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APRIL 2016, VOL. 14 ISSUE 3

Crawfish Boiling Contest Raises Record Amount

Publisher / Editor
Mike Strong

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JUNE 26, 2016



18386 Little Prairie Rd.

Prairieville, LA 70769




14505 HWY 44


St. Elizabeth Hospital Hosts

15th Annual St. Elizabeth Golf Classic
St. Elizabeth Hospital Hosts
15th Annual St. Elizabeth Golf
On Monday, March 14, 2016,
St. Elizabeth Hospital held its
15th Annual Golf Classic at the
Links at Pelican Point. This annual golf scramble, benefitting
the St. Elizabeth Endowment
Fund, hinges on the generous
support of local businesses for

level. Majestic Medical Solutions, Vaughan Roofing, Premier Health, LLC, Peoples
Health, Action Therapy & Wellness Center, LLC, Himmel's
Architectural Doors and Hardware, Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, L.L.P., St. Francis Medical
Center , Rubicon, LLC and St.
Elizabeth Physicians each sponsored at the Hole Sponsor level.

sustainable success year after

27 teams participated in this
years event. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health
System (FMOLHS) again contributed as the Gold Sponsor.
EATEL, the Pathology Group
of Louisiana, Whitney Bank and
Baton Rouge Radiology Group
each sponsored at the Corporate

The French Settlement Sausage

Company team, represented by
Ralph Comeaux, Stan Barbier,
Robert Boudreaux and Tim
Gautreau, took first place. The
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center team, including Ronnie
Daigle, Kirk Boudreaux, Todd
Stevens and Randy Haddad,
placed second, and Himmels
Architectural Door and Hard-

ware, with Joe Hood, Troy

Freeman, Scott Matthews and
Ryan Madere, placed third.
The Closest to the Pin contests were won by David
Boogaerts, Kentwood Water,
and Conrad Oubre, Price
LeBlanc Nissan. The Longest
Drive contests were won by
Katie Graves, Regions Bank,
for the third year running,
and David Boogaerts, Kentwood Water.
The success of this event is
shared with the amazing team
of volunteers that made it

Publishers Note: I contacted my friends at Action Therapy &Wellness about how red
they looked in this photo. I told Bridget, owner, (left) that I couldnt take the red out in
Photoshop. She responded, Thats alright. As a Bama fan I love Crimson Red.

happen. A host of
hospital team members,
Franciscan Missionaries
of Our Lady Health
System Materials
Management team
members, St. Elizabeth
Physicians team 6ymembers, and members of
the Womens Advisory
Council of St. Elizabeth
Hospital contributed
their time, effort and
enthusiasm to ensure the
tournaments success.

The Jambalaya Festival Association will

crown its 2016 royalty April 30th May 1st,
2016 at the Gonzales Civic Center.

The Teen Miss and Miss

categories will be crowned
Saturday, April 30th with the
Childrens divisions following
on Sunday, May 1st.

Champion Jambalaya Cook.

She will also have the
opportunity to travel
throughout Louisiana
experiencing numerous fairs and
festivals promoting the City of
Gonzales and the Jambalaya
Festival Association, she will
compete at the Louisiana
Association of Fairs and
Festivals Queen of Queens
pageant and will also receive a
full paid trip to Washington,
D.C. for the annual Mystick
Krewe of Louisianans Mardi
Gras Ball.

As Miss Gonzales Jambalaya

2016, this years queen will
attend the full weekend of the
49th annual Jambalaya Festival
where she will have the honor
to announce the 49th World

As Teen Miss Gonzales

Jambalaya 2016, this years
queen will attend the 49th
Annual Jambalaya Festival
where she will be presented on
stage and announce the finalists

The Jambalaya Festival

Association will crown its
2016 royalty April 30th
May 1st, 2016 at the
Gonzales Civic Center.
The pageant is open to young
girls who are Ascension Parish
residents and between the ages
of 0-23.

for the World Champion

Jambalaya Cooking competition. She will also have the
opportunity to travel throughout Louisiana experiencing
numerous fairs and festivals
promoting the City of Gonzales
and the Jambalaya Festival
Association. Along with fellow
Jambalaya Festival royalty, she
will ride in the annual Gonzales
Christmas Parade held in
December and attend the City
of Gonzales Christmas Tree
Lighting Ceremony.
The childrens division winners
will be presented on stage at
the 49th annual Festival held
May 27th 29th, 2016 and
will ride in the Gonzales
Christmas Parade.

Sign Up
The 2016 Gonzales Jambalaya Pageant will be
held Saturday, April 30th May 1st.
The pageant is open to girls ages 0-23 and boys
ages 0-4. The deadline to enter the pageant
is April 22nd. No late entries accepted.
Applications and Queens Rules and Regulations
are available online at

The deadline for pageant applications is the

April 22nd. Get those forms in now!

Anyone interested in participating in this years pageant can

download an application on the
JFA Website listed below, or
email for
more information.

Soza Weight
Loss striving to
help people
make lifestyle
Obesity has risen to epidemic
proportions in this country and in
our state. According to a
report released in September of
2015 by Trust for Americas
Health and The Robert Wood
Johnson Foundation, Louisiana is
now ranked 4th in obesity in the
nation not because our obesity
rate is going down
(its now at 34.9%), but because 3
other states have surpassed us.
WDSU, Channel 6 reported
obesity by parish, in which it
showed East Baton Rouge as
having a 34% obesity rate with
Ascension at 35%. This means over
1/3 of our residents are obese
this does not include the number
that are considered overweight.
Soza Weight Loss Clinic is
determined to educate when it
comes to healthy eating. This is
one reason we begin the New Year
with what has become our annual
Soza 60 Day Slim-Down Challenge. We start the first week of

January and complete it within the

first week of March. With so many
people making New Years resolutions, this has become a fun and

competitive way to allow people

to put that resolution to the
challenge. It also gives us 60 days
to work with, guide and teach
people on how to make healthy
lifestyle changes to their
existing diet.
So many people think they are
eating healthy, when in reality they
are missing the mark. Our job is to
get them back to the basics of
cooking and eating fresh
proteins, vegetables and fruit. Our
society as a whole has lost one of
the greatest arts that of cooking!
We are also teaching them to read
labels and how to identify the
hidden sugars and chemicals that
are being put in our foods today.
This years contest started off
with 20 contestants, 18 women
and 2 men, with 15 making it the
distance. Our top ten finishers are
always rewarded with great prizes
donated by local merchants, this
year those prizes were valued at
over $3,200!!!
This gives the contestants even
more incentive to finish in the top
10. Winners are decided based on
percentage of body weight lost
over the 60 day period. This makes
it fair for everyone participating

