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stt01s Coens OpenType ceartype Fags Fd Fonts Resources Unis, news & contects Registered vendor Ist Font foundry ist Free font tooks Developing fonts Overview Speciations articles Tools & SOKs communities Other Versions: File Name: ‘Authors: Copyright: Trademarks: Font Vendor: Unicode Ranges: Code Pages: Embeddin: Licensing Info ipiwwr microsoft comypograptysonsfon.aspx7FMID= 1581 Microsoft typography DaunPenh- Version 5.00 United States Change | All Microsoft Sites Fonts and Products » Families » DaunPenh » Version 5.00 DaunPenh - Version 5.00 TB AUIN Gan nasen AGAMA DaunPenh DaunPenh 5.00 om aunpenhatt om Mony © 2006 OM Mony, portions © 2006 Microsoft Corporation, all rights reserved. DaunPenh is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or ather countries. Microsoft Corp. Basic Latin Latin-1 Supplement Khmer 1252 Latin 1 Editable embedding allowed 1” sitt01s DaunPenh- Version 5.00 Purchase & Download Microsoft fonts EI for personal, professional or business use on workstations Products that supply this font tra cy Font Version Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista 2 These links will take you from the Microsoft web site to a Monotype web site, Monotype can provide many common Microsoft supplied fonts under license from Microsoft or under license from other font vendors, Manage Your Profile | Contact Microsoft Typography ‘© 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Contact Us | Terms of Use | Trademarks | Privacy & Cookies hips iwwr-microsot com fypograpnyfonsfon.aspx7FMID= 1564