped with Tier3 or Tier4
Diesel engine
H-Cab with on-board DMS
Vibrator, casing oscillator, rotary, grab,
hydromill, clamshell, pile driving, dynamic
compaction conversion kits.

RT3/SA line
Hydraulic or mechanical crane attachment rigs

Crowd system with hydraulic cylinder
Telescopic Kelly bar friction or locking type.

BH/GH and GC line

Hydraulic and mechanical grabs
for diaphragm wall

Large range of grab body, jaws and teeth
Both BH and GH grabs can be equipped
with Rotograb revolving system (360) or
kelly revolving system (+/- 180)

Tiger and Cougar line

A complete hydromill range designed to offer you
the best excavating solution.

Independent mobile flaps, 6 upper (3
position) and 6 lower (2 position)
Wide range of cutting drums for the
various soil types
Module rotation system (+/- 90)
Fixed, simultaneous or independent tilting
Double or triple axis inclinometer