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Managing Human Resources

Task: 1
1.1: Explain Guests model of HRM.
Guide line:
Definition of HRM:
Write About who is Professors David Guest:
4 Polices of David Guest Model in HRM:
Write about your Choosing company details:
6 components in HRM (Guest policy):

1.2: Compares the differences between Storeys definitions of HRM,

personnel and IR practices.
Guide line:
Select 3 Company: one for Human Resources Management (HRM), one for Personnel
Manager (PM) and one for Industrial Relations (IR).
Define what is HRM, PM and IR
Define what is Hard HRM and Soft HRM
Apply to your choosing company
Define what is IR
Choose a company and apply according to (Storey, 1989)

1.3: Access the implications for line managers and employees of developing
a strategic approach to HRM
Guide line:
Definition of what is line manager
Select Line manager any 3 aspects / three functions [Authority, Staff authority (advisory) and
line authority (superior-subordinate) Line Manager (Line authority) ]
Choose a company and apply above 3 points with your choosing company in Mistake
Explain any of above 3 positive aspects and 2 Nagetive aspects

Task: 2
2.1: Explain how a Model of Flexibility might be applied in practice
Guide line
Define what is flexibility
Explain Hendy (1989) Model
Choose a company and explain details about the company (such as company capital,
turnover profit employer, staff flexibility. Staff benefit etc) and apply to any 3 company in
Hendy Model and explain.
Explain the weakness.

2.2: Types of flexibility that may be developed by an organisation

Guide line
Definition of Flexibility
How many types of flexibility

Explain 4 type of flexibilitys all the function to your choosing company

Numerical flexibility: choose 2 of the function and discuss only challenges.
Case study: about yellow pages: explain benefit and Challenges.

Task: 3 and Task: 4, I will send you as soon as I get it.