regardless of size, sex or amount of

weight they want to lose. Our
Top-10 winners were: 1st place
Jerry Fairbanks losing 13.67% body
fat, 2nd place Judith Roberson
with 13.4%, 3rd place Angela Allen
with 11.95%, 4th place Penny L.
with 11.47%, 5th place Curtis M.
with 11.04%, 6th place Georgia G.
with 10%, 7th place Freda M. with
8.88%, 8th place Kelli F. with 8.66,
9th place Lorna F. with 6.95% and
rounding out the top 10 in 10th
place was Lisa M. with 6.65%.
These 10 individuals dropped a
combine total of 225.8 pounds and
138.75 inches which is fantastic
over the course of just 60 days.
Jerry Fairbanks, this years winner
and Sozas first male champion,
says that someone told me a long
time ago that losing weight is a
lifestyle change and I hated
that!! But Karen and the Soza
program helped me change my
lifestyle and I have lost 55 pounds
and will continue to lose with
Soza. With Soza, you see the
results right now not in a month
or two, but starting the very first
week you are on the program.
For Judith Roberson, 2nd place
winner who gave Jerry a run for his
money, she chose Soza to lose
weight, be healthy and feel
comfortable in her own skin.
Judith needed accountability and
says the weekly visits at Soza gave
her that. Judith agrees with Jerry
in that the key to not only losing
weight, but keeping it off is
making the commitment to change
your lifestyle when it comes to
food. She says she has learned how
to make healthy choices at home
and when eating out. I will be
able to continue the healthy eating
lifestyle because I have learned
what my body needs, I know how
good I feel when I eat healthy and
I never want to go back to being
unhealthy, especially as I age. This
truly is a life-changing program
that helps to jump start your
weight loss, with coaching,
support, and follow ups. I
appreciate the way that I was
encouraged with the weight loss
challenge, and the personalized
guidance that I received as I
navigated this journey to a happier,
healthier life. I would encourage
anyone who needs to get healthy
to give Soza a try. This program
works, and you will acquire the
tools that will help you in your
weight loss journey as well.
Thank you Soza youve changed
my life.

225.819.3743 weightlosslouisiana

Jewelry Gifts
Sure To Warm
The Heart

additions upon the arrival of new

family members, pets included! Personalized family jewelry represents the
spirit of family love thatwill be cherished and remembered for a
lifetime. Classic with
a modern twist, diamond
jewelry remains a
treasured keepsake
sure to capture a
mothers heart. Diamond designs in
mountings of karat
gold, platinum or
sterling silver are
available for
anyones taste, for
all budgets, and are
always a perfect gift
to enchant that
specialmom. Pink is in, its not only
pretty but it is posh! This Mothers
Day you will find an abundance of
fashionable designs featuring pink

karat gold and gemstones. For

centuries, the color pink has been
thought of as being feminine,
sensitive, tender and innocent,
everything associated with motherhood. This year more than ever, you
have an impressive number of beauti-

durability, diamond was always believed to strengthen love and bring

marital happiness. No wonder it is
now the most popular gem for engagements and weddings. Because of
their inner fire, it is important to have
your diamonds cleaned
professionally to maintain their lively
sparkle and brilliance.

Jewelry Q&A
ful, personal, and affordable keepsake
styles to commemorate the special
highlights of any mothers life. Each
maintains its historic charm and distinctive look while adding a new brilliance to all kinds of jewelry designs.


April - Diamond

with Layne Gautreau

A crystalline material composed of

pure carbon, diamonds are brilliantly
clear, sparkling, and one of the hardest
substances known to man. The pure
white diamond has long been a symbol of innocence and invincibility.
And, because of its inner fire and

On this special day,mothers,

grandmothers, and mothers-to-bewill
be bestowed love and appreciationwith gifts of cards, flowers, family
gatherings, and that one very special
gift of fine jewelry. While traditional
gifts of mothers rings, engraved
lockets and diamond hearts remain a
favorite, this season you have many
newand exciting designs to select
from. Chic mommy pendants for
mothers of all ages designed with
sweet silhouettes, dangling
birthstones or initial charms are on
top of the list. These precious gifts
offer versatile settings to allow easy

What is a Nail Head? When a

round brilliant diamond is poorly
proportioned,with excessive pavilion
depth, the center of the diamond appears dark.
What are the 3 Bs of Diamond
Cutting? The Bruter gives a rough diamond its face-up outline. The
Blocker places the table and four
facets on the crown, plus four facets
and the culet on the pavilion. The
Brillianteer places and polishes the remaining 40 facets of the 58
facet total.y
What is a Spread Stone? This is a
polished diamond that is cut to look
larger than it actually is. It has a
shallowpavilion with a disproportionately large table, sometimes
exhibiting the fish eye effect.
What is a Scintillation? This is the
reflection of outside light shining on
the facets of a diamond, producing
quick flashes resembling sparks. Sometimes called sparkle, it is usually seen
when the diamond is moved or the
light source shifts.

Crawfish Boiling Contest Raises

$24,000 for Dreams Come True

Cajun Livin N Cookin hosted a

fundraising event to support
Dreams Come True. Rodney and
Leslie Dupuy started the South
Louisiana Crawfish Boiling
Contest a couple of years ago and
it grew into the event that was at
Lamar Dixon Expo Center in
Gonzales. The South Louisiana
Crawfish Boiling Contest was
accompanied with a Jambalaya
Cooking Contest, craft and car
show. All of the proceeds
benefitted the Dreams Come True
This year we double our number
of cooks with 41 crawfish cooking
teams set out to showcase their
secret recipes.

Dream Kids. We had record

attendance this year, and we
raised a record amount. We do
not have the grand total yet, but
we know its over double last
years amount raised. ($24,000)

We would like to thank the

public for coming out and
helping us raise money for the


A total will be known soon.

Hopefully we will continue to
grow each and every year.

of you this would not have been

possible. We couldn't have done
it with out all of you.

Thank you to all our sponsors,

cooks, judges, volunteers', and
committee members with out all

Thanks again,
Rodney and Leslie Dupuy
Cajun Livin N Cookin LLC

Dancing and Dining

(Thursday and Friday) in the restaurant

April 21 ..... Bubba & Doug

April 28 ..... Ryan Jenkins
May 5 ..... Debbie Landry
May 12 ..... Ryan Jenkins (waiting on confirmation)
May 19 ..... Pat-E Salzeta


April 22 ....... Josh Martin

April 29 ....... Argyle Band
May 6 ....... Hootie
May 13 ....... Argyle
May 20 ....... Todd Boys


Your Own
Dior Addict Lip Glow is one
of Diors new product launches
and is unique in that this special
formula balm reacts to each
womans lips and gives them a
natural color thats uniquely
theirs. The luscious balm like
formula contains Wild Mango
and Luffa Cylindrica which
protects and moisturizes during
the day. Lip Glow comes in
three colors: pink, coral and
lilac. I chose the pink and absolutely love how it glides on
and gives my lips a smoothing
sensation. The balm can also
be worn alone or over a lipstick.
Dior Addict Lip Glow runs
around $33.00 and can be
found a most large retailers
or online.

