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#45, 12th Main Road, JC Nagar,
Mobile: 8861091331


I would like to utilize my expertise, skills & competencies in Software Organization, to
grow professionally in pace with the ever changing corporate environment. To leverage this
growth of my core functional and other personal skills in order to contribute to the success
of organizations in areas of planning ,styling , designing & execution in the Industries.

Graphic Designer and web Template Designer , Mobile layout Designer

& 2D Animator.

Professional Experience: 4year 2 month

1. Currently

: (2adpro Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

: From August - 2015 to -2015
: Graphic Designer.

2. Employer

: Eveningflavors
: From Jun - 2014 to Dec -2014
: Web Designer, Graphic Designer

3. Employer

: call2catch (Keerthi Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

: From August - 2012 to Dec - 2013
: Graphic Designer & Animator.

4. Employer

: Divya pvt net solution.

: From Sept - 2010 to Nov - 2011
: Senior Graphic Designer.

1. BMS course (Bachelors in Management) with Specialization in Networking
Management inchoate in ISBM, Bangalore.

2. Diploma in Animation (AAASP) Arena Animation Studio

Malleshwaram, Bangalore.
3.10th STD St. Antonys High School, Bangalore
Professional Experience:

1. Currently

: (2adpro Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)


: From August - 2015 to -2015


: Graphic Designer

Job Profile /Responsibilities included the following:1. Creating a new ad design for news paper.
2. Creating a new ad design for Digital print.
3. Working in design and Photo shop Illustrator software.
2. Employer

: Eveningflavors


: From March - 2014 to Dec -2014.


: Web Designer & Graphic Designer.

Job Profile /Responsibilities included the following:4. Creating a new display within guidelines.
5. Doing Gif Animation in Photo Shop.
6. Planning and created a new design to implementing the customer needs.
7. Working Corel Draw and Photo shop software.
8. Working Web template, Icons for site. .
9. Working on HTML.

3. Employer

: call2catch (Keerthi Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

: From August - 2012 to Dec - 2013.
: Graphic Designer & Animator.

Job Profile /Responsibilities included the following:1. Design different types of layouts & illustrations, web design layout & typography according
to brand guidelines.
2. Create & modify fonts according to brand guidelines.
3. Work on multitasks at the same time using a wide range of medias, including photography
and computer aided design.
4. Awareness of printing techniques, types of paper or canvas (size, weight) and display
Options (light box, interactive display), cutting and finalizing prints for display.
5. Knowledge of graphic animation, video editing, needs to now to create media presentations
Using different software.
6. Knowledge of photography and photography editing, producing accurate and high quality
7. Produce visual solutions to the communication needs using a mix of creative skills and
Commercial awareness.
8. Awareness of current fashions in the visual arts, working knowledge of the latest computer
Packages and an understanding of material costs and time limits, all of which can impact on
the design.
9. Creates professional designs and layouts for promotional materials including direct mailings,
Handouts, advertisements, posters, signs, logos, and other visual layouts.
10. Prepare new and unique illustrations, innovative layout prints and rough sketches of
Presentation and organization brochures and designs graphics for website in line with
Branding guidelines.
11. Determines style, technique, and medium best suited to organization promotion strategies.
12. Assists in copywriting as necessary and performs typesetting for forms an publications.
13. Keeps abreast of current trends in same field by conducting the necessary researches.
14. Coordinates production activities with printers, service agencies, advertisers, and vendors and
review quality of final product before release.

4. Employer

: Divya pvt net solution.


: From Sept - 2010 Nov - 2011


: Senior Graphic Designer.

Job Profile /Responsibilities included the following:10. Creating a new display within guidelines.
11. Doing Gif Animation in Photo Shop.
12. Creating 2D Animation using Flash files.
13. Uploading a given Design to the Web site.
14. Planning and created a new design to implementing the customer needs.

15. Training for junior to create a Design.

16. Done Design using Corel Draw and Photo shop software.
17. Working on HTML and Java files.
Project Works:1. Title :- Crazy Robot in 3D Animation in Maya.
Company: Arena Animation Studio.
Duration : May 10 - July 10

IT skill set:
Operating Systems
Clint Applications
Designing applications

: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and 2D Animation.

: MS-Office 2007.
: Adobe Photoshop and In design (CS3),(CS5) and (CS6),
Coral Draw (X5), Illustrator, Flash (CS3), Adobe After Effect ,
Video editing, Adobe Premiere pro & Basic HTML.

Personal Profile:
: Mahesh. R
Fathers Name
: Rangaswamy.R
Date of Birth
: 08 June 1989
: Indian
Languages Known : English, Kannada, and Hindi & Tamil.

: Listening to music, Traveling, Creating a new designs, doing

Video editing, Sketching and watching animated movie.


: Self-Motivated, Positive attitude, Patient and Persevering,

Compatibility to different situations.


: To excel in the current field & update myself in all aspects of

Designing there by becoming a successful manager in the relevant

I hereby declare that the information above is true to the best of my knowledge.

DATE: _____________
PLACE: Bengaluru/Bangalore