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Creating A Student Centered Classroom.

Student centered classroom means putting the students at the
centre of the learning process by use some ways of teaching that
focus the instruction on the students instead of the teacher. The
goal is to develop the student environment and let the student
feel independence and responsibility. Successful student center
classroom is who put the students interests first and let the
students choose what they learn, and how they will learn to
understand in a better way.
From what I have observed in my practicum days i understand
what student centered classroom mean. For example, students
collaborating to create their own classroom rules, choose the
activities or games they want to play, also the teacher gave them
the chance to choose the partner that they will play with, choose
how many mints do they need to finish the activity, helping each
other to understand and the teacher did her best to create a good
student centered classroom to make the students love learning
more in contrast the traditional learning that make them feel

Students choose to watch a video.

Take attendance by themselves.

In my opinion, I think it's very important to create student
centered classroom these days for many reasons for example,
this generation have more knowledge and ideas so we have to
give them the chance to think how they want to learn and share
their ideas with us and we as a teacher's have to develop their
ideas and help them, it's also important to make them feel that
they are part of the class not only the teacher so it will be so good
to let the students put their marks in classroom like what MST did
in her classroom and I think that's what make the students like
her. If I were the teacher I will add some methods to make it
really student centered learning like let one of the students teach
a part of the lesson.

Encouraging positive student behavior.

Encouraging positive behavior in classroom is an important thing
to increase learning. A successful teacher use different strategies
that help to encourage the students to behave well, so the
teacher avoid having to deal with misbehavior. The most
effective things that the teacher can do to make the students
behave well and to achieve their silence is using the silence
command such as ' i want everyone looking at me and listing
please', expect the best from the students and tell them what you
expect for on them and if they don't do what you want don't be
anger just surprise, pass the responsibility for the student and
give them the choice, use the non-verbal messages it's a powerful
tool to get the silence, keep the voice calm and relaxed to control
the class, praise and encourage, laugh a lot. If a child none of
these strategies good with him and he always misbehave the
teacher have to follow the problem solving process to measure

the student behavior and determine why, when and where the
student use this behaviors.
In my practicum school I saw a really good example for
encouraging a positive behavior in the classroom what I saw is, in
the morning the teacher stand up in front of her class door and
greet the students with smile and hugs that was so adorable! She
do that to make the classroom warm and comfortable for them.
Also she have a reward system to motivate the students to
behave well.

The reward system.

In my opinion, I think what the teacher did is so good because she
did her best by using many strategies to encourage positive
behavior and make the classroom full of love, warm and
comfortable it's was like their second home that's why the
students didn't misbehave and they love learning also keep
focusing and listing to the teacher. It seems to me that
encourage positive behavior is the most important part of
learning process. If I were the teacher I would like to do what my
MST do and more things such as, encourage positive behavior
with social stories, be responsible for satisfying student needs,
and influence my students in many ways.

Learning styles
Learning styles is a group common ways that people learn from.
According to Gardners MI theory the intelligences are: Visual
(spatial) prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.
Musical (aural) prefer using sound and music to learn. Verbal
(linguistic) prefer using words, both in speech and writing.
Physical (kinesthetic) prefer using your body, hands and sense of
touch. Logical (mathematical) prefer using logic, reasoning and
systems. Social (interpersonal) prefer to learn in groups or with
other people, and solitary (intrapersonal) prefer to work alone and
use self-study. The teacher should know his students learning
styles for few good reasons like if the teacher know his students
learning styles he will be far better equipped to teach them and
better prepared to choose schooling curriculum. In addition,
Gardner claims that each person have a different intellectual
composition and we can improve education by addressing the
multiple intelligences of the students.
From what I have observed in the last week in my practicum
school I realized that the teachers care a lot about diversity in
activities in order to make education enjoyable and enthuses
instead of traditional boring education. I spend few hours in the
school but i discovered a lot of things, I focused especially on the
learning styles and how the teacher use more than one learning
style. In math class the teacher always use combination learning
styles like using social learning style because they prefer it and
they learn more when they work together, She provide for them
musical learning style by playing numbers song, visual learning
style by create different activities with pictures, verbal and logical
learning style by giving them worksheets to solve. In the writing
and reading class the teacher use physical learning style so she
give the students a clay and do simple movements by their hands
and that's help them to strengthen the hand muscles to get ready
for writing, also she use visual style by showing them pictures on

the smart board. In the music class which is the beloved for the
children the teacher always use musical style of course and
physical learning style. I took pictures of some different fun
activities with different learning styles.

Musical and Physical Learning styles.


Visual learning

Physical learning style.

In my experience I think students in this stage are more likely to
try different and new things so they dont like traditional teaching
they really need a teacher who understand their needs and can
provide for them different learning styles so they enjoy their
learning and never feel bored. I liked the idea of how the
teachers in Ajman academy school keep using many different
learning styles in the classes in order to transfer the knowledge to
the students in a fun and good way and they try to not use only
one learning style to not let the students feel bored. Now I'm a
teacher in process but If I was a real teacher I will care more
about how each student like to learn and use the learning style
that the students like, I will always discuss with them and take
their opinion so they can choose the way that they like to learn to
make them feel that they're really part of my class.