Oh Yeah!
This is
my kinda
protein bar!
Oh Yeah Nutrition has been
an innovator of nutrition products for years, and their latest
product launch, the Oh Yeah!
ONE, protein bar continues to
put them at the top of the nutrition game.
The Oh Yeah! ONE bars
22 grams protein
Around 200 calories
Only 1 gram sugar
2-3 net carbs

High in Fiber
Gluten Free
Flavors Include:
White Chocolate
Chocolate Chip
Cookie Dough
Lemon Cake
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Brownie
Mint Chocolate Chip
Birthday Cake (My absolute
favorite. This bar is a must try.
Youll never want to buy another protein bar!)
This bar is a must try, and at approximately $3.00/bar, why
not! Oh Yeah! ONE protein
bars can be bought at your local
wellness stores and online.


Did You Know?

Williamson Cosmetic Center offers a variety of skin care treatments that turn back the clock
by replenishing volume, improving skin tone and
texture, removing age spots
and relaxing frown lines?
Botox is the most popular
cosmetic treatment, with more
than 6 million Botox treatments
administered each year. Botox is
used to treat forehead lines,
frown lines and crow's feet by
relaxing the underlying muscles.

Injectable wrinkle fillers are

used to treat the lips, cheeks and
facial folds. Wrinkle
fillers can also be used as
"volumizers," plumping and
lifting cheeks, jawlines, and
filling out thin lips.
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light):
IPL is a popular spa treatment
that treats broken capillaries and
hyper-pigmentation ("age
spots") caused by age and sun
damage. IPL also stimulates the
production of collagen and
elastin, which plumps up the
skin and evens out skin tones.
Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT): CIT
is similar to that of
many other non-surgical
skin-tightening procedures.
It aims to create a controlled injury underneath the skin's
surface, thereby inducing the

body to respond by producing

more collagen in the treated
area. The skin plumps and thickens in response, reducing the
appearance of scars, pore size
and fine lines.
Customized Facials and Exfoliation Procedures:
Dermaplaning- a safe and
highly effective physical
exfoliation procedure that
gently " removes the top-most
layer of dead skin along with
fine, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz).
The procedure can
be performed
monthly, in less than
thirty minutes, with
no downtime
Silk peel- a
procedure which exfoliates and
stimulates skin cell
growth. A silk peel is
used for hydrating
skin, treating acne
and lightening skin.
Micropeel- this
procedure combines
dermaplaning and a
chemical exfoliant. Micropeels
assist the skin to become
smoother, enhance appearance,
improve texture and
discoloration. You will see a noticeable difference in fine facial
WCC Signature Facial includes a careful analysis of your
skin, followed by
cleansing, dermaplaning,
extractions, massage of the
face, neck, shoulder and
dcollet and a customized
treatment mask application and
chemical exfoliation. This
facial can be performed
monthly with no downtime.
Chemical Peels: Chemicals,
such as, betahydroxy acids
(BHA), enzymes and
alphahydroxy acids (AHA) help
to exfoliate the skin to produce
a dewy glow, reduction in fine
lines and improvement of acne.




Ascension Parish Students Featured

Greauxing Gardens
Hundreds of children in
Ascension Parish are growing
gardens at their schools and a
new TV show called Greauxing
Gardens is tracking their
progress. The Greauxing
Gardens show premieres this
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 on
EATEL cable channel four at 7
p.m. in Ascension Parish. It will
also air Saturday, April 16th at 7
p.m. and every Wednesday and

Saturday after that. The show

will also be uploaded to the
Greauxing Gardens Youtube
channel on Wednesday night at
7 p.m. The first episode will
feature the following schools:
Gonzales Middle School, Lake
Side Primary School, and
Dutchtown Middle. Other
schools that will be featured on
the show in the future are St.
Amant Primary, Sorrento

Taylor Frey
Primary School and Central
Primary School.
The show focuses on tracking
the growth of six of the 14
schools participating in the LSU
AgCenters school gardening
program called Greauxing
Gardens, hence the name of the
TV program. LSU AgCenter
Horticultural Specialist Kiki
Fontenot, who organizes the
gardening program, says the
LSU AgCenter is contacted all
the time about starting school
gardens. This program helps
make it more efficient to hold
teacher workshops, teach lots of
teachers at one time and train
them how to garden and follow
their progress, Fontenot says.

Cajun Livin N Cookin host

and Ascension Parish native,
Rodney Dupuy came up with
the idea to put the show on the
air. He says he thought itd be
neat to teach the community
how to garden while the
children are learning how to
garden. People in general
dont want to ask questions but
theyll sit there and watch TV
and learn on their own,
Dupuy says.
The show is produced and
hosted by Taylor Frey, a 2014
LSU graduate. Frey grew up on
a farm in Pointe Coupee Parish,
and now owns a production
company called Taylor Frey
Productions. She says she thinks

the show will be educational,

fun, and inspiring to all who
Potash Corp PCS Nitrogen
donated the money to the LSU
AgCenter to make the school

gardening program possible.

With their donation the
AgCenter was able to give 14
schools in the parish all the
materials they needed to start
the gardens, including wood to
build the raised beds, garden
soil, seeds, tools and irrigation
systems. Right now the
AgCenter works with about
240 schools across the state
with the Greauxing Gardens
program, Fontenot says.
For more information
Contact: Taylor Frey,
225-240-3376 or &
Rodney Dupuy, 225-328-6735

Geaux Tigers

Well See You at The Box

Baton Rouge 225.761.1117 Prairieville 225.677.7177

Alexandria 318.442.6420 Bunkie 318.346.6900


Relay For Life Officials Receive Paint The Town Purple Parish Proclamation

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa proclaimed April 22 through April 30, 2016 as Paint the Town Purple in Ascension Parish
to promote cancer awareness. President Matassa presented the proclamation to members of the Ascension Relay for Life committee at
the March 17 parish council meeting in Gonzales. Roxanne Cranfield, Relay for Life co-chair, announced the committee and the
American Cancer Society will hold Relay For Life on Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 6 p.m. till midnight in the parking lot next to
Cabelas in Gonzales. Shown from left, front row: Roxanne Cranfield, President Kenny Mattassa, Miss Relay For Life Brittany
Bonaventure, Teen Miss Relay For Life Maci Marse, and Tracy Bourgeois. Second row: Parish Councilman Todd Lambert, Parish
Councilman Robert Clouatre, Kim Myers, Eric Wagguespack, Licia Chaney, and Wendy Tregre. For more information about Ascension
Relay For Life, visit, or contact Penny Cade at, (985) 262-8268.



Its time to clean the rough and

tangled winter time beds and
prepare them for the spring season.

come over to
the lite side

My company is large enough to

do the job right.
Its also small enough to
treat you right!

