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Miss Morgan Mee

Contents at a Glance:
 Classroom culture

pg. 3-4

 Technology policy

pg. 5-7

 Daily classroom procedures

pg. 8-15

 Homework/assessment procedures

pg. 16-19

 Lab specific procedures

pg. 20

 Disciplinary procedures

pg. 21

 Miscellaneous procedures

pg. 22-23

 1st Day of school notes

pg. 24


Classroom Culture:
In this classroom, we will foster a culture of engagement, empowerment,
responsibility, dependability, acceptance, friendship, & teamwork...
We will take ownership for our learning & our actions…
We will smile, trust, & be kind...
We will conduct ourselves with integrity & tenacity...
We will value each other & create an inclusive environment...
We will have a growth mindset...
We will chase our dreams.


Classroom Culture:


Technology Policy:
 Purposeful use- Our classroom will strive to incorporate media literacy into the
curriculum. Miss Mee believes that this is an important real world skill for students in
the 21st century, however, it will require responsible use. Students will sign a
classroom technology contract during the first week of school.
Technology offenses will be handled according to
district policy.


Technology Policy:
 Cell phones- Students are not permitted to use phones during instructional time,
group/guided practice, or labs.
 Upon arrival, students may plug their phone into the charging station at the student center.
Once phones are plugged in here, they remain at station until the last 2 minutes of class.
 Students may have phones out, but they must be placed upside down on the desk corner.
Quick references for time are permitted but repeated checking of phone will not be tolerated.
 Students may stow phones out of sight.
NOTE: Miss Mee may announce the use of technology for certain topics or assignments. During
these times, students may access the internet or appropriate apps on their phone. The district’s
acceptable technology policy will apply. Students should be responsible.



Technology Policy:
 iPads/laptops: These devices should be stowed away unless a) the student is
taking notes on them, b) technology use has been announced, or c) the student is at
the enrichment station.
NOTE: Miss Mee may announce the use of technology for certain topics or assignments. During
these times, students may access the internet or appropriate apps on their device. The district’s
acceptable technology policy will apply. Students should be responsible.

Headphones- Students are not permitted to have headphones in (or even around
head/ears) during instructional time, group/guided practice, or labs. Headphones
are allowed during independent practice while “quiet work lamps” are on.
 Students may place headphones in, select music, and then turn their phone upside down on
the desk corner. Repeated checking of phone will not be tolerated.
 Music must be at a volume that is not audible to others.


Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Arriving to class- Students will be expected to arrive before the tardy bell.
 Upon arrival, students should go to appropriate seat and get organized.
 Students should get out necessary supplies and then stow their bags underneath tables.
 Turn in any homework and retrieve notebooks. Return to desk, sit, and begin activity.
 Most days, there will be a bell ringer or warm-up activity posted.
 If this is a #journal, students should record answers in journal section of notebook.
 If this is a lab introduction, students should follow directions and prepare accordingly.
 For all other activities, abide by the directions on the board.

Tardy policy- Students should be in class when the tardy bell rings. Once the door is
shut, a tardy pass will need to be obtained according to district policy. Student
should present teacher with tardy pass without disrupting the rest of the class.
Excessive tardies will result in a student-teacher conference.
Students should strive to be on time. School is
practice for the real world!

Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Leaving class- Miss Mee dismisses you, not the bell. Students will not be permitted
to leave until the following conditions are met:
 Desks should be clear of trash and materials. Chairs will be pushed in. The classroom will look
neat for the next class period.
 See lab section for lab-specific procedures.
 Students should be seated and relatively quiet while waiting for bell to ring and Miss Mee to
dismiss them.
 Exit tickets and/or assignments may be turned in as students leave if necessary.
Our class will NOT line up at the door to be dismissed.

“Have a great day & make good choices!”
 Absences- When students return from being absent, they should check hanging file
folder, retrieve work, and complete it according to the Homework and Assessments
section of this plan.


Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Student supplies- Students will be expected to come to class prepared with the supplies
outlined in course syllabus.
 Most days will require their notebooks, a writing utensil, and any assignments given.

