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October 29, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Adrienne Tittler,
a senior at Western High School in Parma, Michigan. Although I
am a retired educator with 38 years of secondary experience, I
have only known Adrienne in a personal setting, not the academic
arena. She is the daughter of a close friend and I have established
a friendly, personal relationship with her for several years.
The first time I met Adrienne I was immediately impressed by
several things. She was extremely personable and articulate, made
direct eye contact, greeted me cordially with a firm shake of the
hand and continued interesting conversation for a period of time. I
was struck by how atypical Adrienne was from most young teen
girls. Being an educator for many years, I feel I know adolescent
females quite well. Adrienne clearly demonstrates a level of
maturity well above her years along with an innate sense of
curiosity that will be a great asset to her as she pursues a career in
the sciences, specifically biomedical engineering.
Adriennes development as a mature, young woman has been
enhanced by several experiences. She has been employed by a
local gymnastics coach for over three years and has assumed
responsibilities of instructing young gymnasts, setting up
competitions and shows, monitoring sleepovers and interacting
with parents as she encourages and motivates her young students.
I am very aware that she has volunteered many additional hours
of time to this endeavor because of her commitment to completing
a successful undertaking. Being the product of a divorced family,
Adrienne has further impressed me with how she has balanced
living in two homes, displayed an unbiased respect for both
parents, and has been a wonderful role model for Chloe, her
younger sister. She has accepted family responsibilities especially
in the care of her sister, and particularly in monitoring her own
time management.
The most significant thing I would share about Adrienne Tittler is

that she is truly genuine. She clearly demonstrates this in the way
she conducts her everyday life. She is very compassionate and
caring toward her family. She does not seek popularity but is
admired by her peers for her intelligence, kindness and honesty.
Even though I have not been involved in her academic
environment, I can tell she possesses an unquenchable thirst for
learning as exemplified in her outstanding scholastic record. As
the mother of a chemical engineer daughter, Adrienne and I have
had several discussions about her interest in the field of
engineering and her future endeavors. Her knowledge, curiosity,
and commitment to doing something significantly worthwhile
with her future will enable her to find success within a college
It is without reservation then that I would highly recommend
Adrienne Tittler for acceptance into any post secondary program,
and consideration for an honors program and financial awards. I
have no doubt whatsoever that she will be highly successful in
pursuit of her educational goals and definitely make a significant
contribution to the world of science.
Please feel free to contact me for any further information I could
share about this remarkable young lady.
Margaret S. Horosko
cell: (517) 745-3374
12701 King

Concord MI