Ryan "Shake" Schexnayder

Professional split ends

repairing treatment
reconstructs and repairs
weak, broken strands
protects against heat
styling and future damage
lasts 6 weeks


Prairieville, La 70769 225.715.4594



Natural , Non-synthetic B-Vitamins

Synergistic medley of nutritional energy
Blocks bad cravings
burns bad fat
restores balance

622.5085 44253 Hwy. 42

(1 mile from Port Vincent)


Social media as well as other

online platforms have
allowed us to see our
audience and understand
them as real people. We are
lucky enough to see where
they go when they're online,
what they like and what they
dont like. And that my
friends, is the key to

Digital Marketing:
Knowing Your Target
by Orhan Mc Millan

Youve decided to focus on

digital marketing, now it's
time to plan. The purpose of
a digital marketing plan is to
clearly articulate the goals of
your initiative. This includes
pinpointing your target
audience, choosing your
channels and tactics.
Identifying your target
audience is maybe the most
important thing in the
planning process after
objectives and goals.
Designing the marketing
strategy around the target

audience has always proven

to be best practice.
Making sure to identify your
target audience in the first
steps of your digital
marketing plan helps to
eliminate wasting resources.
Researching your selected
target and understanding
their digital behaviors as well
as their locational needs will
help you determine which
digital channels to target
them on.

From there everything you

plan can be centered around
When examining your target those factors.Youll know
audience its important to
what time theyre online,
look beyond the basic
when to interact with them
demographics and focus on
via social media, even the
their unique needs. Find out best times to send emails
their goals, concerns, and the and newsletters.
things that appeal most to
them. Being knowledgeable
Knowing exactly how
of these things will help you and when to target your
with setting the voice of
audience ensures that both
your digital marketing
the money and time youre
campaign. This helps increase putting into digital marketing
conversations instead of
tactics are being used
simply boosting curiosity
most effectively
about your brand.


Bad Breath
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
Ascension Premier Dental

Whether you call it bad breath

or halitosis, its an unpleasant
condition thats cause for
embarrassment. Some people
with bad breath arent even
aware theres a problem. If
youre concerned about bad
breath, see your dentist. He or
she can help identify the cause
and, if its due to an oral
condition, develop a treatment
plan to help eliminate it.
What you eat affects the air
you exhale. Certain foods, such
as garlic and onions, contribute
to objectionable breath odor.
Once the food is absorbed
into the bloodstream, it is
transferred to the lungs, where
it is expelled. Brushing, flossing
and mouthwash will only mask
the odor temporarily. Odors
continue until the body
eliminates the food. Dieters may
develop unpleasant breath from

infrequent eating.
If you don't brush and floss
daily, particles of food remain
in the mouth, collecting
bacteria, which can cause bad
breath. Food that collects
between the teeth, on the
tongue and around the gums
can rot, leaving an
unpleasant odor.
Bad breath can also be caused
by dry mouth (xerostomia),
which occurs when the flow of
saliva decreases. Saliva is
necessary to cleanse the mouth
and remove particles that may
cause odor. Dry mouth may be
caused by various medications,
salivary gland problems or
continuously breathing through
the mouth. If you suffer from
dry mouth, your dentist may
prescribe anartificial saliva, or
suggest using sugarless candy
and increasing your fluid intake.
Tobacco products cause bad
breath. If you use tobacco, ask
your dentist for tips on kicking
the habit.

Bad breath may be the sign of a

medical disorder, such as a local
infection in the respiratory tract,
chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip,
chronic bronchitis, diabetes,
gastrointestinal disturbance,
liver or kidney ailment. If your
dentist determines that your
mouth is healthy, you may be
referred to your family doctor
or a specialist to determine the
cause of bad breath.
Maintaining good oral health
is essential to reducing bad
breath. Schedule regular dental
visits for a professional cleaning
and checkup. If you think you
have constant bad breath, keep
a log of the foods you eat and
make a list of medications you
take. Some medications may
play a role in creating mouth
odors. Let your dentist know if
you've had any surgery or illness
since your last appointment.
Brush twice a day with fluoride
toothpaste to remove food
debris and plaque. Brush your
tongue, too. Once a day, use
floss or an interdental cleaner to
clean between teeth.

Mouthwashes are generally

cosmetic and do not have a
long-lasting effect on bad
breath. If you must constantly
use a breath freshener to hide
unpleasant mouth odor, see
your dentist. If you need extra
help in controlling plaque,
your dentist may recommend
using a special antimicrobial
mouth rinse. A fluoride mouth
rinse, used along with brushing
and flossing, can help prevent
tooth decay.
Clean your tongue! Most of
the odor that comes from your
mouth is on your tongue. Use
your toothbrush with
toothpaste, reach back as far as
possible, and brush forward.
A tongue scraper works even
better, which can be found at
any pharmacy or supermarket.
The metal ones are dishwasher
safe and allow you to clean
them regularly.

IV Sedation
Invisalign Certified
Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
Porcelain Veneers
Wisdom Teeth


Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

13375 Hwy 73, Suite 1 Geismar, LA 70734 Call:


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Because our reputation depends on a

patient's rehabilitation progress and success,
we want to assure you that our physical
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Should you need physical therapy services

and you want to have a physical therapist
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By Linda Melancon

Using Trusts for

Long-Term Care
Planning: Part 1
Its April, and tax season
procrastinators are rushing to get
their papers in order taking a
closer look at their finances and
perhaps revisiting planning for
the future. Unfortunately, even
the most astute planners may one
day find themselves aging, in
need of assistance, and unprepared for the financial demands of
long-term care. Medicaid is just
one source of long-term care
assistance with complicated
regulations that catch many of my
clients and their financial
advisors off guard. Thankfully,

there are some ways that qualified

attorneys can help.
First, lets take a closer look at
how Medicaid works. Medicaid,
not to be confused with
Medicare, is a joint federal and
state program that provides
medical care to eligible persons.
To be categorically eligible in
Louisiana in 2016, an applicants
monthly income cannot exceed
$2,199, and countable resources
cannot exceed $2,000. If married,
the spouse living outside the
nursing home is allowed to keep
additional resources. Certain
resources are non-countable in
determining whether the
applicant meets the resource test.
The main non-countable
resources are: the principal
residence, one automobile,
funeral contracts, burial plots and
term life insurance. With some
additional exceptions, almost all
other resources are countable in
determining Medicaid resource
In an attempt to reach the
resource limits, many people decide to give their property away
to their children. If they need
nursing home care, they find out
that Medicaid has a 5-year
look-back period for transfers of
property below fair market value.

