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Art of Zentangle
The Zentangle Method is
a crea4ve way to create
images by drawing
structured pa<erns. It
was developed by Maria
Thomas and Rick Roberts
of Zentangle, Inc. The
Zentangle Method is
enjoyed all over the
world across a wide
range of skills, interests
and ages.

How to create Zentangles

Let's begin by discussing the
method used by the creators of
Zentangle and then modify this
method with our own ar4s4c
expression. The creators
method starts with a "string"
or line that denes an area.
This area is then lled with
repe44ve pa<erns called
"tangles". The ar4st chooses
those pa<erns from an exis4ng
list, found in books or on the
creators website.

For this lesson we will be crea0ng Zentangle

inspired art.

Prac%ce-Project Direc%ons:

Study the various visual texture

pa<erns provided by the teacher
Using pencil prac4ce the design
techniques used in Zentangle on

1. Draw lines crea4ng loops and closed o

2. Fill the space of your paper
3. In each separate area draw various
examples of invented and simulated
textures to create PATTERNS

Zentangle Final Project

Create a unique design using black ink
(Sharpie) on drawing paper.
You can create an animal, landscape, portrait,
Draw strings or lines throughout your design
to create interest and to break up pa<erns
Choose a minimum of 12 pa<erns and ll in
the sec4ons created by the lines
Turn in your Final Project along with your
Prac4ce Project for a grade.

Standards & Objec4ves

2.0 Crea%ve Expression

Skills, Processes, Materials, and Tools

2.1 Create original works of art of
increasing complexity and skill in a variety
of media


Learn the skill of Zentangle designs.

Create an original art work inspired by
the Zentangle.


Crea4vity! 25pts
Craasmanship. 25pts
EFFORT!! 25pts
Direc4ons. 25pts


More Examples


Insects & Lizards

It starts with a doodle


Featured Ar4st: Albrecht Durer

German Ar4st:

Painter, engraver,
mathema4cian, and
theorist from

Albercht Durer. The Rhinoceros, 1515. woodcut,

9.3 in 11.7 in.