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To: Ms.

From: Gregory Iacobelli
Date: March 27, 2016
Subject: Progress Report on Traffic Light Cycle Issue
In my research for the traffic light cycle at the intersection of 23 Mile Road and Chesterfield
Road, Ive concentrated during the past three weeks on observing both the number of vehicles
that make it through one cycle at the traffic light and the number of vehicles that run the red light
once the cycle has ended.
Results from Past Three Weeks
Upon deciding that the safest approach to making these observations is parking in a nearby
parking lot and observing rather than attempting to keep count while being a driver in traffic at
the intersection, I reserved Thursday mornings and afternoons, at 8:00AM and 4:30PM, for
parking in a parking lot at the corner of the intersection and observing the vehicles at the light for
five traffic light cycles. I have kept an organized record of my observations in a notebook, and
these will be transferred into a data table once preparation for the first draft of the twocomponent report begins. While I have been on schedule with obtaining my observations for
these two methods of research, there have been some flaws in the data such as there being no
vehicles at the intersection for some traffic light cycles. Unfortunately, I have not been on
schedule with my methods of secondary research, which is finding web sources containing
information on why traffic light cycles are setup the way they are in order to better gain an
understanding of the issue and propose a proper solution.
Plan for Final Week
During the week leading up to the due date of the first draft of the two-component report, I will
begin searching for online sources for my secondary research methods. I will be searching for
web sources that obtain information on why traffic light signals are setup certain ways in terms
of length and timing; perhaps this could be based on the size, location, etc. of the intersection.
This information will be used to provide a better understanding on the intersections current
traffic light cycle setup, and will help me to provide a better and more proper solution to the
issue. Unfortunately, I will be unable to obtain more primary information during the final week
as I will be out of town; however, I will attempt to arrange for a friend or relative to do so if
possible. Aside from this for my primary research methods, I will begin transferring my recorded
observations into a data table or similar that will be included in my first draft of the twocomponent report.
I am on schedule with my methods of primary research, however, I will be unable to collect any
more data during the final week of research time. I have yet to begin finding information to be
used as secondary research, however, I have set aside much time to begin doing so throughout
this final week.
In the meantime, I can take the following actions:

1) Begin transferring my recorded primary data into a data table or similar

2) Begin my first draft of the two-component report.