So they have made themselves

ineligible for Medicaid to pay for
their nursing home costs. This
can be quite surprising since
nursing home care in Louisiana
costs approximately $60,000+ per
year. Fortunately, this ineligibility
may be avoided with proper
advance planning.
Creating a trust during ones
lifetime and moving assets into
that trust is one strategy used for
long-term care planning. There
are two basic types of trusts that
you might create during your lifetime a revocable trust or an irrevocable trust. These trusts are
not interchangeable when it
comes to long-term care planning. A revocable trust is one that
you place your assets in, but from
which you can remove the assets
or change the terms of the trust if
you choose to do so. Since you
can remove assets and change
who receives the assets in the
trust, the assets owned by the
trust are countable for Medicaid
An irrevocable trust is one
where you cannot remove assets
and where you cannot change the
trusts terms once it is established.
This type of trust removes the
property from your ownership so
it is not a countable asset for
Medicaid if you are not a
beneficiary of the trust who has
rights to the assets in the trust.
When planning ahead for
long-term care, we often use an
irrevocable trust to transfer assets

so that after the 5 year Medicaid

look-back period, the assets are
no longer considered as
countable assets for determining
Medicaid eligibility.
Whether or not you should use
an irrevocable trust for Medicaid
planning should never be
determined without the assistance
of a qualified elder law attorney.
There may be significant penalties
imposed by Medicaid for
transferring assets to a trust, and
there may be significant gift,
estate and income tax issues
created by transferring assets to a
trust. Also, you may have moral
and ethical questions about
whether you should engage in
this type of planning.
Next month we will discuss
using trusts for VA planning and
some often important issues
regarding the use of trusts.
Until then, remember that an
irrevocable trust may be very
useful for long-term care
planning, but it is not the right fit
for everyone and it must be
carefully drafted for each
individual situation to avoid
unintended consequences.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of
law in Louisiana for the past 17 years. The
primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
special needs planning, elder law and probate.
She is also accredited by the VA to give advice
regarding veterans benefits. For more
information, please contact her at
225-744-0027. You may also visit her website


6473 hwy 44 suite 120
Gonzales, La.


extra shot
with every daiquiri


Now Serving Crawfish

Oysters By the Sack

Fresh Shrimp
A Wide Variety
of Fish and Seafood
Snow Crabs
Turtle Meat

Ask for Sallys stuff crabs.

Youll love them.

Open daily 2pm til

Shuffleboard Table Golden Tee

Come Visit the Ford sisters

Doug & Sally





Rotary Club of Gonzales

Holds Annual Food Fest

For the past 19 years, the signature

fundraising event for the members
of the Rotary Club of Gonzales
have been its annual Food Fest.
This years event at the Gonzales
Civic Center was held on March

and people to serve it free of

charge. It would not be possible
without the partnerships that we
have cultivated with these businesses over the past 19 years, he
More than just great food, the
money raised from the event goes
to support a very worthy cause,
said Laiche. The St. Theresa
Food Pantry provides food to hundreds of citizens in Ascension
Parish each year and they rely on
donations to stock their shelves.

According to Food Fest Chairman,

Gary Laiche, more than 500 people showed to sample delicious
foods from 39 area restaurants in
and around Ascension Parish.
Michelle Desoto of Gonzales has
attended the event for many years
with her family. My mom has
been purchasing tickets for members of my family for many years.

This is a wonderful event. The

food is always good, and you
couldnt possibly eat everything
that is offered, she said.
Food offerings this year included
everything from etouffee and crawfish bisque to enchiladas and
chicken fingers and everything in
between. The $25 ticket included
all the food including desserts, and
a variety of drink options. Laiche
said the Rotary Club of Gonzales is
especially thankful to the food vendors because they provide the food

St. Theresa Food Pantry Director,

Anna Sparacino, concurred. We
rely heavily each year on the proceeds generated from the Rotary

Club of Gonzales Food Fest.

Without it, we would not be able
to meet the need of our clients,
she said. The money we receive is
used to purchase the specific non-

perishable foods that clients rely

upon, and we are deeply grateful
for the support and generosity of
the Rotary Club of Gonzales.

No appointment necessary
but they are available
Covered 100% by your insurance

Although the final figures have not

yet been tallied, Laiche says that
somewhere between $10,000 and
$11,000 will be donated to the
food pantry this year.

Caring for
Ascension Parish for
Over 40 Years

Walk-In Medical Clinic

Richard J. Caro, M.D. Sarah Chavez, M.D.* Peter J. Monteyne, M.D.

* Se Habla Espanol

Affordable Care, Handled URGENTLY

Monday-Wednesday & Friday 7am - 5pm Thursday 7am - 7pm Saturday 8am - 12pm 225.647.6533
609 E. Worthy Street (Across the Street from EA High School)

Cypress Hall

Weddings Business Seminars

Crawfish Boils Reunions
Located behind Frank's Restaurant.
Accommodates 250 guests.
Menu and prices available on line at

Full wedding
packages include
Cake, DJ,
Chair covers, Buffet and
much more.
Full bar available.

Catering Coordinator:

ATTENTION SENIORS: If you have a barn or shed

with old junk in it, wed love to look through it and
may offer to pay you for some discarded items.
Call Barbara at Birds and Berries 225.715.5554

Jena Guidry 225-677-5545

17425 Airline Hwy, Prairieville

Hey Dr. Rob,

I have a question,
after my nap.

Me too,
after my nap.

Industry and Wild Life

I Not long ago a couple of coworkers of mine decided to stop
by for a moment to try to strike a
nerve with me over my aggravation of having to be at work on
that day. The comment they uttered went like this: "Since you
gonna be out here all the time,
then maybe you should be writing about the wildlife you see out
here at the plant, since it doesn't
appear you'll be able to go into
the great outdoors anytime
soon." Well there's a little bit of
truth in that statement and there
is definitely quite a bit of wildlife
that takes up residence in industrial facilities.
I spent half my life at a local
chemical plant and I must say
that the amount of wildlife that I
saw there was impressive. Birds of
different kinds seem to love these
structures for nesting. The
amount of insects that are attracted to the lights in those areas
provide an excellent food source
for them and their young. Fire
water ponds in the facility became winter homes for migrating
ducks, Canada Geese, coots and
other shorebirds. It was not unusual to see animals such as rabbits, squirrels, raccoons,
opossums and coyotes on any
piece of the property. The whitetail deer herd at the location was
truly unbelievable. In a year's
time you could witness first hand
the entire life cycle of those beautiful creatures. In most of the
ditches that held water for any
amount of time small fish, alligators, frogs, turtles and snakes
could be seen.
Life in the industry has now
taken me to another industrial facility on the opposite side of the
Mississippi River from my prior
job site. Although this tract of
land has no forest it does provide
quite a bit of territory for birds,
shorebirds and waterfowl. Several
species of migrating ducks use
the plants' holding ponds in the
winter. Canada Geese are now
taking up residence at this facility.

