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Sharing the Load

Date: March 18, 2016

Teacher: Ms. Kristin Hanzek

School: MSU Jr.

Class: KIN 355

Equipment Used: 2 cones, paper with list of
Grade Level: 4-6th
exercises written largely
Time: 8am
Targeted NASPE Standard(s): #3, #4- Teach students how to value their health
and how to be considerate of the health of others.
Specific Objective: Our goal is to learn that carrying all of your stress by yourself
isnt healthy. Sharing our concerns and getting help from others is the better
Concomitant Objective: Students will see that things are easier if they let others
help them and that teamwork is the overall best.
Procedures Followed
Warm Up: Gentle stretching just to warm the body.
Heavier exercise is to follow, so stretching is necessary.



Transition: When I say go, toes on the line!

Set Induction: Who has ever experienced stress? What

happened to make you feel like that? What did you feel
Learnable Piece: Today, were going to learn how to
better handle stress and how to take care of ourselves.
Presentation of New Material/Directions: First, spread
out from each other- make sure you have space.
The students will perform a set of exercises: 15 jumping
jacks, 10 toe touch-jumps, 10 standing bicycles, and 10
arm circles (forwards & backwards).
(give example of each)
After a bit of a break, have students find a partner.
Explain it now is like a relay, each student will run to the
middle of the gym (designate the line), do one activity
(jumping jacks, toe jumps, etc.) then run back and tag
their partner to go for the next activity. Go back and forth
until all four actions are done, then sit down on starting
line. First team to sit wins the relay! Okay so let say the
exercises together (have them repeat the order)

2 cones to
the line to
run to.
Paper with





Transition: To start, spread out and make sure you

have room to move. Thumbs up if youre ready.
Activity: The students will complete the 4 exercises in
nearly one spot on their own. Once theyre done, take a
quick break. Ask how everyones feeling.
Now have them find a partner. Explain that they are now
a team, and are splitting the exercises in half. Show the
middle of the gym line and explain this is where they run
to and then perform the exercise. Once theyre done, run
back and tag your partner for them to go next. After all
four exercises are done, partners are to sit down on the
original line. First to finish wins!
Possible Modifications: If there are an uneven number
of students, a group of three is fine!
Change the exercises (or the amount of reps) if the
students struggle too much in the first round.
Lesson Review: By the time I get to 10, toes on the
green line. So was it easier to do the exercises on your
own or as a team? Just like this, next time youre
stressed, let others help you out and work as a team.
Sharing the load is much better than doing it alone.
Thank you!