When Drilling becomes Spilling, Baby I have to give it to them. There is a certain ring to it: Drill, baby, drill.

And now it's changed to Spill, baby, spill. With the change in words hopefully comes a change in policies. The environmental disaster that has been unfolding for over a week now proves without a doubt how harmful offshore drilling is, especially when verging on natural habitats like in Florida. Though Gov. Perry in his infinite Christian wisdom called it an act of God, I doubt very much that we can put the blame on God here. The last time I checked it was BP who is causing the disaster and who is ultimately responsible for the damage. Why would BP ask for government monies to help clear up their own home-made mess, is beyond me. Their quarterly profits widely exceed those of the Government. If they had any shame they would stand up and declare: Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Oil may reach Loop Current within 24 hours - then on to the Florida Keys. If the BP oil slick follows the Gulf Stream up the American east coast, it would eventually head for Britain, the home of British Petroleum. A NPR (!) radio caller naively asked whether nature wouldn't take care of herself? Well if you have a couple of hundred years, sure. Look at the Exxon Mobile Valdez disaster on the Alaskan coast. It's 21 years ago and there is still oil slick to be found--and fishermen who lost their livelihood haven't all be compensated despite a Supreme Court ruling and Exxon Mobile having the highest profits a company ever had in the history of this nation. I wonder if those on the Right pushing Obama to do more on the oil spill really want him to "nationalize oil?" (In this case internationalize oil.) Haven't they been deriding him for his involvement with the banks and the American auto companies? Now is the time to turn to alternative energies that don¶t carry these environmental risks that destroy lives of animals and people for hundreds of years if not longer. How can there be any doubt? It's all for the money...the big money of certain parties involved.