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Leonora Demirovic

Mrs. Thomas
UWRT 1102
17 Feb. 2016
Theories of Justice Applied to Black Lives Matter
As children we are taught to hold ourselves accountable for our decisions. We are taught
the basic functions of causation and effect, action and consequence. As individuals we are
generally aware of what is right, what is wrong, and what is just. But what happens when you are
punished for an action that you are not responsible for? What happens when you are harassed by
the individuals you were raised to trust the most? I previously believed in our criminal justice
system, until I became informed. Today I consider myself an informed, aware college student,
and I no longer believe that our criminal justice system is as seamless as it seems. Up until
recently I have been blind to the injustice that is plaguing our nation. I had always trusted the
verdicts that our honorable courts arrive at, and I have always trusted that our criminal justice
system will create justice in an unjust world. College is meant to teach us many things, upper
level arithmetic, the ancient history behind civilization and most of all, college is meant to teach
students how to inquire. We have always been taught to be submissive to authority, but now we
are encouraged to question it.
There is an extensive amount of information I have yet to tap into on this topic. It is a
conversation I would like to observe and attempt to understand the dynamics of before
formulating my own conclusions on. With the research ive done so far, I have found that
scholars, philosophers, and everyday citizens have been contributing to this conversation for
hundreds of years. Understanding is an important part of this project for me, I do not know much

on the corruption of the criminal justice system, but I do know that there is corruption, including
systemic racism.
This inquiry question is an enormous monster that has been floating around in my head
since the Freddie Gray murder. I have always wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of
a crime so incredibly profound. How could a man be held accountable for his own death, at the
hands of others? In recent years, the Black Lives Matter movement has taken our nations leaders
by their collars and has questioned why discrimination is still so prevalent in our policing and
courts systems. I feel like this is finally the perfect opportunity for me to decide how I feel about
the issue for myself. I have come to terms with the media muddling the true story before
information being published so I find that it will be difficult to find factual information on the
I believe that this issue is significant because of how prevalent it is in society today. The
Black Lives Matter movement has been called the modern day civil rights movement. Although
there are globally pressing issues weighing down on our nation, establishing equal rights and a
criminal processing system that strives towards creating justice, not running away from it. is of
utmost importance within domestic policy.