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nt Ephesians 3:20 1 To our Lake City Church Family, When God called us to this church, He gave us the dream of being a part of a church that would have a significant impact on Mooresville/ Lake Norman and beyond. An exciting new leg of this church’s journey began in 2014 when we sold the old church building on W. Wilson Ave. and became a “mobile church” meeting in Brawley Middle School. Through this season in the middle school, God has taught us many things. He has made us stronger and he has added to our church family. But in order to reach more people and expand our effectiveness, we must move forward to build our new campus! “Above & Beyond” is the initiative to help us do just that. We know it is God’s will for us to see more lives redeemed, more relationships reconciled and more dreams restored. Yes, it will require sacrifice from each of us and it will require coming together to be a part of what God wants to do next in our church. We hope you will join us on this journey as we look forward and believe to go Above & Beyond! Taster Tick & Diana Ipradloy a Now to Him who is able to do Al all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20 OUR STORY SO PARA, Lake City Church has been a church with a strong vision to reach the lost and provide hope to the Mooresville / Lake Norman area. As we move forward and continue to write our story, we will be a life-giving church family that will draw people from diverse backgrounds to partner with us to experience and know the life changing power of God. Planted rete C Led Assembly on W. MTEL Ne Tae ent eer 2000 sR 2011 Purchased 10 acres of land on Langtree Rd. Built a church New Pastoral building Leaders with Rob & Diana Spradley fs SUVs TrlNy GOD WILE U5 Above To) To AVALON) Church building & began meeting at Brawley Middle School 2014 2016 2015 THE BEST | IS YET TO Changed the church’s COME... name to Lake City Church & purchased 14.5 acres of land on Bluefield Rd. with plans to build a new church campus. Wada Us The Above & Beyond initiative will pay for the Bluefield property so we can begin to build our church campus. The Bluefield Road property is prime land with 14.5 acres. This outstanding location has new residential development across the street and provides easy access from all points of Mooresville / Lake Norman. This property will allow us to have room to expand and reach thousands of people in our area. BLUEFIELD ROAD PROPERTY Tis GOD. | PEOPLE THEY, WoRUb! es, \F f The simple answer is People At the heart of everything we do is the desire to fulfill the mission of the Church on the earth by reaching people with the Good News of Christ's love and redemption. Our new campus will enable us to move out of our temporary Sunday facilities at Brawley Middle School and into our own permanent church home! Every area of ministry (children, youth and adult ) will be able to expand it's effectiveness and it's reach into the community. It's all about sharing God's love with people! OUR PLAN\ The next season of our vision will be the most exciting yet. We are now preparing to take the next step in paying off the property and preparing to build our phase 1 worship facility on our new campus. Because of the scope and length of this project, our giving Initiative will be 3 years long and will be called Above & Beyond. There is no doubt that God has done great things over the past 62 years, but we believe that the next season will take us IN SohV3 Of sii acs How can I help? This vision is far beyond the ability of one person. Achieving it requires each of us to alter our lifestyle and go “all in” with the vision God has given us. The decisions we make today affect not only our generation, but the future generations that will be a part of Lake City Church. Here are some practical steps you can take to go “all in”: 1, PRAY - Ask God what you can give in addition to your regular giving to meet the financial goal. 2. TRUST - Believe that God will provide what He has impressed upon you to give and trust Him according to His faithfulness. 3. STEP OUT IN FAITH - A sacrifical gift is a gift that costs you something. Your gift will affect your lifestyle. King David said that he would not give to God “offerings that cost him nothing” (2 Samuel 24:24) 4. COMMIT - Prayerfully consider what you and your family can give over 3 years. This is your opportunity to make a difference with the resources that God has given you. Q&A What will the Above & Beyond funds be used for? They will be used to pay off the note on the Bluefield road property. When will we start building our new campus? The building plans are in process. When the Langtree property sells, we will be ready to begin construction What is the cost? The estimated cost of the land and building project is $3.8 million. Our current financial need (to pay off the Bluefield Road property) is $800k. How can I give to the Above & Beyond Initiative? - Give on May 22nd in the Above & Beyond Miracle Offering. - Give anytime during a Sunday morning service. - Give on the Lake City Church app or website ( give). - Give by check and write on the memo: Above & Beyond. - Give stocks, bonds, real estate or some other form of asset as part of your gift. Please contact the office at should you have any questions.