One species of waterfowl, the

Black-Bellied whistling duck is
doing exceptionally well at this
location. These ducks are fairly
new inhabitants of our state,
making their first appearance approximately twenty years ago.
Most of this species of waterfowl
leaves the ponds during the cold
of our winter and return as spring
nears. The returning flocks nest
vigorously throughout the summer on the provided habitat. It's
been quite an experience for
someone who loves waterfowl the
way I do to enjoy watching their
cycle of life unfold from one day
to the next.
Our industrial facilities rather
it be chemical, fertilizer, or oil
and gas do provide habitat for
certain species of wildlife. These
birds and animals feel very protected at these establishments.
Hats off to our local industrial
sites for creating an environment
that can be beneficial for the
creatures of this world. Their
livelihood on the properties are
probably a good measuring stick
of how this industrial world affects our own lives.
Industry has provided a great
source of income for many of us
in our area. The need for the materials they make are needed
worldwide. But unlike the birds
and animals that call these places
home, if it were not for the
money they pay I would never
care to be near one of those
noisy, stinky son-of-a-guns....



$100 off Termite Treatment

$25 off Initial Pest Control
Pest Prevention Programs Real Estate Certificates
Pre-Construction Soil / Borate Treatment
Termite Treatment Programs Mosquito Suppression Services

Till Next Time,

Now, Are you Happy
Darryl and Randy?

Local Licensed Insured Bonded

James "Goosie" Guice

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SUN. - 1:30 P.M.
WED. - 10:00 P.M.
FRI. - 8 - P.M.


225-644-7466 Ascension 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge


Whats in a Name?-or-The Bard of Avon

Meets The Okie from Muskogee

by Bill Delaune

Whats in a name? That

which we call a rose by any
other name would smell as
sweet William Shakespeare.
Pity poor Romeo and Juliet
who met their tragic demise
simply because of their last
names. Now pity poor Black
Cat Bill whose bad luck by any
other name-rotten breaks, bad
beats, buzzard luck-has seemed
to rival the star-crossed lovers
over the past few weeks.
Beginning with my March
Madness bracket champion
Michigan State being bounced
in the first round and
continuing through April 6
when another one of my idols
Merle Haggard crossed over
into Hillbilly Heaven on his
79th birthday.
Shakespeare had a name for
it-fortunes fool- but
whatever this Joe Blfsplk cloud
(Google him under Lil
Abner) is hanging over my
head needs to hurry up and find
a silver lining soon. Hell, I was
scared to even get out of bed on
April 14-the universally-recognized Bad Luck Day of the
Year when Lincoln was
assassinated, the Titanic sank
and the Apollo 13 astronauts
informed NASA, Houston, we

have a problem. And dont

even mention Tax Day.
So I decided to take Merles
advice-I think Ill just stay here
and drink and plan a
couple of parties to help me
shake the yoke of inauspicious
stars (Romeo, Act V). Besides
the LSU Spring Game, I came
up with a couple of other
reasons to make merry in
late April and early May-as if
we needed an excuse in
South Looziana.
First of all on April 23
Shakespeare celebrates his
452nd birthday giving women
good reason to quote Juliet (see
above) and men good reason to
drink Falstaffs. And Im sure he
wouldnt mind sharing the stage
with a fellow poet like the
Hag-especially since they made
their exit almost to the day 400
years apart and both died on his
respective birthday.
Then on the first Saturday in
May, the Kentucky Derby is
contested allowing women to
don outlandish hats and men to
ruin perfectly good whiskey by
attempting to make mint juleps.
Now my personal history of
picking winners in the Derby is
well-documented and reads like
a Shakespearian tragedy ranging

from a namesake failure-Dollar

Bill, 15th of 16 in 2001-to a
futile attempt to exorcise my
personal devils-Demons
Begone, carted off in an
ambulance in 1987.
So this year, I thought I
would combine the two
holidays, throw away the racing
form and let the Bard of Avon
and the Okie from Muskogee
channel their selections to
me-relying mainly on the names
of horses that either or both
might appreciate.
Now before you write this
off as another one of my
hare-brained ideas, remember
the words of Richard lll in one
of the Bards greatest plays, A
horse, a horse! My kingdom for
a horse! And Hag sang a duet
with his old buddy Willie
Nelson not long before his
death that included A Horse
Called Music. And dont
forget, one of my few Derby
winners was picked strictly by a
name that reflected my drinking
philosophy-Ill Have Another
at 15-1 in 2012.
But first, a brief lesson on
how racehorses get their
sometimes strange-sounding
One of the greatest horses of

all times, the magnificent mare

Zenyatta, was named after an
album by The Police, a rock
group that once included Sting.
It seems the horses owner Jerry
Moss had signed the group to a
recording contract at A&M
Records which he ran with
former Tijuana Brass member
Herb Alpert. Moss also owned
2005 Derby winner Giacomo-a
50-1 longshot named after
Stings son.
In other cases, the horses
name comes from his or her
bloodlines. The 2009 Derby
favorite I Want Revenge was
sired by Stephen Got Even, a
beaten favorite in 1999. Alas,
the Revenge factor didnt
work out in this case as the colt
was scratched the morning of
the race due to injury.
One of my favorites-the great
Native Dancer-had a father
named Polynesian and a mother
named Geisha. And one of the
Dancers offsprings-Kauai
Kings-would go on the win the
1966 Run for the Roses.
Sometimes owners will choose
a name simply out of spite.
Calumet Farms owner J.T.
Lundy was so unhappy with a
bankruptcy magistrates ruling
that he named a horse Judge
Smells. The Judge turned out
to be a decent sire throwing off
a pretty good runner called
Odor in the Court.
If you want to name a horse
after a famous person, you must
first get written permission.
Now there are ways around it as
evidenced by stakes-winning
filly Oprah Winney or a colt
named Stevie Wonderboy. And
in this years Wood Memorial-a
big Derby prep-the pace setter
was a Rambling Rose-colored
speedster named Matt
King Coal.
One-named horses were once
the rage as owners dreamed of
finding another Citation or
Secretariat (name by the
owners secretary). My
favorite for that group was a
single-word play on a familiar

California colt that ran third in

the 2003 Derby.
I baffled friends and foes alike
that year when they asked,
How about the Derby this
No, I mean-who do like in
the big race?
Okay, so it wasnt exactly
Whos on First? but I got
some cheap thrills and some
show money out of it. By the
way, one of that colts owners
was a modern-day Shakespeare
by the name of Steven
Once a horses name even
changed the English languagejust like the Bard and Hag used
to do-especially in the field of
sports journalism.
The great Man OWar suffered the only defeat of his
21-race career at Saratoga when
a poor start left him half a
length behind at the finish line.
The highly-unlikely winners
name? Upset
That term from the 1919
stunner has become synonymous with longshot victories as

in Delaune Scores Major Upset

at the Masters.
But enough of my Bananafanna-fo-fanna name games.
Its time to hear from our
unearthly experts. Now if we
could crank up the Way Back
Time Machine and bring Will
and Merle back into the present-having the Bard absorb all
the cultural literacy and useless
trivia of our era along the
way-perhaps we could list some
of this years Derby contenders
and get their opinions on each.
With regard to seniority, Mr.
Shakespeare, would you like to
go first?
1. Cupid-Since I used love at
first sight as a method to speed
up the plot in most of my plays,
this horse looks like the one I
could fall in love with.
Remember, not only did I have
classic couples like Romeo and
Juliet and Hamlet and Ophelia,
I had the Fairy Queen Titania
fall in love with a donkey-man
Bottom in Mid-Summer
Nights Dream. Not to
mention the confusion I caused
with twins in the Twelfth
Night where there were men