Lesson planning
A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the lesson,
lesson plan is the place where every teacher put his goals like
what the students suppose to learn and how. It is the way to
organize what students need to learn and guide class learning. To
create a perfect lesson plan first you need to recognize the
learning objectives for the class, then you can design useful and
creative learning activities and create strategies to get feedback
on student learning. A successful lesson plan must include what
is the topic of the lesson, what you want the student learn, what
you want them to do, what kind of activities you will provide for
them to promote their understanding and how you will check for
In my practicum days i always ask my MST to take a look at her
lesson plan before the class start to learn more how to write a
successful lesson plan and to know what the students will do in
the class, My MST always write in her lesson plans what the
student will learn and which activities they will do she also write
the time for each part of the lesson to make the students
responsible of the time. I discussed with her of how important to
write a lesson plan and how it help the teacher to organize the
ideas so she know what to do in the class particularly.


I feel like it's impossible to start a lesson without planning and

write a lesson plan to put the goals.
These days I get used to write lesson plans easily and thanks to
DR. Mindy and My MST. If I were a teacher I will prepare my lesson
plan with writing my educational goals, expectorations, objectives
and standards according to the level and needs of my students, I
will do my best to make it interesting and useful at the same time.

Managing classroom routines and transitions

Routines and transitions are the backbone of the classroom life.
Routines known as classroom procedures that save time if you
know how to manage them from first week and make it easier for
you as a teacher and it's better to tell them what you expect from
them so they will get used to it. Establishing rules for transitions
is an important aspect of classroom management it's an integral
part of the classroom procedures. For teaching the students the
classroom routines and transitions in a perfect way the teacher
must provide a rationale, explain the expected behavior, model
and practice.
I've observed in my practicum school many ways of successful
classroom transition, so what the teacher do is let the students
know before the transition time two minutes ahead to allow the
students get ready and finish what they're doing then she ring a
small bill which is not too loud or soft. On the other hand, the
students feel comfortable with their routine and they do a lot of
things without teacher instructions. The teacher improved the
classroom management with effective routine, she teach them
many routines such as what to do when they finish work early,
tidy up routine, having snack routine, etc

Ringing the bell.

Lining up.

I think that the teacher did a good job in establishing transition
rules and classroom routine because the students were
comfortable and do the transitions smoothly and quickly and the
teacher didn't repeat the instructions, the students know what to
do when and where.
I as a teacher what I will do to implement classroom routines and
transitions is teaching these stuff for my students at the
beginning of the year to help them get accustomed to them and I
will post around the classroom a colorful posters that illustrate the
rules that help me to manage the classroom.
Performing the roles and duties of a teacher
Every person has multiple duties and roles to play in life and
every role entails different set of functions and responsibilities,
there is various roles and duties that will be highlighted in this
article. Teacher duties means things the teacher have to do such

as, teach the content knowledge, evaluate and assess students,

be the information provider, plan for the lessons, create activities
and worksheets that support students understanding and explain
the lessons in a good way. While the role of the teacher is all
about the teacher personality, moral, attitudes and beliefs, for
example, use different learning styles according to the students
interest because the teacher care about how the student like to
learn its something come from the teacher, another examples, be
creative in creating new activities, keep smiling, motivate
students to engage in the lesson, respect the students and care
about them and be professional.
For example I've observed in the school my MST roles in the
classroom she play like 3 roles which are, the teacher, friend, and
mother. she's a successful teacher she always Create an creative
activities and new things just to make the students love learning,
she care about them and provide them with love and warm hugs
like what the mother do for her child, she play the friend role also!
She share with them random topics and talk about their personal
things she never ignore them always listen to their ideas or

The teacher role in this pictures is that she used her creativity and
create this box to let the students use imagination and write a
story, how intersting that is!
It's seems to me that my MST have balanced between her roles
and duties in successful way, she did all her duties like preparing

for the lesson explain what's worth to learn and she did many
roles to make the students feel comfortable and love her. If I were
the teacher I would do exactly like what my MST did because from
what I saw the students like her class the most and they seem
more interest and feel comfortable which motivate them to
interact and ask questions and share ideas.

My Reflective Statement
In this course (EDU - 1703) I've learned six useful teaching
concepts which are the base of teaching process and they are,
creating a student centered classroom, encouraging positive
student behavior, different learning styles, planning for a lesson,
managing classroom routines and transitions and performing the
roles and duties of the teacher. These concepts focus on how to
create a positive and successful classroom through managing
students behavior by creating rules and use some strategies and
give the students to be a part of the learning process by giving
them the opportunity to choose how they want to learn and
create their own things that support their understanding under
the supervision of the teacher, and I learned how lesson plans are
important to organize the teacher works and ideas, also I learned
about the learning styles in details which are, visual, verbal,
social, logical and more, the teacher may use anyone that is
proportional to the students needs.
In the past when I were studying in school I didn't realized that my
teachers were using these strategies to manage the class I
thought that the teacher do things just like that without any
reason like if we shout the answers the teacher get mad and say
raise your hands even when I was in high school, but now I
believed that these small things and strategies are so important
to manage classroom. This course helped me to teach in good
way in my practicum school so I applied all this strategies in my

I think that it's impossible to teach a lesson in classroom without
knowing these concepts, they really helped in my teaching at the
school so now I can write lesson plans easily, do a good
transitions when the students have to move, in my teaching I use
many learning styles and the students get excited and interact
with me! I hope next course I learn stuff like that to support my
teaching skills.

Here is some pictures of my activities in the school.

Each student wears a fact. Anyone who talks

To him that day must call him like Mr. 10.

By giving helper worksheet they write an adjectives that describe them.