 Student center- Miss Mee will provide a student center with shared supplies. You do not
have to ask to use these items, simply walk to student center without disrupting class.
1. Pencils: You may either sharpen your pencil using the sharpener at student center or borrow one. If
sharpening, simply walk to the center and sharpen your pencil when Miss Mee or a fellow student does
not have the floor. To borrow a pencil, you may take one from the jar.
2. Highlighters: You may borrow highlighters from the center at any time.
3. Tape & Stapler: You may use the tape and stapler from the center at any time. Do not use Miss Mee’s.
4. Paper: The student center will provide both printer and ruled paper. You may use these items at any
time. However, students must ask Miss Mee before using any colored or lab paper!
5. Kleenex & hand sanitizer: Located in center. PLEASE use if necessary. Try not to disrupt the class.

Items not covered in this list can either be obtained in project bins (see next page) or by asking Miss Mee.

Students are expected to be respectful of the student center. ALL MATERIALS MUST BE RETURNED PRIOR TO
THE END OF CLASS. If the center is abused, Miss Mee reserves the right to collect collateral for supplies or
simply end the use of the student center.

Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Group project bins- Each group of tables will be assigned a project bin. One student
from each group may collect the project bin once prompted to do so.

Example of student center

Example of group project bin

Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Notebook station- Interactive notebooks will be kept on color coded shelves.
Students should retrieve notebooks when they arrive to class, complete any necessary
activities, and place notebooks back on appropriate shelf when class is over.
 Seating arrangement- Our classroom will change seating arrangements often based
on our needs. However, students are expected to sit with their assigned group or
partner each day. Normal seating arrangement is expected when there is a sub!
 Early finishers- Students who finish their work
early may quietly read at desk or at classroom
library, visit the enrichment station, or remain at
desk doing other homework. Technology may be
used unless Miss Mee says otherwise, however,
academic productivity will be encouraged.


Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Enrichment station- Students who finish early may quietly walk to the enrichment
station. Here, they will have free access to STEAM challenges, unit specific materials,
and other brain engaging activities. Students may enjoy the activities as long as nonpaper materials are neatly returned before leaving class.
 Classroom library- Students who finish early may also walk quietly to the classroom
library and borrow a book or article to read. Materials must stay in class unless
checked out from Miss Mee with a classroom library slip.


Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Checking for understanding- Our classroom will use a variety of techniques to check
for understanding. Some of these may include Kagan structures. Students are
expected to actively participate in instruction and understanding checks.
 Work mode- Miss Mee will specify group vs. independent work with verbal cues. When
students are to work quietly by themselves, one classroom light will be turned off and
the “quiet work lamps” will be turned on.


Daily Classroom Procedures:
 Restroom pass- Students will be allowed to use the restroom
during warm ups or independent practice activities. Passes will
not be issued during instruction, lab, or testing.
 To use the restroom, student should raise hand and ask once called
upon. He/she should avoid causing a major disruption to the class.
 Students must take the appropriate pass and then hang it back up.
 Students will be permitted to go one at a time to the restroom.

 Other hallway passes- Students will be required to take the
appropriate pass for other activities (nurse, office, or errand).
Again, they should not disturb the class when asking.
In general, students are strongly encouraged to take care of
business before the tardy bell rings!


Homework and Assessments:
 Turning in assignments- If assignments are not correctly turned in, your grade may
suffer. There will be a bin for each class as well as an absent and late work bin.
NOTE: Be sure to follow heading policy for all assignments (see next page).

The picture to the left is
simply an example of the
general bin set up. Miss
Mee’s class periods will be
color coded.

Bins will be set up near
the student center for

Homework and Assessments:
 Headings- All assignments and assessments should be turned in with your name,
period, and the date as indicated:
John Doe- 1st per.


 Absent work- You may turn in late assignments according to district policy.
Typically, you will have the same number of days you missed + 1 day to make up
your work. After that, the late work policy will apply.
Extra copies of work can be found in hanging file folder by student center. Work
should be turned in to the absent bin, NOT your regular bin!


Homework and Assessments:
 Late work- You may turn in late assignments according to the following:
1 day late- Grade reduction of 15 points
2 days late- Grade reduction of 30 points
> 2 days late- Grade reduction of 50 points
(Late work procedures are subject to change in order to align with district policy.)