who loved women who loved

men-and women who loved
women every now and then.
So the Bob Baffert-trained
gray is my favorite to win the
bettors hearts at the
Kentucky Derby.
Merle, your turn
2. Well, as everyone knows,
I had a little trouble in my
younger days so the name
Unbridled Outlaw jumped out
at me. But he doesnt have
enough points under the
Derbys confusing new system
so Ill take Gun Runner for all
my San Quentin buddies who
stay off The Fighting Side
of Me.
Will, youre up
3. Exaggerator-One of my
favorite characters in the two
Henry IV plays is a fat, vain
and boastful knight Falstaff who
spends his time drinking (not
the New Orleans-based beer
which bears his name and was
alluded to earlier in this
debacle) in the Boars Head
Tavern. If ever there was an
exaggerator, it was Sir John
Falstaff who almost cost Prince
Hal his throne. The horse has

never beaten the Derby favorite

Nyquist but if the latter should
run like hes on Nyquil, then it
is no exaggeration to see the
Santa Anita winner in the
winners circle.
And Hag
4. Outwork-After I
recorded Working Man Blues,
somebody called me the
Working Mans Poet. I kind
of liked that title and I like a
horse that can outwork every
other animal on the track. Ill
keep throwing horseshoes over
my left shoulder until trainer
Todd Pletcher puts the garland
of roses on this colt on May 7.
So there is your Kentucky
Derby trifecta box-Cupid and
Exaggerator from the Bard of
Avon and Gun Runner and
Outwork from the Okie from
Muskogee. And hopefully, our
couplet at the races conclusion
will be a line from each-Stop
rolling downhill like a snowball
headed for hell and Alls Well
that Ends Well.
Good luck.


Spotless Auto Mobile Detailing is a self contained

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Ryan Foret &

Foret Tradition
at Park Place

This month I took time to see and listen to

Ryan Foret & Foret Tradition at Park Place.
For me it took me back to a time when dancing
was fun and possible. I had heard these guys were
good and they were right. But even
better than the sound was the selection of their
music selections. Music that you cant keep
from using your dancing shoes. From the very
first song the dance floor was full.
Foret Tradition consist of Ryan Foret,
Mike Broussard Jr., Lynn Boudreaux,
Mark Templet and Allan Maxwell. Local sax
player Denver Mayeaux sat in for the jam.
You can see Foret Tradition again at
Park Place on May 21st.



Thoughts from Bully

My son constantly shows me
dumb stuff he sees on the net. You
Tube videos of dumb people trying
to dumb stuff. He showed me a
kid trying to touch the middle of
spinning blades at the bottom a
blender. After the third attempt he
found the blades and a trip to the
He knows just what to show me
that pushes my hot buttons.
There was a 20 second
commercial that promotes if you
cant afford the weave hair you
want they will finance your weave
for you. No credit check. No
money down.
He came to me last week and
with a grin on his face, I knew he
was going to show me something
stupid again. I have great news
for you Dad, he said, drink all
the beer you want! I told him it
wasnt my birthday and then he
showed me his phone with a
display showing, Benefits of
Drinking Beer. Wow. Are you
kidding me? I finally did

something right in life. I

developed a taste for beer to
improve my health.
On the chart displayed on this
page it shows the benefits of beer.
First, for your heart it lowers risk
of coronary heart disease and helps
produce good cholesterol. For
nutrition it provides B-group
vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids.
Your kidneys are benefitted
because there is a 40% lower risk of
kidney stones. Finally, beer is one
of the few foods that provides
silicon which helps build strong
bones. Studies suggest beer
drinking may help fight
My day and life is looking up.
Guilt is poring from my body for
all those days I didnt wait till

noon or 5 oclock. I feel my blood

pressure dropping as I drink.
As a food source little did I know
I was adding fiber to my existing
health benefitted beer drinking.
While in college one morning with
no milk I used beer in my Frosted
Flakes. I killed two birds with one
stone. I gained some fiber while
starting my Saturday game day
off right.
Beer is famous and can be your
best friend. There are times its always by your side. Its there when
you experience your 18th, 21st,
30th, 40th, 50th and soon to be
60th birthday.
Cases of beer made Katrina and
Gustave much more bearable in

the heat and dark nights.

Beer has inspired so many
great songs through time,
ZZ Tops Beer Drinkers and
Hell Raisers and Jimmy Buffets Its 5 oclock
somewhere and many more.
Beer makes golf a lot more
fun and sometime it makes
your game better. Ive seen
good golfers start having a
bad day early in their round.
They take to drinking a few
and miraculously shots start
flying true. At least we think
so. During a tournament my
buddy Wild Bill hit a
remarkable shot up close to
the hole. He turned and
smiled saying, Thats a 2
beer swing boys! Can I
have another?
This past Easter I discovered me drinking beer kept some
of my golfing buddies closer to the
Lord. After giving up beer for
Lent. Since Im not Catholic and
some of my buddies on the golf
course are they ask me during a
moment of weakness, to drink one
for them. They keep their vows
and my golf swing was improving.
Hell, I was having to drink 2 or 3
for some guys and a sip for Carl.
I didnt think about at the time.
I enjoyed guiding and assisting my
beer drinking flock but should
have asked if their vows prevented
them from purchasing beer. Now
that Easter has come and gone my
wallet is a little thicker.




ALUMNI 2014/2015


Nate Jr.

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Monday Night

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Only about 60% of Americans have gone

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No Word In The English Language Rhymes With

5/6 .. Mojeaux
5/13 .. Titanium Rain


Month, Orange, Silver, And Purple.

4/16.. Chris LeBlanc

4/23.. Titanium Rain

There Are Two Credit Cards For Ever y Person

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5/7 ... TRUE SPIN

5/14 ... AM/FM
5/21 ... Foret Tradition

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The International Telephone Dialing Code


For Antarctica Is 672.

Visit our

Dr. Seuss Pronounced "Seuss" Such That

1711 S. BURNSIDE GONZALES 644-8901

It Rhymed With "Rejoice."




