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A WebQuest on

The Six Essential Nutrients

Nutrition is very important for our overall health.  Because you are in early
stages of physical development focusing on your nutrition is key to have
strong healthy bodies.  It is important to know the key nutrients and how
they benefit our body.
Working in teams, you will complete this WebQuest by researching how
the essential nutrients have an effect on our bodies and what our bodies
need to be mentally and physically healthy. After you complete your
assigned tasks be prepared to identify and explain the purpose of each
nutrient and give examples on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Getting the correct nutritional information is important when it
comes to making healthy decisions everyday. A diet rich in
protein, calcium, fiber, and other essential nutrients should be a
part of your everyday diet.


Your teams task is to find out the function of each nutrient and
how they will benefit your body.
6 Essential Nutrients: 
Bonus- name and describe one Superfood and how it helps your

Your team will have four weeks to investigate and report on all of the

Your team will then present the results of your investigation to the
class. Exactly how you will report your findings is in the "Process"
section of the WebQuest. 

1. Each student will be assigned into groups of four.  At the end of the four
weeks each student will fill out a peer evaluation form.  This form will indicate
how well your team worked together.  Individual and group grades will be given
for the WebQuest.  You must stay in your assigned group.

2. Each group member will be given a specific job during the four week period.
Each team will have the following roles: 



Physical Therapist 



d. Fitness Trainer
These roles are important to help you find different ways nutrition can benefit
us and how we use it in our everyday lives.

3. Your primary sources of information are in the resources section of the
WebQuest. You may, however, use resources that are not listed if you get
my approval. Remember, I am always here to assist you with your

4. During the fourth week of your WebQuest, your team will choose one of
the following methods to report your findings 
a. PowerPoint presentation 
b. an original play or skit with all group members 
c.  making a cooking show or acting it out in front of class
d. the construction of a website or brochure. 

Kids Health                                Nutrition Detective                      Children’s Health                                    Nutritionist 

   Superfoods                                 6 Essential Nutrients                        Nutrition Article                                   Food Blog 


By completing this WebQuest you should have a better
understanding of the essential nutrients and how they effect your
body. You should have knowledge of how Carbohydrates,protein,
fat, vitamins, minerals, water benefit your body. Knowing how
these nutrients and many others will help you live and maintain a
healthy lifestyle.
Here are some questions to think about on a daily basis to keep
track of your nutrition:
1. How much water did I drink?
2. Did I get a balance of all the essential nutrients?
3. Now that I know the nutrients that benefit my body, what should
I stop eating and what should I start eating?
4. Along with eating a balanced diet, am I getting enough physical
5. What are good ways to cook healthier with fresh, clean, and
nutritious foods?



Definitions: (Merriam- Webster Online)
Web Pages: Links are embedded in each hyperlinked graphic on the Resources page.

Grade 5- Nutrition and Wellness 
Standard 1: The student will comprehend
concepts related to health promotion to
enhance health. 
N-5.1.1 Examine the six essential nutrients, their
function, and foods or f food groups in which they are
P-5.1.1 Discuss the barriers to a person’s practicing
healthy behaviors(pg.51). 


Nutritionist- a specialist in the study of nutrition

Physical Therapist- a person whose job is to give people physical

Chef- a professional cook who usually is in charge of a kitchen in a
: a person who prepares food for people to eat

d. Fitness Trainer-a person who trains athletes
: a person who treats the injuries of the members of a sports team

That’s all!