Late work will be turned in
to the appropriate bin with
a late work tag attached
as shown:


Homework and Assessments:
 Test policy- Students will be expected to act with integrity during any and all
exams. Please abide by the following:
 There will be no cheating. Everything, including water bottles, notes, ball caps, etc., will be
stowed out of sight.
 Tests will be turned in to the appropriate box as soon as they are completed.
 The classroom will be absolutely SILENT while exams are out.
 ZERO-TOLERANCE TECHNOLOGY POLICY will be in place while exams are out.
 Students will not be able to leave (unless instructed by the office or nurse) during exams.

 Other assessments/projects- Again, students are expected to act with integrity. All
projects and other assessments (i.e., biweekly research) should be of original
thought. Full papers will be turned in using to check for plagiarism.
Our classroom will NOT tolerate any level of cheating or plagiarism.


Lab Specific Procedures:
 Safety- Students will not touch lab materials until all directions have been read.
 If labs are set up upon arrival to class, stow backpacks and other materials at the front of the
room, pull chairs away from lab tables, and sit while waiting for instruction.
 All technology should be put away unless devices are permitted for the lab.
 Students should wear appropriate attire. This may vary depending on class/lab, but Miss Mee
will provide adequate notice.
 Students who need to retrieve alternate shoes or pants must see Miss Mee for a pass
immediately upon arriving.
 Lab spaces and microscopes must be left clean. Refer to lab directions.
 Students are NOT permitted to enter the lab supply closet.
 Students are NOT permitted to remove lab materials from class unless instructed to do so.


Disciplinary Procedures:
 Discipline- Students are expected to uphold our classroom culture ideals.
 Verbal and/or non-verbal warnings will be issued for minor offenses.
 Students may be asked to privately conference with Miss Mee in class if discipline issues persist
after warning has been issued.
 Advisory, before school, or after school private conferences may be scheduled for students with
consistent discipline issues or complaints.
 Parent contact will be made at this time if Miss Mee sees fit.
 Additional behavior contracts may be put in place to remedy discipline issues.

 If issues absolutely cannot be resolved in class, additional support may be sought via the front
office or Assistant Principals.
 Serious offenses will result in a write-up. Miss Mee will contact parents in the event of a writeup.


Miscellaneous Procedures:
 Emergencies- Our classroom will follow district policy in the event of any
 Students should remain calm and quiet. Miss Mee will announce directions.
 Students should promptly take the appropriate actions.
 In the event of an emergency drill, students should conduct themselves in an
appropriate manner. Drills should be taken seriously.

 Substitutes- Subs for this classroom will have access to

Miss Mee’s sub binder and lesson plans. Students should:
 Sit in their regular assigned seats- the sub will have a
 Be respectful of the sub and accept fluctuations in
the daily routine.
 Assist the sub in locating materials or other
appropriate matters.
 Use appropriate language and be polite.
 Act as if Miss Mee was in the classroom!

Miscellaneous Procedures:
 Food and drink- Students may have food or drinks in class if:
 We are not performing a lab or taking a test. Food/drinks are prohibited on lab days!
 They do not make a mess and/or clean up after themselves.
 They do not disturb others or disrupt instruction. (i.e., no overly loud snacks)
NOTE: Miss Mee is not your maid. All trash should be thrown away or recycled.

 Profanity- Students should use school appropriate language and
strive to uphold our classroom goal of politeness. A verbal warning
(“language”) will be provided. For repeated transgressions, a
conference may follow.
NOTE: Saying “please” and “thank you” is strongly encouraged.
 Classroom visitors- Students may greet visitors kindly, but should
keep their attention focused on Miss Mee or their group. Rude
behavior directed towards visitors will not be tolerated.


1st Day of School:
 Introductions- Miss Mee will introduce herself first. The students will then have the
opportunity to introduce themselves via an icebreaker activity.
 Syllabus- The course syllabus will be handed out and addressed according to
district policy. Students will be expected to sign and return the necessary documents
within 2 days. Syllabi will be kept in class notebooks.
 1st day plan- Activities after introductions and the syllabus will include the following:
 Students will make name tents. These will be kept up with and brought to class each
day. Students should place the tent on their desk as they arrive for the first week.
 Miss Mee will present a simplified version of this Classroom Management Plan.
 Students will practice the procedures during creative activities.

Our focus the first 1-2 weeks of school will be to create a wonderful , safe, and
consistent classroom environment. Students should expect to participate in creative
activities and practice procedures as prompted. Our classroom will have great academic
chemistry as we strive for passionate and meaningful learning!