PELICAN POINT HOST 2016 MGA 9-9-9 Tourney

MGA 9-9-9 Final Results 4-9-2016
First Flight:
First Place Gross: Jay Leblanc, Logan Leary
Second Place Gross: Malcolm Dugas,
Paul Castro
First Place Net: Joe Obanion, Sam Lavigne
Second Place Net: Steve Ryan, Jerry Flood

Second Flight:
First Place Gross: Jason Adams, Trevor Adams
Second Place Gross: Tony Frederic,
Clay Waddell
First Place Net: Cameron Thoroughman,
Wes Merrifield
Second Place Net: Russell Williams,
Jimmy Whiddon

Third Flight:
First Place Gross: Steve Martin, Ricky Carter
Second Place Gross: Kevin Harrison,
Guy Schexnayder
First Place Net: Chuck Rouselle, Randy Simon
Second Place Net: Bruce Leblanc,
Timothy Bourque

Fourth Flight:
First Place Gross: Vijay Kotian, Skipper Mcinnis
Second Place Gross: Nicholas Templet,
Glenn Schexnayder
First Place Net: Jimmy Anderson,
Doyle Philippe
Second Place Net: Pat Lofton,
Tommy Leffingwell


Hole in One
Curtis Domingue

1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 S T. A M A N T

24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service

All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery

All brands to fit autos, trucks and
18 wheelers, including tractor/
construction equipment tires

Emergency road service

assistance-Commercial Only
Locally owned and operated since 2004
New used and retreads
Great prices!


Locally Owned & Operated by

Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment 225.644.8473

30 Years of Top Notch Services

Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies

has been providing material to industries for over
thirty years. Our emphasis is on service.
We take pride in same day delivery and
customer service is always our number one
priority and we deliver ontime, everytime.
We have a well stocked walk-in sales counter
where you can purchase any quantity of an item.

Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints
Display Units
Electrical & Lighting
Electrical Tools
Fasteners, Clamps & Straps
Hand Tools
Janitorial Equipment

Marking Tools
Material Handling
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MRO Supplies
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Power Tools
Safety & Security
Welding Supplies

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APRIL 19 - 9:30AM ...

Coffee with Dr. Martha Madden
How to work effectively with other people for success in business and in life.
APRIL 21 - 10 - 11:30AM ...
Legal Issues with Linda Melancon, Attorney at Law
Legall Issues Affecting Seniors and Those Who Love Them
Seating is Limited! Contact Hannah Matherneat 225.744.0027 or for more informationor to register.
MAY 17 - 9:30AM ...
Edwin Lyon
Speaking on Mississippi River Valley archaeology

Gina Melancon (left) a registered nurse and Resource Referral Department manager with
the Ascension Counseling Center shows informational display literature about Autism to
Director Suzanne Hamilton. Melancon is managing the centers new Resource Referral
Department and will assist residents with finding information and available services for
their specific needs. Serving as a main liaison to residents and community resources,
our goal is to increase public awareness of those available resources and determine
other needed resources that may benefit our community in the future, Melancon said.


Center Launches
Resource Referral
Ascension Parish President Kenny
Matassa announced the Ascension
Counseling Center is launching a new
Resource Referral Department.
This service being offered by our Ascension Counseling Center will enable
parish residents to find the help they
need, whether it is health services or
the large umbrella of social services
that are available here in Ascension
Parish and the surrounding metro
area, said President Matassa.
Suzanne Hamilton, director of the
Ascension Counseling Center, said
these types of services are usually free
or low cost. Hamilton said Gina
Melancon, a registered nurse at the
center, will oversee the department.
We think of it as a one stop to get
any kind of assistance that one might
need, Hamilton said. For instance if
our clients come and need other kinds
of help in addition to the counseling
we provide to them, Gina will link
them to people who offer help for
their particular needs. Gina actively
seeks out entities, churches and
agencies in the community that will
help people in any kind of need.


For instance, Melancon said

medical home models are available to
indigent populations in the parish.
The medical home is best described as
a model or philosophy of primary care
that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated,

accessible, and focused on quality and

safety, according to the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative. It
has become a widely accepted model
for how primary care should be
organized and delivered throughout
the health care system, and is a
philosophy of health care delivery that
encourages providers and care teams to
meet patients where they are, from
the simplest to the most complex
This will provide those patients with
a primary care doctor who can refer
them to specialists through the LSU
system so that it is no cost to these
people that dont have any insurance,
Melancon said. They are a branch off
of St. Elizabeth Hospital and have a
clinic at the health unit next to the
counseling center.
Melancon said resources available
include those for autism, support
groups, pediatrics, utilities aid,
housing, employment, educational
programs, food banks, addiction detox
facilities, health screenings, female
health services, domestic abuse
shelters, vision and dental services, crisis intervention, and aid provided by
churches to name a few.
There are so many people in need in
our community and there are so many
resources out there, Hamilton.
Because we are so close to it, we see
the resources and we think everybody
knows about them but they dont. So
its really important that we come up
with a way to get this information out
to the community.
For more information about all
resources being offered, please call
Gina Melancon with the Ascension
Counseling Centers Resource
Referral Department at
(225) 450-1167. They are located at
1112 S.E. Ascension Complex Ave.,
Suite A, Gonzales, La. 70737.

Dutchtown Baseball

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

Our Heritage at its Best

18562 HIGHLAND DRIVE, BATON ROUGE, 225-751-8473

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


St. Amant Baseball

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

18562 HIGHLAND DRIVE, BATON ROUGE, 225-751-8473

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


East Ascension Baseball

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros

and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

18562 HIGHLAND DRIVE, BATON ROUGE, 225-751-8473

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103



lb peeled Crawfish Tails (with fat)
2 lbs boiled red potatoes
1 cup boiled corn (cut off the cob)
cup green onions- thinly sliced
1 clove boiled garlic
1 link boiled sausage- roughly chopped
1 cup mayo
cup Creole mustard
1 Tbls Creole seasoning
Batter Ingredients:
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups milk & 2 eggs (whisk together)
2 cups flour
4 cups Panko bread crumbs
Reheat your potatoes using either the microwave or by
re-boiling them for about 5 minutes. In a large mixing bowl
combine the heated potatoes, corn, chopped sausage, green
onions, garlic, peeled crawfish tails, mayo, Creole mustard, and
Creole seasoning and mix well. Take your mixture and form
into cakes, approx 3 oz each.

After The Boil

Crawfish Cakes
Prep Time:

In a medium saut pan, heat your oil over med hi heat. Next
dredge your cakes in the flour, then the milk and egg mixture,
and finally in the Panko bread crumbs. Gently drop your cakes,
2 to 3 at a time into your heated oil and cook
approximately 3 minutes on each side. Remove from heat
and allow to cool 2 minutes before serving.

15 minutes
Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

Cook Time:
6 minutes



Fred's band season has kicked off!!

Bands every Sat.& Sun. Great Music !!! Great Fun!!!
Live Music Every

Live Music Every

Saturday Night

Sunday Night

April 16 .... Leauxco

April 23 .... Debbie Landry
April 30 .... One Night Only
May 7 .... Elvin Killerbe
May 14 .... Train Wreck

April 17 .... T Boy

April 24 .... La Nights
May 1 .... Louisiana Jukebox
May 8 .... T Boy
May 15 .... Lil Bayou Band

9pm till 1am

7pm till 11pm

The Coolest Bar on the River