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After submitting a survey to my peers asking them which idea would work best
as a documentary. The results were quite close but 60% of my respondents said
they prefer the idea of going to university and interviewing students. When I
asked my peers which idea they would find most interesting to watch, 40% said
idea 1 (university) and equally 40% said they would find idea 4 most interesting
(body image and the effects of the modelling industry on young people). This
made it difficult because I had to decide myself between the two with the same
votes. Once considering that idea 1 was most popular in my first question, I had
to contact the people I would use in my documentary on University life. After
speaking to my sister I found that the university idea wouldnt be too easy to film
because she doesnt have enough availability in the next few weeks. Therefore I
have decided that the documentary on the medias influences on young people
would work quite well because I know lots of people who are available to be
interviewed and I think I can do the idea quite well because I have contacts
within the modelling that I can speak to and film from my personal experience
with it. It also helps that I already had permission from some friends to interview